Latvia’s Faithful Son

By Astrida Tiss-Shepard


About the author:

Astrida Tiss was born in Americana, a city in San Paulo State, East Brazil. The elder daughter of Latvian parentage; her formative years were influenced by the diligent care of her maternal Grand-mother.
At her Pastor-father’s behest she attended music Conservatory where she studied piano, earnestly. This endeavor proved not to be her forte. Instead, Astrida elected to pursue a Nursing career, receiving her degree from the prestigious San Paolo University. She practiced her expertise in the Surgical sphere for a span of forty-one years.
Over the course of several decades she has meticulously compiled several journals; depicting Their journey across the globe; prior to, during her family’s Brazilian experience, and beyond. Much of these recordings have been transcribed in “Latvia’s Faithful Son”
Currently, Astrida utilizes her God-endowed seamstress talents in her Ministry. As a Vitas Hospice volunteer, she brings solace to Bereaved families, providing consolation and hope only the inimitable comfort her custom-crafted ‘memorial’ Bears can supply.
Married, and living in Texas USA., she and her husband parent a blended family comprised of five adult children, and eight grand-children.

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