By Joan E. Whittaker


Jesus! Is He Coming Back explores in a simple manner the arguments surrounding the second advent of Christ. Is this fact or fiction? What does the Bible say about Jesus return and how to apply literal interpretation to the Biblical doctrines? Jesus! Is He Coming Back provides the tools for the student in theology to understand the concept of “things to come”.

Dr Joan Whittaker, a professional librarian draws from the works of known scholars to highlight the various schools of thought. She concludes that literal bible interpretation must be utilized to understand what the Bible says about the subject.

It is time for all of us to think about eternal things, understand what’s coming for the church in the future and prepare accordingly.

About the Author:

Rev. Dr. Joan E. Whittaker, MLS, Th.D, Ph.D
HORAC Ministries, NY is a visionary, entrepreneur, leader and role model; often described as a world changer because of the positive impact she has had on individuals and the community.

Ms. Whittaker was born in Jamaica West, Indies and immigrated to the United States in 1988 in
order to attend graduate school. After twelve months she graduated with a Master’s degree in
Library and Information Science and has served in her profession since then in one capacity or
another for twenty-seven years.

Joan E. Whittaker has retired from her position as Library Director of the Irvington Public Library
to serve as the full time Pastor of HORAC Ministries in Ossining, New York. She is the Founder
and Senior Pastor of this dynamic growing non-denominational church. Her leadership skills
have impacted thousands as she touches the lives of many through her dynamic and moving
public speaking. She is unquestionably a role model particularly for teenagers as evidenced in
the membership of the Church where over seventy percent of the members are young people.

Joan E. Whittaker is now an author, accomplished public speaker and Dean of the Mt. Olive
Bible Institute and Seminary Ossining Campus. She is also the Founder of Tree of Life
Ministries, a career mentorship and counseling program. She travels the world to speak at
events and is establishing branch churches locally and internationally. Her vision is to empower
people everywhere by hosting free Vacation Bible schools in the United States and abroad,
summer camps and after school programs.

Joan E. Whittaker’s ability, passion, knowledge, enthusiasm, creativity and pro-active stance as
a leader has resulted in her becoming a productive and outstanding leader.

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