Invitation To Lunch: 2nd Helpings

By Mary Lee Gutwein


Do you like Strawberry Jam sandwiches? This is one of those times when the kids got into Jam! with a lot of yummy Strawberries! It all started out when the computer clicked “SEND”! Stories and really good sandwiches have a lot in common. That would be, both having lots of layers. The kids discovered that making promises and keeping them is fun and rewarding when they work together to make it happen. Jesus made promises and has kept every one. There are more to come. He give us directions for a great life though the Bible and has a unique plan just for us, too.

About the Author

Mary Lee Gutwein is an artist, author and illustrator. Her natural and whimsical style of a fun story are paired with Bible verses that inspire children to learn about God’s plan for their lives. Paintings in watercolor or acrylics. Her favorite saying is “Art from the Heart is Good for the Soul”. Heart and Home is with her handsome husband and lots of grandkids.

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