Intended Consequences Separatist Democracy Exposed

By Charles L. Anderson


America’s Literary Archives are replete with historical narratives that depict and expresses the promulgation of American exceptionalism. They mostly underscore Angle-European heroism and fortitude that made possible the exploration conquests of Roanoke and Jamestown, Virginia to the technological superiority America experiences today and all major events during that four hundred years span. Some reference specific topics — Presidents, wars, race ethnicity, government, etc. — and their influence in galvanizing “The People” to produce the current worlds’ super-power. As the most notable books on American history are written by educated and influential authors that sincerely attempt to paint literary portraits of American history that are not occidentally benign, a darker, not so favorable narrative exists that has had an even greater effect on this nation than one would dare to articulate because of ideology; racism. This book however, is intended to capture an honest view of a journey through Americas’ darkest past from the disparate African American / Black perspective as they navigated a Labyrinth of Sterile immanence from servitude toward freedom and eventual acceptance of a symbiotic citizenship with symbolic equal rights by a recalcitrant ‘public’. That journey was not only plagued by a predisposed racist culture of white supremacy, it was callously sanctioned by an Anglo-Supreme Court law that still persists today in
many respects. The consequences of racism in America are intended, with respect to the ‘other’, despite plausible condescending arguments to the contrary.

This work started as a thesis and morphed into a short novel. The following edition will be a novel in earnest, and give a clear view of the origin, psychology, and perpetuation of racism in American.

About the Author

CHARLES L. ANDERSON was born in Tampa, Florida in 1954. Born into poverty, he was raised by two God fearing, loving, hardworking, disciplining parents. Although, racism was understood, it wasn’t realized until entering an integrated junior high school in the late sixties. Charles enlisted into the United States Coast Guard after high school in 1973, and was trained as a Small Boat Captain for search and rescue at O.C.S. Academy, Yorktown, Virginia.

After military he relocated to Miami, Florida and attended Miami Dade Community College. Charles quickly becomes a member of the college’s Computer Science Association for Business Data Processing in 1979. While there at college he developed passion for history and African studies.

Psychological conflict and drugs crippled him and prison became the escape where his passions intensified. Charles became an autodidact in existentialism by studying such authors as Camus, Sartre, Beauvoir, Fromm and history by Bertram Russel, Sertima: to name a few. The concept of “The Other” became his primary focus and prompted examination of the hidden sins of Americanism.

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