INTEGRATING DIPLOMACY IN SEARCH OF HUMANITY: A personal biography, experience in community and Humanitarian work

By Gatwech Peter Kulang


This book is a real testimony of my life experiences and career journey. It is about a humble life fulfilled by desire to serve and change the living standards of the underprivileged and conflict weary people of South Sudan. The book is segregated into four parts.

Part one that is further divided into four chapters that dwell on the initial life experience in Kenya and Australia as a refugee and how it contributed to my resolve to take a career path in Community service.

Part two that also comprise of four chapters carries personal background; experiences in Kenya, about my life and community work in Australia and South Sudan. It also contains inspiring testimonials of friends and people around me that influenced my early work as humanitarian worker.

Part three consists of two Chapters and generally divulge more on my engagement in government before and after the crisis of 2013. Sharing the difficult moments for the people of South Sudan.

The last two chapters in part four of the book is dedicated to my involvement in search of peace and for the people of South Sudan. In Overall, the book is very interesting and made simpler for readers.

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