I'm No Different
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I’m No Different

By Markiesha Nacole


The book tells the story of a sophisticated, sweet, judged, strong woman whose life has been an emotional rollercoaster through a toxic combination of relationships, sibling-mental abuse, death, being purposely impregnated and DESERTED, decision pressure, playing both roles of the mother and father, striving to survive while tumbling into fast money and the ex-rated film world and becoming a star.

The first part of the book introduces the readers in strategic details what it is like to be her and exactly who she is. Readers will understand why she’s always smiling, wise and why she is so grateful to God. Readers will also have an understanding on why having struggles make you work on yourself.

As the story goes on, you will get chills!! Truth is, she’s doing everything all alone and is still standing strong. She was in survival mode, while dealing with the world on her shoulders; but life and wisdom helped her escape the mentality of survival mode.

The end of the book focuses on the series of the wonderful things that she has become. Although she has been faced with multiple trials and tests, she has proven that she is dangerously strong, very smart, sexy and nothing to play with! So, judge her all you want!

About the Author:

Markiesha is a very respected, multi-talented, proud owner of an online cosmetic company called KingShe Cosmetics. She is not just a committed entrepreneur but is also a highlighted distinguished, influential, risk taker and game changer whose making history. There is no other cosmetic company in the entire world that represents good quality products, style and art. Her company is named after King Hatshepsut but is influenced by hardworking single parents who play both roles and wear many hats in their household. She is the proud single mother of 1 beautiful son and lives happily in Atlanta, Georgia. Support her fabulous business and follow her on social media at Twitter.com/KingSheCoz, Instagram.com/KingSheCosmetics and Facebook.com/KingSheCosmetics.

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