He Couldn’t Say No: The life & death of my son

By Stella C. Louros


I picked up the phone… and called his cell phone. Much to my disappointment, his voice mail came on. … After a few more calls, the fear overcame me, and i started to think the worst, for I knew my son and this was out of character for him. I called his daughter. “Where is your father?” I asked. “Upstairs,” she answered. “Have you checked on him? Please go upstairs to see how he is now while I hold on. For all we know, he may be dead. “ My heart was pounding while I held the phone, waiting to hear After a moment I heard his daughter screaming my worst nightmare: “My dad is dead!” He Couldn’t Say No is the life story of Michael Louros, a man who had much potential but made all the wrong choices with regards to drugs. Michael was blessed with many gifts from God and many chances to take the right road, but unfortunately he wasn’t able to refuse drugs when they were offered to him, which ultimately cost him his life. In this emotionally powerful story, Stella Louros, Michael’s mother, starts with discussing Michael’s adoption from Greece and leads into the struggles she and her family faced while dealing with Michael’s roller coaster of a life. She even provides ways for readers to cope if they are ever faced with the same situation she and her family once were. Pick up He Couldn’t Say No today and learn more of this mother’s love for the son who grew in her heart, not under it. Stella Louros sides in New York.

Author Bio

Stella Louros was born in Mistra Greece and the first ten years of her life was a season spend with her parents and siblings, growing up in a loving family unit in Greece. They had faced two wars, it was their parents’ decision to send them to America for a better and safer future, even though they could not accompany them until a later date. Their parents send them off in God’s care and the pain they were feeling, no words can describe. Coming to America with her three siblings in 1948 was an indefinite period of tribulation and enthusiasm, as four young children prepared to face the unknown in their new country.

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