Grandpa Grey's Timeless Tales (Revised Edition)
Grandpa Grey's Timeless Tales (Revised Edition)

Grandpa Grey’s Timeless Tales (Revised Edition)

By John William Wisor and Nila Brereton Hagood


Grandpa Grey is a wise old squirrel living in the Ancient Elm in the heart of The Forest of Delphi. He is the storyteller for the children of the forest. This collection is about the adventures of Iam in the Dream Realm, which is a very magical place.

In his travels Iam encounters fairies, unicorns, dragons, wizards and more. He learns lessons about life and how it should be lived. These lessons are woven into the stories.

Richly illustrated, this book is an ideal way to teach morals and ethics while discovering magical creatures and places.

John William Wisor worked in health care and for nonprofit organizations as an executive and management consultant. This collection presents stories that he has shared with children and friends for more than three decades. John lives with his husband, Edward, in Palm Springs with their three dogs, Tara Lee, Bubba, and Princess.

Nila Brereton Hagood is retired from careers in real estate management, human resources managements, office management and commercial insurance sales. She has created and edited corporate newsletters, and a non-profit magazine. She is a former newspaper columnist, and editor. An artist, she lives in Palm Desert with her husband, Jerry, and their German shepherd, Miss Willa.

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