Golfing with Whales: With Reid Kookas and Friends

By Bobbie Suzanne Fitz


Reid Kookas is back with another golfing adventure! This ti me, he is golfing under the ocean in Hawaii! He meets some new ocean friends, including a mermaid, a starfish, a dolphin, and an octopus, and they all play golf together! It is whale watching season, so this story includes a lesson about whales. The four new friends have fun playing golf, and they learn the secret to making golf fun!

About the author

Bobbie Suzanne Fitz was born in Jackson, Mississippi, and travels the world with her husband, John. Part of their travel is spent playing golf, and she loves sharing the experience by writing about her son, Reid and his many golfing adventures. She began writing a series of delightful, children’s golf stories, and this is her second book. Reid “Kookas” loves to play golf, and his game always involves meeting new friends while on the course. Each game consists of game lingo as well as golf rules and new learning experiences.

An avid golfer, Bobbie Suzanne and John have five children, three dogs, and three cats. She lives in Farmington, Missouri, and spends her ti me in real estate investment, playing golf, running half marathons, hiking, reading, visiting family and friends, book writing, and working out with her personal trainer, Zac Barron, at The Fitness Edge in St. Louis.

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