God – I AM: 700 Names of God, Titles and Attributes

By T. L. Steele


God – I AM presents a compendium of over 700 names, titles, and attributes of God, from the Authorized version of His Word, the Holy Scriptures, with accompanying Scripture verses, and illustrations, including additional writing to assist the reader to draw nearer to God, our benevolent Creator. God is not a “cosmic sugar-daddy”, but a good, and loving heavenly Father, who desires that we know Him. He is far greater than we can ever comprehend. God’s Word itself has power. This book is designed that the reader may know God’s names, and for His glory.

About the Author:

Teresa L. Steele is an author and book illustrator, born in the north of England U.K. and now residing in Ontario, Canada. She is a keen student of the Bible, and is well-travelled.

She has a Diploma in interpretive book illustration from Sheridan College, Ontario, as well as a Diploma in Education and Training from Sunderland University, England.

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