Francis an Abolitionist in Antebellum Times

By Dr. Michael


The inspiring story of Frances known for his courage in speaking the truth, known for his faith and love for the Holy bible. A man despised by many in antebellum times, but loved by others. His story, a Baptist minister, inventor, college professor and dairy farmer, intertwined in this book with our cousin Jermain W. Loguen, runaway slave, Pastor of the American Methodist Episcopal church. Excerpts from an autobiography written in 1858 are quoted and whose life and station surely influenced Francis to become “An Abolitionist in Antebellum Times”!

About the author

Michael W. Cotie is currently the pastor of a small Baptist Church in Dayton Texas. Dr. Cotie attained his Bachelor’s degree from Louisiana Baptist University and attained a thM and a thD from Slidell Baptist Seminary. The Great-Great-Grandson of the title character Francis Marion “F.M.” Logue. Dr. Cotie was inspired to write “Francis an Abolitionist in Antebellum Times” as he read many of the things written about this man. Inspired by his Great-Great-Grandfather’s courage as “An Abolitionist in Antebellum times” hope you enjoy this inspiring story.

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