Fides Qua Creditur: Can I Live Better

By Franny Hill


This text you hold is designed to enrich your thinking. To know your thoughts is to know yourself. The words and sentences inside will take your conscience to an alternative level of function. You will be encouraged to tell yourself and friend that we are on to something. It is journey through your day that will leave you where it found you. Happy hunting!!!


About the author:

I grew up in Union, New Jersey where I attended public schools, resulting in graduation from Union High School in 1983. I have lived with a diagnosis of schizophrenia since 2010. I went on to achieve an Associate degree in psychosocial rehabilitation with honors in 2014 from UCC and Rutgers. My life has improved since I have returned to school. My illness almost robbed me of my dreams. “Fides Qua Creditur: Can I Live Better” is my first book that speaks to all dreamers and achievers. Let nothing stand against you for your destiny.

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