Fatal Coincindence
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Fatal Coincidence

By Tony Cucchi


Fatal Coincidence takes the reader from the jungles of a Central American country to the concrete jungle of New York City. It takes the reader from the tough streets of little Italy in south Philly to the lofty privileged environment of Wall Street. Miguel, Dante, and Robert are on a collision course. Their lives are about to converge in a web of mystery, violence, jealousy, and a string of coincidences that puts them in the same place, at the same time, affected by the same tragic event, that took the lives Dante and Robert’s associates.

About the Author:

Before founding CFG Tony spent his career in the electronic distribution industry. He started in sales and finished as CEO running a multi hundred-million-dollar company. Twelve years ago, he decided to get out of the corporate world. After a number of entrepreneurial ventures losing almost his entire net worth they found themselves needing to go back to work.

Consequently, he founded Cucchi Financial Group, an insurance based financial services agency. Since then he has helped hundreds of clients put their money where they can never lose it and never lose their gains yearly. His clients NEVER experience the tremendous loss that he did and they can never outlive their retirement funds. He is also a member of the National Ethics Bureau.

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