Falling Back In Love Again : 12 Steps To Saving Your Relationship

By Dr. David R. L. Stevens


Dr. David Stevens’ new book, Falling Back in Love is ideal for any couple-whether married, engaged, or dating for any considerable time. Unlike other authors who may write about relationships, Stevens has lived and breathed this subject-helping couples for 40+ years but more importantly, has been in a loving and caring relationship for over 50. Stevens’ book is not only filled with sound advice, but with examples of what it means to be in a committed relationship. As the good doctor would say. . . “Forget about trying to have a perfect marriage and strive to be perfectly married. “What does this mean? After you read, Falling Back in Love you’ll understand, but more importantly, you’ll be able to incorporate more love into your relationships. Sheilah Brooks, Writer

I felt that with the divorce rate being at 50%, this book could save couples tons of money if they want to salvage a relationship. We live in such callous times when love and commitment seem almost nonexistent.” Martha Tucker


About the author:

Dr. David Stevens, pastor and marriage counselor seems to have put his finger squarely on the “Fix-it” button of the marriage, relationship, and dating world. In Dr. Stevens’ book, FALLING BACK IN LOVE AGAIN, the reader gets to look back at the love that once flared in their marriage. He helps couples recall the laughter, excitement, and ecstasy that thrilled their hearts in the early days. Dr. Stevens allows couples to linger a moment as a reminder of what they are trying to save. Additionally, readers come to understand differences in the sex drives of men and women and that it is all in God’s design. Dr. Stevens uses his book to make sense of differences that often dry up love and marriage. You might be surprised about God’s plan!.

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