Different Coins in the Fountain Volume II

By Carlos V. Cornejo


Dear Reader,

If you consider yourselves a busy person, one that goes from task to task with little respite in-between, then this book is made to order for you. On the other hand, if you do not have time constraints, you will have the luxury of reading and discussing these stories with your friends. I believe my book is full of bang-bang short stories with multiple plots that might fit into your on-the-move regimen.

If entertainment is your motivation, you, too, are a splendid candidate to keep Different Coins in the Fountain by your favorite chair or by the side of your bed.

Any lifestyle can benefit from minutes or hours of reading stories that are succinct. Since we come from different cultures, flipping “coins” unto a fountain represent our hopes to obtain the similar things in life that we all cherish. We are inclined to be tempted to be at the “fountain.” How would you sum up your story? Everyone has a story, and, at different stages of life, there’s a different story.


Carlos V. Cornejo

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