By C.A. Davidson


An epic war between Good and Evil. . . with no neutral ground. REVERSE EDUCATION’S LIES fill every classroom, every court room, every newsroom. As its hatred infects politicians and corrupts kingdoms, the dreadful Miss Redmund even tries to spy on parents, to take away their Bibles and destroy the innocent—in body and soul. The people of once-idyllic land of Yeshurun now face off in a war of ideas, risking their lives to defend their faith. Nola’s headlights revealed a group of unruly students blocking her driveway, shouting, “Abortion! Our choice!” Suddenly a bearded face appeared at her window.Thinking to shove him away, she pushed open the car door, just a crack. But the ruffian wasn’t budging.

About the Author:
C.A. DAVIDSON grew up during the Cold War era, so she writes about the deadly assault on the Judeo-Christian culture that she has seen for herself. Her deep love of faith, family, and freedom has inspired the creation of the Birthright Covenant trilogy. Her mission is to help parents recapture, restore and transmit the biblical values that are heart and soul of Western Civilization, and that are key to the very survival of liberty for rising and future generations. Contact Author at birthrightcovenant.com

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