Cancer: A Sentence to Live

By Evelyn Reid


Getting healthy is always a challenge. Staying healthy should be a top priority. It is a fact of life that the older we get, our bodies loses some of its essential nutrients. Many people who are facing various physical challenges are unaware of some of the herbs that could help them get and remain healthy. This book by Evelyn Reid seeks to fill that void. It will help you get back on the road to a healthier life.

After 21 years of being cancer free is Evelyn Reid shares her personal journey of surviving and living healthy after a cancer diagnosis. In her book Cancer a Sentence to Live 2nd edition, Reid gives many details of her research, dietary supplements and eating healthy foods that can bring healing to your life. A cancer diagnosis can be frightening, confusing and depressing and it can be tempting to give in to passivity and even despair. Reid shows readers another way. By taking a holistic approach, Reid encourages readers to take care of not only their physical selves but also their souls, so that any obstacles to healing might be removed.

A cancer diagnosis need not be a death sentence, but rather, it is a wakeup call to get busy and get healthy.

About the author:

Evelyn Reid is a budding new author who has written several books which includes Cancer a Sentence To Live, the new 2nd edition of Cancer a Sentence to Live, and Worship: Time in the word. Coming soon will be her latest book Dress Codes, I can dress myself. She is a researcher of natural and homeopathic medicine and a former instructor at Crossroads Institute of Biblical Studies. Reid is married to Dr. Donald M. Reid and they have one daughter Leni and grandson Evan.

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