Behind the Scenes of Jenna Castoron

By Chelsie Keller


In the follow-up to Behind the Scenes of Jenna Shale, Jenna faces the loss of Aiden and continues to look back on her life, drawing comparisons between life and television as she shares the events that transpired around the tragic loss of her husband, the difficulties in finding love again, and the trials she faced as she tried to come to terms with the harsh realities of her world. With the narrative frame still focusing on television, Jenna tackles the difficult topics of domestic violence and sexual assault at the same time as she continues her exploration of the topics of sex and love.

About the Author:

Chelsie Keller has lived in northwest Ohio for most of her life and continues to enjoy spending time with her friends and family in the same county where she was born. She earned her Associate of Arts degree from Northwest State Community College, her Bachelor of Arts in English from Bowling Green State University, and, recently, her Master’s in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University. Chelsie claims that she has been writing for as long as she can remember but also notes a wide variety of interests including women’s issues, literature, and popular culture that have always had a tremendous influence on her academic studies as well as her writing. It is these topics that she works to unfold in the Behind the Scenes series.

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