By Travis Canady


As night falls a young negro slave named Esther, runs through the thick Georgia woods. With her three-week-old daughter, Esther runs toward the north in hopes of being free. However, the runaway slave will not get to experience her freedom. She would be shot and killed by the local plantations overseer. Esther's killer, also happens to be the father of her infant daughter. After the murder, the overseer disappears, and will not be seen for years to come. The child survives and is taken back to the plantation. She is immediately identified, as a member of the Parish family, the family that owns the local plantation. The child's name is revealed as Augustine. She would then be taken in, and raised by the plantation’s owner, and wife. Over the years, Augustine struggles with her origin, race, love, as well as adolescence. But after a fifteen-year absence, Augustine's father returns home, and this will change everything.

About the author:

Travis Canady is an American author, singer, songwriter, and actor, born, and raised in Fairfield, Texas. At the early age of, Travis was inspired by the entertainment. Music was the first thing he grew interest in, however he would not begin his pursuit professionally until 2010. After five years in the music business, and achieving great success, Travis would then decide to take his writing, and storytelling to another level. It was late 2015 when Travis begin to work on his first novel. He completed the writing project a few months later. Shortly afterwards, his work was well received, and in 2018 he landed his first publishing deal with LitFire Publishing.

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