At Ease Like The Blooming Lotus

By Haimnauth Ramkirath


A journey to awaken the peace and freedom in the inner recesses of the heart and the soul. Amidst the daily grind, and the chaos and uncertainty in the world, it is important that we step back for a while and align ourselves with the truth and beauty in and around us. There is no need for ground – breaking or radical changes; just a small shift in our perspective and consciousness to embrace the basic truths and principles of life and nature. This may very well turn out to be the most effective way to counter the enormous stress and tension of modern living. It is equally important that we become more responsive to the needs of our fellow beings, and resist all forms of oppression, violence, discrimination, racism and the deeply – rooted fanatic spirit.

Haimnauth Ramkirath grew up in a small rural village in Guyana, South America. The beauty and simplicity of country life shaped his abiding love for nature. From an early age, he dived deeply into the richness and beauty of the spiritual and philosophical teachings and traditions of the East. This stirred in his heart a lifelong quest for inner peace and harmony. These poems reflect his intense inner search and contemplation. Haimnauth was a teacher for ten years in Guyana before taking up residency in the USA in 1991. He is a professional accountant and has worked his way up to the Controllership level. Haimnauth comes from a background of strong family values and he and his wife, Radhika, have inculcated these values to their son, Akash and daughter, Tamala. Haimnauth believes firmly that one has to work out one’s Karma and salvation while actively participating in the world, and to abdicate one’s responsibilities and duties is a negation of life itself. He is a very vigorous campaigner for social justice and equality, and his utter condemnation and abhorrence of racism, discrimination, social apathy and indifference to the plight of the poor and the oppressed, and scourge of the fanatic spirit, are reflected in some of the poems.

(This collection of poems is a full color book of top quality production.)

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