And He Said, Praise Me!

By Penny Meyer Hovda


When darkness and despair finds its way to your door, how will you handle it? And He Said, “Praise Me” will give you a glimpse of the amazing love and spirit of God as He works to turn a life-threatening experience into a life-saving testimonial. You will see how God can take your tragedy and use it to transform, bless, and refresh your spirit and those around you. See how He blesses those who can give thanks out of their suffering (Hebrews 13:15). Learn how to have an “attitude of gratitude” in the good times and the bad.

Author Bio

Penny Meyer Hovda, a native of Stanley, North Dakota, is a registered dental hygienist living in Johnstown, Colorado. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, resulting in four surgeries, months of chemotherapy and a year of Herceptin treatments. She witnessed first-hand the manifestation of God’s blessings through her obedience of sacrificial praise to Him which is the basis of her book, And He said, “Praise Me”! She speaks and writes how “letting go” and “letting God” through trust, obedience, and praise allows His intentions to become your reality. Penny has been married for 35 years to Tim. Their loves include daughter Lindsay, son-in-law Jon, and their four beautiful grandchildren.

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