A Time Before: Echoes of the Past

By Anita Windon


A Time Before Echoes of the Past is the second installment in the book series by Anita Windon. In this second installment, we find Princess Harmony continuing her journey. The journey takes her to two separate kingdoms. Many mysterious surrounds her journey, and the darkness still follows her. Her continuing struggle takes a toll that Harmony might not be able to handle. Does the darkness become too much for her, or will she be able to pull out from the dark and continue on her path unscathed? These mysterious will be answered in Echoes of the Past.

About the Author
A Time Before, Echoes of the Past is Anita Windon’s second published book. Anita has taken time away from writing to be with her family. Anita’s family comes first and has not had time to put pen to paper. Anita has written books or poems since she was young. She says it is a fun and creative way to forget about the sometimes-stressful world around her. She also says that getting published is something she always wanted to do.
Anita enjoys reading science fiction fantasy novels. She believes it is a good genre to escape into. There is always some great journey that can relate to some real-life situations. Like many authors Anita hopes to keep publishing her stories even if only a handful of people read them.
Anita hopes you enjoy the second installment of A Time Before, and she hopes that she will no take another 7 years to publish the next one. Enjoy the journey.

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