A Mustard Seed

By Drew Mellis


Jake Curtis, the lead character in the story, is totally against God and the bible. Due to a couple of unfortunate incidents Jake allows his life to revolve around pot sales, liquor and womanizing. One day he has a vivid vision of Jesus and ends up going to a local pastor and becomes a true born-again Christian. From this point he reads the bible incessantly, his faith growing rapidly and surprisingly. He accomplishes many extraordinary feats and leads several to Jesus.

Author Bio:

Drew Mellis lives in Reno with his wife, Linda, of forty-five years. He has always been interested in writing and this is his second novel. He was not pleased about writing the first book because he felt it was too graphic. In this story, which is fiction, there is a section which actually occurred some forty years ago for this writer. He had the vision of Jesus described early in the present story, and it changed his life completely.

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