A LETTER TO TRISH: Life as a Jarrell in the early 20th Century

By Patricia Ackerman


A Letter to Trish” details the life and lifestyles experienced while growing up on a middle class plantation in the early 1900’s.

Due to her daughter’s request for her mother to retell her many experiences, Bea wrote this educational narrative.

She uses her robust and very descriptive vocabulary to make for an enjoyable, informative and fun read for those interested in southern history or for anyone else who enjoys reading a well written book.

Bea recalls her childhood while growing up as one of the eleven Jarrell children, allowing the reader to be well informed of how life was during this era for a large family on a farm. She describes the ways of living which may sound dubious to many people today.

She and her siblings were the last generation of the Jarrell’s to work the farm land.

In 1974, the Jarrell Plantation was donated to the State of Georgia. It is now a State Historic site. For the most part the plantation is in its original setting.

For anyone who has ever visited the Jarrell Plantation, this book may add another dimension to that visit.

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