A is for Adjective: An American English Encyclopedia to its Syntax and Grammar (B&W)

By Ryan Wright


A is for Adjective is for ANY L1 (language one) or L2 (language two) speakers of the English language who might be in the process of wanting to learn more. This includes teachers and students alike, who may want to either study, teach, learn, or do simple research of it. The book is a type of encyclopedia that will compare and contrast the English language to Turkish and includes English-to-Turkish translations.

The book will start by exploring the history of both languages. In Unit One, it will explore the concepts of phonetics and phonology of the American English dialect at the primary level. Unit Two will then focus on the linguistic study of syntax at the primary level. This will include learning the nine lexical categories as well as understanding what phrases and phrase structure rules are, et cetera. Unit Three will then go on to cover the grammatical notions of contractions and wh-questions. Unit Four will finish the volume by bringing up the idea of tenses.

Unit Five, which begins Volume Two, will consist of nearly everything about English grammar. Unit Six will finish the volume by bringing up the linguist’s concept of affixation. Unit Seven aka Volume Three, for A is for Adjective, is a compendium of useful words, phrases, and expressions organized by category (e.g. foods and sports).

The goal of these books is to teach the English language, its grammar, and the sciences behind it. For some, having a supportive instructor might be needed. In the end, anyone who can comprehend the information from front to back will therefore become more aware of the language than that of the average speaking L1-native-English speaker. This is guaranteed.

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