A City of Gold

By Neil Stipp


Can true love really overcome the apparent fact of betrayal?

Sylma and Daryl are happily married, but when Sylma uncovers a secretive note from another woman to Daryl, she is forced to deal with her suspicion about him when he suddenly goes away on a supposed business trip to San Francisco. When she can’t find the answers she needs around their city of Frisco, Texas, Sylma goes to San Francisco to try and find him, and then eventually to Panama accompanied by her brother-in-law detective whom she cannot fully trust but needs his services. This is just the beginning of a fast-paced tale containing sudden turns and surprises.

About the author

NEIL STIPP is an author, music teacher, organist, and a published composer. A native southern Californian, he received his doctorate in organ performance and wrote a dissertation on Mozart. His articles have been published by The American Organist. A City of Gold represents his third work of fiction.

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