A Change in the Weather

By George Fluellen


Joe and Charlotte will face incredible odds to find what few people truly acquire in this lifetime, a true soulmate. Joe newly snatched from his home land is the newest slave on the plantation and Charlotte is the master’s daughter. Their stormy love affair will endure all time and keep you on edge, guessing. You will be right there on the plantation as you journey with them through all obstacles.


About the author:

George Fluellen is the pastor of two small churches in Middle Georgia. After graduating high school, he worked odd jobs one of which was a custodian at the First Baptist Church in his hometown. It was during this time he received the calling of the Lord. The pastor of that church encouraged him to begin theology classes.   He attended the Union Baptist Seminary where he obtained his master’s in theology and a Doctor of Divinity Degree. He grew up hearing the stories of his forefathers from his parents. He was always fascinated of how they had to overcome many obstacles and struggles. This interest in his ancestry motivated him to begin his documentation and research into the lives of his ancestors.

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