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    The Fruit of the Nut:


    For Max, “Who says so well what can’t be said,” Walter Starke, inspiring author of ‘God is All.’
    In this book, Max unites ‘SPIRITUAL THOUGHT’ with ‘quantum’ discovery, Revealed to Enlighten humanity with Innate Power, in order to overcome egoistic discordant condition. Virtual reality, exposed as illusion, grips mankind and is replaced with The Expansive Cosmic Conscious Universal Reality of Wisdom Encompassing ‘ALL LIFE.’


  • The Fruitful Prayer Life

    Prayer is fundamental to the life of faith. At the heart of prayer is intimate fellowship with God. Yet many seem to view prayer as just another religious activity to engage in, not really knowing whether God will answer or not.

    In this book, Pastor McClinton E. Porter provides many thought-provoking insights and practices that will create a desire in you to develop a lifestyle of consistent communion and fellowship with God. The contents are presented in a conversational tone and practical manner that makes prayer “doable” and perceives God as approachable, not austere and condemning.

    Some of the topics addressed in this volume are:

    • Prayer and Faith
    • The Covenant Names of God in Prayer
    • Prayer and Worship
    • Prayer in the Spirit

    Use this book for yourself and then with a small group, encouraging others to find this place of prayer. One of the disciples who observed Jesus’ prayer life asked Him, “Lord, teach us to pray…” With God’s help, Rev. Porter is doing just that and you can continue to do likewise for others. The anticipated result is a “Fruitful Prayer Life.”

    About the author:

    McClinton Elliott Porter was ordained into the gospel ministry in August 1998. Subsequent, to his ordination, he served as an associate pastor at Maranatha Church in Chicago, Illinois until 2015. Shortly thereafter, McClinton launched and became senior pastor of Revival Outreach Ministries International.

    Since receiving Christ in February of 1992, McClinton has had a heart for the lost and disenfranchised. Throughout the years he has consistently engaged in ministry to the homeless and incarcerated, having regularly ministered the gospel to inmates at the Cook County Jail in Chicago from 1994 through 2013. Additionally, McClinton served as Assistant Executive Director of a community-based nonprofit organization that provided housing, educational, life skills, mental health, and recreational services to Chicago’s at-risk inner-city youth.

    McClinton holds a Diploma in Theological Studies from Oral Roberts University Midwest School of Theology and Ministry in Tinley Park, IL, a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois, and a Master of Science degree in Nonprofit Management from Spertus Institute, also in Chicago, Illinois.

    In addition to his role as senior pastor, McClinton is focused on providing practical, instructional material to the Body of Christ to help facilitate spiritual growth and development. His first publication is entitled “Manifestation of the Sons of God.” McClinton has ministered at various churches throughout the Chicago area and provides management consultation for nonprofit organizations and ministries, primarily focusing on governance, capacity building, resource development and leadership development.

    McClinton resides in Chicago with his wife Tammie and their children.

  • The Journey Of My Life

    Biblical Studies/Christian Living

    Find out how God teaches us about Himself through suffering; how suffering can make us more like Jesus; and how God can use our suffering to speak to others who have spiritual, physical, and emotional needs.

    In this compelling work on a subject that touches us all. Eugene McCann shares his discovery in the Scriptures of God’s reasons for allowing suffering in the lives of His people. Eugene shares his own experiences as well as those of friends and people of the Bible to show us how, even in suffering’s worst moments, God’s love and joy will flood our souls.

    He writes with compassion, insight, and conviction and shows that even in the midst of suffering we can know and experience the profound peace and love of God.

  • The Messiah Seeds Resurrection

    This book was written to address all of the problems that the world face today. I asked God to write this book, and I hope these are His words. You must read for yourself and see if you want to participate in this revolutionary approach to addressing the problems that face the world today. I think it would be a wonderful adventure for any one that wish to explore this with us. I recommend you talk to God about it before you make up your mind. No matter what the results, I am sure that those who participate will be on a journey to a wonderful life.

  • The Messiah Seeds Resurrection

    This book was written to address all of the problems that the world face today. I asked God to write this book, and I hope these are His words. You must read for yourself and see if you want to participate in this revolutionary approach to addressing the problems that face the world today. I think it would be a wonderful adventure for any one that wish to explore this with us. I recommend you talk to God about it before you make up your mind. No matter what the results, I am sure that those who participate will be on a
    journey to a wonderful life.

  • The Theater of Life: Roles We Play on Planet Earth in the Passing Parade of Our Existence

    Kent’s work invites the reader into a psychological and spiritual observation on why one should, “Be vigilant over your mind while exercising caution concerning powerful influences that the environment can impose on one’s life”.

    – Audrey M. Murphy, Ph.D Canditate
    Cognitive Psychology in Social Systems


    The Theater of Life introduces a spiritual and psychological perspective of the unseen life forces that encompass each of us. Charlyn shows us real cases to explain these hidden forces in one’s own sphere of existence that can be healed away for the benefit of the individual.

    About the author:

    Charlyn Kent is a registered nurse with a bachelor’s degree in science. Charlyn specializes in psychiatry with a focus on the paranormal. As a child, she suffered from asthma and was presented the opportunity of meeting and playing with beings from other dimensions that only she could see and speak with. She developed the ability to leave an unfinished dream on her pillow and pick it up where she left off. In her twenties, she was introduced to a Nigerian priest from the Yoruba tribe, with whom she studied the mysteries for ten years. Then came Mahikari, which introduced her to Johrei Fellowship, where she progressed to lay minister. She learned meditation from a Buddha from Burma. After the death of her father, she met Kaballah and became A student in the Modern Mystery School.

  • The Uncovering of the Greatest Story Never Told

    In between the covers of this book you will be shown information that will, if taken with the right perspective in mind, show the reader a way to a realm of light that is different than the natural sunlight because it is a light that comes from within and is eternal. Eternal in a sense that it never fails to eliminate because it is not related to time. It is a light that shines between our heartbeats and if you latch on to this perspective that is in sync with this realm you will be as free as a bird to surf through the heavens unto your heart’s desire. The reader will see information that was perhaps never realized before but always there just waiting for the right moment to come alive. You will see that this information is tied to the very fabric of your being and is related to the perspective of your conscious soul waiting to prosper.

    About the author:

    Gerald L. Vano is a retired electronics engineer. For more than 50 years he has been involved in the study of science and its relationship to the spiritual aspect of things. In 1982, he went to Israel and Egypt with a church group and while in Egypt at a hotel next to the pyramids he had a life changing supernatural encounter with the Holy Spirit. The Evangelists of the group spoke to him publicly spiritual words of knowledge that set him on a new course in life that changed his whole spiritual outlook towards religion and science.

  • The Wizard’s Handbook Revisited

    Open the door to the School of Wizardry for an enchanting experience as you journey through the Grottos with magical instructors. Travel through history with a shape shifter, experience a Wiccan ceremony and discover a new astrology with a modern witch, explore the human body with a doctor who morphs as a bird, and delve into the science of quantum thought with an eccentric professor. Finally learn how to perform magic with the Headmaster based on the knowledge acquired in the Grottoes and experience a personal revelation in the final ceremony. Then open the Crypt to explore other possibilities.

    Escape the trap of limited thinking. Learn the secrets of wizards and how to think out of the box to become

    More Than You Can Be!

    If one tenth of one percent of our young adults absorbs this, the world will improve dramatically.


    Love it! The teachers are very interesting, unpredictable and captivating!


    Mr. Garnet makes learning about our world totally exciting an magical! He cleverly uses ‘Grottos’ and a ‘Crypt’ instead of Chapters with an Appendix. The book is truly a magical blend of words, art, and experience.


    Wonderful Primer on Universal Law for young readers! Please pick up a copy of this book for your young ones…; if Harry Potter contained one inkling of real magical education, it might be something like this. Written with wonderful narrative and real world knowledge from a Master in Mystical Science. Smart, as well as whimsical!! 5Stars”


  • Untangled Spirit and Unfrozen Heart

    Take the HEART CHALLENGE for free at www.NBVelasco.com

    Welcome to a beautiful encounter, an untangling of your heart. Does your life feel like a bunch of daily traffic jams that leave you in a rut and not moving forward as you had hoped? Come experience a defrosting, a thawing out of a numbed heart, the releasing of a heart that goes through the motions. Put the breaks on just mundane existence, and propel forward in the developing of a deeply intimate, faith growing, and trust relationship with God. A relationship that activates into a power daily walk forward. This book takes you at whatever stage you find yourself today in a relationship with knowing God and encourages you to take the next step. If you happen to just be starting out in trying to understand the Christian faith, or if you have been worshiping God for many years, this book has been written with you in mind. Encourage yourself to grow, and to purposefully live life to the fullness. Get out of the staleness and encounter joy, a joy found in knowing God deeply.

    About the author:

    Nancy B. Velasco has a heart for serving Jesus Christ, has an anointing of the Holy Spirit upon her life, and actively serves in ministry in Southern California. She has served in multiple capacities including church administration, technical and media support, life group Bible Study teacher, children’s church director, and prayer intercessor. Nancy holds an M.S. degree in Education and currently encourages both children and adults by providing mentoring, tutoring, and technical consulting throughout her community. Ms. Velasco’s dream includes reaching out as Jesus’ hands and feet and envisions developing an equipping center or school to encourage and propel people forward in their God designed purpose.
    Feeling God’s call upon her life. Nancy left a nice position in the Christian corporate environment to serve more directly in church and community. Nancy B. Velasco, at the leading of the Holy Spirit, and in untangled and unfrozen fashion, recently began transitioning to Regency Chino Valley Church (RCVC) located in Chino, California. You may follow Nancy’s journey via social media and by viewing her website at www.NBVelasco.Com.


    What do we know about the seven deadly sins? Have you ever wondered what makes them so deadly? I mean, certainly we can understand how sloth might be socially unacceptable or how gluttony might not represent a good life choice—but what makes them a sin, and deadly at that? In this Bible study, we are going to look at pride, greed, gluttony, sloth, envy, anger, and lust with a feminine eye. We want to know what it looks like for a woman to live with a root bed of, say, envy or anger in her life. What does it feel like to have a gluttonous friend? What are the dangers of a mother full of pride or greed? How do I harm myself by being slothful? And, correct me if I am wrong, but I thought lust was attractive? Not only will you gain a strong biblical understanding of how these sins eat away at the foundation of your faith, but you will gain powerful insight into which of them plague your own walk with God, and with that knowledge comes victory! You are going to be blown away!

    About the author:

    Sara Dyer has been teaching the Word of God for over thirty years. She spent the first half of her career as a professional interior designer before returning to school to get her Masters in Theology. She currently serves as women’s director of a large church in Akron, Ohio, and as a consultant with Habitat for Humanity. This is her second Bible study. She and her husband, Dan, have three married children.




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