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    Legitimate Faith …producing Authentic Hope!

    When we are young, we read the Bible and believe it by faith. Like the Apostle Paul, we discover that honest questions always lead to deeply satisfying and needs meeting answers from God. As we crawl out of the pot holes of life, we find that the black ink on white paper jumps off the pages of the Bible and burns
    deeply into our hearts revealing the truth and reality of God’s faithfulness! We discover that God grows in each of us a “Legitimate Faith” that is more wonderful that we could have ever imagined.

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    Little Book of Destiny

    Numerology is a fascinating and powerful form of divination that was discovered and brought to life by such greats as Pythagoras and Plato from around 600 years BC.

    Since 1991 William has studied Numerology, Palmistry, Tarot and Colour Therapy and is an accomplished Reiki Master and Spiritual/Life Coach.

    Today, William is a teacher and lecturer of Numerology and Palmistry, helping many to enrich their lives with this unique art form.

  • Patsy Moore - Miraculous Hand of God

    Miraculous Hand of God

    This book is about various miraculous interventions in peoples lives. There are stories from a 2 year old to a 73 year old and several in between as well as in different walks of like. Some are as told to me by others and some are the authors’.
    God is still a God of the miraculous. If you don’t think so, I really believe that if you just read this book, you’ll change your mind.
    Take a peek inside and let me hear from your and let me know if you believe or not.

    About the author:

    Patsy Moore and her husband are the minister’s of God’s Way Ministries in Cuero, Texas and where ever they are invited. She has spoken at churched about her miraculous healing and still preaches about God’s mercy toward her and her family.
    Patsy has been a talk show host, radio personality/manager as well as a published song writer and a professional artist as well. Her music is praise and worship. She paints in watercolors, oils, pastels and acrylics and specializes in landscapes, buildings, animals and portraiture. Her paintings have hung in various galleries in Texas.

    Patsy has known for a while that she would write a book before she went to be with the
    Lord, she just didn’t know what about or when. After being healed and her husbands near death, she realized that it was time, God gave her the title name and so she got started. At first she thought it was about all the miracles in her life until the incident with her husband and as more testimonies came in, she realized that it was God’s work in various ways.

  • New Ages and Other Wonders

    New Ages and Other Wonders

    Marcella Martyn has spent the last 25 years sharing the gifts bestowed upon her as a natural healer, medium, energy worker, Usui Reiki Master, and Reiki Teacher who is sought out by those in need of deep healing from dark situations from the past. She lives to share the message of Spirit, through automatic writing, and the spiritual teaching that, “you are loved unconditionally” and to help you tap into your unique spiritual birthright.

    She remained out of the public eye until 2011 when she channeled spiritual guidance into the published works New Ages and Other Wonders and I AM HERE, Channeled Wisdom for Changing Times, which was awarded an honorable mention at the Los Angeles Book Festival for 2012-2013. Now she shares what she’s learned about spirituality, ascension, and the unity between all souls with everyone open to hearing spirit’s message in our new world.

    She lives in Colorado on the Western Slope of the Rocky Mountains near her beloved daughter and grandson.

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  • Nicholas Dispenza - Playing Tag In Heaven

    Playing Tag In Heaven

    This is my story of what I experienced after a near fatal head-on car crash what I witnessed and who I briefly meet while in a strange and wondrous land. My encounter with “THE MASTER” and other friendly children who had recently died. Including Maria the first little girl I meet who tagged my shoulder and said “Your It” also the wildlife I saw while Playing Tag in Heaven.

    About the author:

    Nicholas Dispenza born on Halloween 1958 in Cook Co. Hospital in Chicago Illinois to Raymond and Judy Dispenza lived in Glen Ellyn Illinois till 1973 then moved to Laguna Beach Ca. where he has a daughter Destiny rae Dispenza owned his own business now lives in Oceanside Ca. Loves The LORD JESUS CHRIST and wants to share this short story of what happened to him as a youngster in Glen Ellyn. Oldest of six children, sisters Debra ,Denise, Deanne, and Sharron also Brother Joe. Loves to fish and hunt and surf. can be reached at ROCK4THEROCK1958@GMAIL.COM to send donations via paypal please use this email. Thanks, GOD BLESS US ALL.

  • F. M. 'Bud' Morris - Spirituality Unlimited!

    Spirituality Unlimited!

    Spirituality Unlimited! – Practical Interpretations of A Course in Miracles is essentially a metaphysical encyclopedia, defining terms used in the spiritual community and giving practical examples for application in your life. This book is intended for those who are Spiritual but not religious and for those who wish to use it as a reference for metaphysical terms. More than just a book though, it is a life-changing tool for examining your life and the way you relate to the world. It will take you to the source of challenges in all areas of your life. The material often will alarmingly be 180 degrees away from the thinking and opinions of the general public and many churches. Keep an open mind! Don’t react too quickly to any particular section. The material is often approached from another angle in some other section.

    About the author:

    Since the arrival of A Course in Miracles in 1972, many excellent commentary books on the Course have provided valuable insights. And now comes Bud Morris’s Spirituality Unlimited – Practical Interpretations of a Course in Miracles
    As a student and beneficiary of the Course for 21 years, I would like to say that:
    • If you have never read A Course in Miracles, read Spirituality Unlimited.
    • If you have hears of A Course I Miracles but never followed up, read Spirituality Unlimited.
    • If you are one of over millions of devotees of A Course in Miracles, read Spirituality Unlimited.
    This book will touch your heart and mind in the way Christ intended. You will change – and you will know the ultimate Peace, Love and Joy of God.

    -William J. Cox.

    Student, Practitioner, minister, poet and artist, Rev Bud Morris has been studying metaphysical principles and facilitating study groups in A Course in Miracles for over thirty years. He is the author of a series of four books entitled A Course in Miracles in a Nutshell. Bud’s goal in life is to remember more of his spiritual Truth each day and to teach that Truth to everyone he meets; i.e., to unconditionally love everyone he encounters and to help heal the insanity of this world through that Love. He seeks each day to be continually practicing the Presence of God and to pray unceasingly.

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  • Gerald Vano

    The Coming Merger of Science and Religion

    This book came about because of a spiritual word of knowledge given to the author by a man of God, while on a tour to Israel. It attempts to explain mysteries of the universe and show how the author agrees with the latest endeavor by one of the leading cosmologists Stephen Hawkins, to theorize the universe. But it also shows how God fits into it, delving into the controversial subject of Evolution and explaining new insights that perhaps were never realized before.

    About the author:

    Gerald Vano is a retired electronic engineer. For more then 50 years he has been involved in the study of science and its relationship to the spiritual aspect of things. In 1982 he went to Israel and Egypt with a church group and while in Egypt at a hotel next to the Pyramids the group had a prayer meeting and the Holy Spirit spoke through the Evangelist of the group to Gerald spiritual words of knowledge to him that only he could know. The event was a life hanging experience for Gerald and set him on a new path in life.

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    The Fruit of the Nut:


    For Max, “Who says so well what can’t be said,” Walter Starke, inspiring author of ‘God is All.’
    In this book, Max unites ‘SPIRITUAL THOUGHT’ with ‘quantum’ discovery, Revealed to Enlighten humanity with Innate Power, in order to overcome egoistic discordant condition. Virtual reality, exposed as illusion, grips mankind and is replaced with The Expansive Cosmic Conscious Universal Reality of Wisdom Encompassing ‘ALL LIFE.’


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  • The Fruitful Prayer Life

    The Fruitful Prayer Life

    Prayer is fundamental to the life of faith. At the heart of prayer is intimate fellowship with God. Yet many seem to view prayer as just another religious activity to engage in, not really knowing whether God will answer or not.

    In this book, Pastor McClinton E. Porter provides many thought-provoking insights and practices that will create a desire in you to develop a lifestyle of consistent communion and fellowship with God. The contents are presented in a conversational tone and practical manner that makes prayer “doable” and perceives God as approachable, not austere and condemning.

    Some of the topics addressed in this volume are:

    • Prayer and Faith
    • The Covenant Names of God in Prayer
    • Prayer and Worship
    • Prayer in the Spirit

    Use this book for yourself and then with a small group, encouraging others to find this place of prayer. One of the disciples who observed Jesus’ prayer life asked Him, “Lord, teach us to pray…” With God’s help, Rev. Porter is doing just that and you can continue to do likewise for others. The anticipated result is a “Fruitful Prayer Life.”

    About the author:

    McClinton Elliott Porter was ordained into the gospel ministry in August 1998. Subsequent, to his ordination, he served as an associate pastor at Maranatha Church in Chicago, Illinois until 2015. Shortly thereafter, McClinton launched and became senior pastor of Revival Outreach Ministries International.

    Since receiving Christ in February of 1992, McClinton has had a heart for the lost and disenfranchised. Throughout the years he has consistently engaged in ministry to the homeless and incarcerated, having regularly ministered the gospel to inmates at the Cook County Jail in Chicago from 1994 through 2013. Additionally, McClinton served as Assistant Executive Director of a community-based nonprofit organization that provided housing, educational, life skills, mental health, and recreational services to Chicago’s at-risk inner-city youth.

    McClinton holds a Diploma in Theological Studies from Oral Roberts University Midwest School of Theology and Ministry in Tinley Park, IL, a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois, and a Master of Science degree in Nonprofit Management from Spertus Institute, also in Chicago, Illinois.

    In addition to his role as senior pastor, McClinton is focused on providing practical, instructional material to the Body of Christ to help facilitate spiritual growth and development. His first publication is entitled “Manifestation of the Sons of God.” McClinton has ministered at various churches throughout the Chicago area and provides management consultation for nonprofit organizations and ministries, primarily focusing on governance, capacity building, resource development and leadership development.

    McClinton resides in Chicago with his wife Tammie and their children.

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  • The Journey Of My Life

    The Journey Of My Life

    Biblical Studies/Christian Living

    Find out how God teaches us about Himself through suffering; how suffering can make us more like Jesus; and how God can use our suffering to speak to others who have spiritual, physical, and emotional needs.

    In this compelling work on a subject that touches us all. Eugene McCann shares his discovery in the Scriptures of God’s reasons for allowing suffering in the lives of His people. Eugene shares his own experiences as well as those of friends and people of the Bible to show us how, even in suffering’s worst moments, God’s love and joy will flood our souls.

    He writes with compassion, insight, and conviction and shows that even in the midst of suffering we can know and experience the profound peace and love of God.

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