Short Stories

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  • Praise For The Human Heart

    This slim volume represents the stories of many lives, exploring what it means to be human. Some are fictionalized real stories and some are real occurrences but with imagined emotional responses, and some really happened but motives and developments are fiction. All writers must start somewhere, and most start with their own life, then branch out into the stories other people tell them. They finally reach the point where the writer can understand how people talk, feel, respond, and remember the events of a lifetime and then they write books.

    About the Author:

    Phyllis Davidson is a retired teacher with a Master’s Degree. She has taught school at all levels from elementary to university. A reading specialist, she has devoted her retirement to volunteering to teach reading skills to students in first grade and to inmates in a woman’s prison.

    She is the author of two other collections of short stories: The Silver Bell, a group of Christmas stories, and Firmament, tales of fantasy and science fiction. Her favorite past time is traveling the world. She is a native of Idaho and lives there with her cat, Sweet William.

  • The Boy Who Gave Away His Mother’s Shoes


    So many hats we must wear in today’s complex society! Even under a single hat or head covering, our thoughts are conceived, varied and fast-paced. I love the way our society functions and how determined we usually are to be part of the way it works. I also appreciate that many of us still can find comfort in personal, quiet time. For me, and hopefully for you, reading is precious time. The wonder that books and stories captured in our minds lets us travel far and near and permits us to go beyond the past or into the future as our minds allow. In reading stories, travel is done with comfort and satisfaction. For some of us, good story telling also promotes diverse cultural understanding.

    The stories in this book allow us to forget about the hat we usually wear at the time we pick up a book. We can be introduced to familiar or unique persons with whom we may have a symbiotic experience. With any good read, you can change to mix with the characters when they become introduced into your life.

    Since reading is such an individualistic endeavor of choice to achieve enjoyment and distraction, it is probably the best selection to add entertainment to your day. This may include new thoughts that take us away from the structures that trap us with responsibilities.

    These stories are like having a friendly companion who distracts us from chores or the dwelling on more mundane callings. Rethinking the plots in these stories may also add to some of your personal recollections. I say this because, for me, writing stories triggered thoughts about other experiences I have had. I find that the more I have to think about, the more I have in my head to record. Enjoy!

    Carlos V. Cornejo

  • The First Two English Words I Learned

    This book contains twelve short stories plus a few short thoughts. Every story is based on a true story. Every story focuses on a different theme of life.

    From that day forth, everybody that rented that house would leave it terrified. Some did not even last one day. Forty years later, all the houses on the block have been improved made bigger and better but that house stands in black and white with no improvements, with no one living in it. The house is falling down but no one dares to come near it, no one dares to tear it down.

  • Underground Stories

    Blaring sirens broke the stillness of the night. Fast-running footsteps are heard through the dark. Oh, what crime is happening now?

    Underground Stories is a collection of gritty tales of crime that will make you stay wide awake at night. Fill your time with hair-raising tales about crime drama, political suspense, edgy literature, and even poems that are sure to keep you engaged. But always beware: some of these stories are not for the weak of heart.

    With the turn of every page, ready yourself to be kept at the edge of your seat.