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  • the JOURNEY: Pursuing the Path to Your Promise

    The Journey: Pursuing the Path to Your Promise provides you with the tools to discover and embrace your place of promise. Author Dr. Joan Whittaker maneuvers through the dynamics of this challenging process that polishes us for an illustrious future. Each of us have to face certain obstacles and overcome various tests and trials during our journeys in life in order to arrive at the greatness we were predestinated for. Dr. Joan underscores the fact that this journey is never meant to destroy us but to develop us for our destiny. Dr. Joan utilizes experiences from her personal journey and also the Exodus and journey of the Hebrews in order to provide insight into our everyday experiences and stops along the way in our personal journeys.

  • The Knock

    The Crockett family is a soccer family. All three of their sons grew up playing on tournament teams, so naturally when their youngest son, Dusty, scores the winning goal for the state championship game, the Crocketts host a celebration for the teammates and their families. The only downside to the get-together is that their oldest son, Travis, is unable to be there. Travis Crockett is a hero to all of the members of Dusty’s soccer team, especially after he singlehandedly beat all fifteen of them at King of the Mountain last summer. But as a Navy SEAL, he has the respect of most people. His love for family and country is catching, so even though he is currently serving in Afghanistan, the partygoers can’t help but ask the Crocketts how he’s fairing and reminisce about their favorite times with Travis, especially after his wife, Laci, shows up with news from her ultrasound. The Crockett family thought they had planned the perfect day, that is until The Knock. Join new author Marc Hardage in this heartbreaking novel about the impact one man’s life has on those around him.

    “As an enlisted member and a chaplain who has served in this admirable community for thirty-six years, I consider The Knock extraordinary. It is a picture of the countless sacrifices that are continually made by the brave service members who serve in this nation’s military and their families. Less than 1 percent of the population of this nation is willing to serve in that capacity. The Knock reminds the reader that freedom is never free!”

    —Chaplain Ted Wilson, OCFD

    Author Bio

    MARC HARDAGE lives in Norman, Oklahoma, with his wife of thirty-four years, Janet. They have three sons, Seth, Ty, and Colt. Marc is a regional marketing director for 5Star Life Insurance Company and has been in the insurance business for over twentyfive years.

  • The Miracle Before Your Eyes

    “Patrick McAndrew puts his pastor’s heart and the message of his Unity Church together to produce a book that expands life, gives hope and is beautifully readable. That is a major triumph.”

    John Shelby Spong, Author, Jesus for the Non-Religious

    “As reflections on a life lived in the Spirit of God, ‘The Miracle Before Your Eyes,’ is informative, insightful and inspiring. Patrick truly has seen the good in the ups and downs of his life and shares with us the spiritual food he gathered along the way.”

    Sallye Taylor, Soul Food Unity Ministry

    About the author:

    A number of years ago, Patrick found himself at his wits end as the manager of a high successful, but tumultuous restaurant then an event occurred that would change his life forever. Searching for answers to put his life back together he was led to sit in the silence next to lake on a beautiful summer day. The experience that occurred on that day led him down a path of exploration of some of the deepest mysteries of life, which ultimately revealed to him the miracle of life that exists right before us. This book shares what can be called mystical experiences, which Patrick had on his journey of awakening to the miracle before our eyes and his insights about those experiences. His openness and willingness to explore these mystical experiences and to allow the insights to unfold opened his mind and heart to other mystical experiences that ripple through the fabric of our lives. Join him in his adventures.

  • The Relationship Workshop: Healing a Broken Marriage

    This workshop is a powerful exercise designed to help a struggling couple mend a broken relationship. If done with the right heart, it will build a solid foundation in which a couple can begin to rebuild from.

    To often couples find themselves in a destructive relationship because of years of neglect that spirals downhill. In most cases it is not because of physical abuse or adultery or anything else, it is just because they stopped paying attention.

    This workshop is designed to help these couples find solid ground and remind them of what is most important.


    About the author:

    I have been married for over 25 years to my best friend. We have 5 children from a blended family with 11 grandkids as of 2018.

    Over the years I have written 2 books on relationships as well as several publications. I have counseled many couples who were in a broken relationship. I have also served as a life coach and mentor for many young adults.

    My passion is in helping people to discover and finding the best of who they are. In doing so, they can then in turn be the best to those they love.

  • Think Back to Move Forward

    My desire to see us put kindness and compassion back in the atmosphere in view of the fact that we all have to be here; strive for a better future and to positively touch the lives of those around us. To utilize our talents for God’s glory and to honestly, spiritually and compassionately embrace the fullness of life.

    We can help brighten each other’s way through encouragement and commitment because a sad heart travels a dim path. Each person matters in this complex puzzle called life, as we recognize that a single drop of rain may seem insignificant but collectively can create a pond. Let us work together to lighten each other’s burdens as no one exist solely; how pleasing it is to know that someone cares. Romans 14:19 “Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification.”

    About the author:

    Maureen Foster is a native of Jamaica and presently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. She received her professional education in Business Management with a minor in Human Services; she loves to share her daily quotes, talk and write. This is Maureen’s first book and she gives God thanks and praise for the opportunity to see her dream come to fruition.

  • Unseen Forces

    This is a book that discusses the activities of the paranormal creatures that invades our daily lives. You and your children need to understand the paranormal world. The laws that govern these paranormal creatures are in this book. How do they enter our lives? What can we do about it? How can we get rid of them? You can defend yourself against the paranormal entities, which creates FEAR, horror, and doubt by reading this book. Educate yourself against the paranormal activities your children have at night that causes FEAR. READ THIS BOOK!

    Author Bio

    In 1976, I went into the Ministry of the Gospel, and later spent two years studying Religion at the Southern Baptist Seminary and Texarkana Community College. Later moving my faith to the Full Gospel where my interest began in the paranormal because of the many request for exorcisms and counseling mostly on paranormal events of both property and personal. Personal studies, research, and counseling brought on a fear for children, whose parents failed to realize the Spirit World through ignorance. Many of my personal studies and counseling brought on a connection between spirits and aliens.

  • Welcome to the Family of God: New Convert Workbook

    Welcome to The Family of God: New Converts Workbook encompasses the fundamentals of righteous Christian living. Just as the process of changing your citizenship status can seem overwhelming in the natural, it might seem so in the spiritual. With the help of the Holy Spirit you can enjoy kingdom living with ease. This practical and divinely inspired workbook provides new converts with the tools, rules, and practice to make heaven a reality in their lives. This brilliant workbook includes step by step instructions for life in the kingdom and subject reviews to build confidence.

    To contact the author or for more Christian resources contact us by sending a mail to [email protected] or check our website: www.SolaBabalola.com

    Author Bio

    Rev. Sola Babalola is Founder of KPC International and the Senior Pastor of Kingdom Pathway Church located in Chicago, Illinois. He is the President of the Kingdom Pathway Networks, an outreach ministry with a divine mandate of “Raising men & women of stature, who will have a vision for life; develop a mission to accomplish the vision; and be driven with passion to follow through.” Sola holds an MBA. He is married to Rev. Adesola and they are blessed with four beautiful daughters.

  • You Are a DIAMOND: Seeing Your Life Like a Diamond: Volume I Scratching the Surface

    Could Diamonds be more than just engagement rings, wedding bands or birthday gifts? Could there be more to Diamonds than just a symbol of financial and social status? Could a Diamond be a message, an instrument of the Divine? What if there is a correlation between the reflection of light inside the Diamond and our thought process? Could a Diamond be more than just a girl’s best friend? An introduction to the journey of a diamond from the depths of the earth all the way to your finger, paralleled to the depth of your Soul all the way into the palm of your hands.

    Learn what the Diamond can teach us about ourselves, our mind, our Soul, our hearts and our bodies. A fun and educational conversation packed with real life experiences and profound spiritual meaning explained in simple terms with realistic and applicable suggestions. Learn how a Diamond can help you understand yourself and improve your life right now! Learn how a simple meditation can help quiet down the chatter of your mind and start hearing the whispers of your Soul. Start scratching the surface of this mysterious crystal called Diamond and become the master creator, the captain of your ship, and stop being a victim of the winds of circumstances.