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  • No Need for a Cleanup Woman in My House

    A cleanup woman is a woman that is willing to do all things the main woman refuses to do without stipulations.


    Author Bio:

    Shirley Jordan, a mother of four was born and raised in Houston Texas. She is a grandmother of four Grandsons and one Granddaughter. This inspired her to write. She is a true entrepreneur. For ten years, she was the owner, founder and operator of Playhouse cuts, a hair salon that catered to children of all ages.

  • Not Sick Enough To Die

    The book you hold in your hands tells the remarkable story of one woman’s journey from a diagnosis of irreversible brain damage-that would leave her with an 8th grade IQ-to her stunning and unexpected recovery from both physical and mental deterioration.

    In spite of the opinions of experts who claimed she would never return from such a prognosis, she did rebound, accompanied by a radical life change which led her to become a holistic health practitioner-a board-certified Naturopath and Nutritionist, with the added bonus of finding her life’s calling by improving the health and the quality of others’ lives.
    Her story is an inspiring account that carries a message of hope for all who seek to achieve wellness and healing in their own physical, mental, and spiritual lives. Sherin Lee’s story will provide you with inspiration and hope as you follow her on your own health journey.

    Lee is a firm believer that we shall lay witness to many cures that the medical sciences of today…claim impossible. This book encourages everyone’s belief that in life, in YOUR life, “all things are possible to he who believes” and it all begins with hope.

    And anything can happen when one has hope.

    If you have been keeping company with your enemy called FEAR—command it to leave!

    Author Bio:

    Sherin Lee ND CNC has been engaged in such diverse occupations as modeling, interior design, television, and restaurant management, along with a successful insurance career. Physical and mental damage from a life-threatening automobile accident led her to a climactic shift in her life’s view.

  • Seek Help Or Die Trying: Surviving Drug Abuse

    The book is a riveting account of real life stories of how drug abuse affects one family. As you read mom’s story and her children’s stories, you will feel like you are on a roller coaster ride of conflicts and consequences.

    The family becomes dysfunctional and family structure breaks down. All three children suffer their own consequences for the choices they made. Mom struggles to find sanity in her home as each child violates rules. The challenges to keep her home drug free continues with relapses, financial losses, homelessness, overdoses, and time in jail.

    About the Author:
    Esther Morgan wrote this true story with pen names to protect the character’s identities. Drug abuse is a topical subject in our world today. It continues to rob many lives of success. The author wrote this story to reach out to all the parents, relatives, and friends who have been experiencing the effects of drug abuse and alcoholism. This book is for anyone who needs help. You are not alone.

    Esther has enjoyed writing since age 14 when she won a radio contest to complete the story. Since then she has written many successful stories.

  • Self-Care for Caregivers: A Guide for Those Caring for Loved Ones with Neurological Conditions

    Every year in this country millions of individuals with neurological disorders require long term care. Many are cared for by loved ones. However, providing this care can cause emotional, physical, and financial stains on the caregivers. This book will provide many tools and resources to help the caregiver not only take better care of themselves, but also take better care of those who rely on them. There will be information about various types of neurological disorders (i.e., Alzheimer’s, other types of dementias, traumatic brain injury, Parkinson’s) and tips for reducing stress of caregivers among other tools.

    About the author

    Stacy Lee Quint, Psy.D., has a doctorate in clinical psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology in Fresno, California (now known as Aliant University). She has been practicing in the field of psychology for about 20 years. She has previously worked in the field of developmental disorders helping individuals and families deal with disorders including Autism. However, in recent years she has been working for the Department of Veteran’s Affairs working with Veterans. She has developed professional workshops on developmental disorders and presented various trainings on various topics of psychology during her professional career. This is her first published book but hopes she can write more in the future. She lives in Indiana and enjoys various hobbies including cooking, sewing, reading, gardening, singing, etc.

  • Shift into Brilliance

    Why should you read Shift Into Brilliance?

           The short answer is because you really are brilliant. We all come into this world with specific talents that make us exceptional in some way. If you’re not reaping the lifelong benefits of fully embracing your natural brilliance, this book will remind you how to do it right now, right here. Today. No matter who you are, how old or young you are, where you are, what you do or don’t do for a living, what you do or don’t dream of becoming, your brilliance is within you now awaiting your recognition. is book shows what you need to do to reclaim it. Ultimately you will see how your brilliance is the source of your true self, and your deepest, happiest and most ideal fulfillment. Reading this book, you can expect to feel newly motivated to ignite all of what truly inspires, drives and fulfills you.

  • Something on the Inside: Starter Journal #1

    This journal is filled with photos of “God’s Canvas;” the sky. You may begin this journal at either end of the book. Each end includes an entry made by me to help start you off. You can begin with your own entry of a story, event, note or whatever is on your mind. I like to tell folks to put it in the atmosphere. My motto is “Write it, Read it, Remember it.”

    My ultimate goal is to raise funds from the royalties from the sale of 8,335 books in order to remodel my home to make it more wheelchair assessable. I sincerely thank you in advance for your purchase and support of this endeavor. May the sweet spirit of God bless and rest upon you always!

    About the Author:

    Born Angela L. Washington to Barbara J. Mack and Raymond C. Washington of Washington DC. A Student of Draper and Simon Elementary School, a graduate of Hart Jr. High, Ballou Sr. High School and Washington Technical School of Washington DC. I lived in Condon Terrace, one of the roughest neighborhoods in Southeast DC. In 1985 I was injured on my job which resulted in my right leg being amputated above the knee after a medical procedure was not administered properly. I spent 30 years in DC until I moved in 1993 to Fort Washington, MD because I was unable to find affordable accessible housing in the District of Columbia. I am married with three children and the CEO of Alegna Enterprises.

  • Something to Chew On

    Something to Chew On – For Children is an interactive children’s book that encourages kids to connect spiritually with nature, and the creatures of our planet in an experiential way. As the creative, divine soul that you are, may this book become a trail map for a life that inspires you to write your own unique story. This book invites children and their caretakers to unplug from the gadgets, play outside, and explore this classroom known as mothership Earth.


    About the author:

    The author is primarily a father and a husband. He lives with his soul mate, their child, and cat. Ari is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Public Schools and Reiki Master. He likes to help people develop good social skills, and strategies (like mindfulness/meditation/visualizations and remembering to breathe) to connect with others effectively in home, school, and community. His writing reflects his commitment to a spiritually-oriented, poetic lifestyle, while inspiring us to awaken to the vibration of inner peace, and become the change we want to see in the world.

  • Something to Chew On : Reborn

    When we bow to the wisdom of the natural world, we bring a deeper knowledge of harmony and balance into our souls and waking lives. In this way, we get to know our souls on a deeper level. In Something to Chew On, author Ari Bouse offers a guide to help you develop a deeper spiritual connection to nature through guided monthly meditations.

    Designed to open your mind and heart to the power of animal friends that reveal themselves through meaningful encounters, Bouse helps you breathe fresh air into your soul so you may then exhale the dead air of old ways that no longer serve you. Each monthly meditation is inspired by the consciousness of an animal-spirit guide to function as spiritual power for living in a new age and paradigm. Something to Chew On serves as a walking meditation that will help you align with nature as it unfolds during the spirit of the season to enable you to rekindle a sense of magic, mystery, and adventure in your life.

  • The Fruitful Prayer Life

    Prayer is fundamental to the life of faith. At the heart of prayer is intimate fellowship with God. Yet many seem to view prayer as just another religious activity to engage in, not really knowing whether God will answer or not.

    In this book, Pastor McClinton E. Porter provides many thought-provoking insights and practices that will create a desire in you to develop a lifestyle of consistent communion and fellowship with God. The contents are presented in a conversational tone and practical manner that makes prayer “doable” and perceives God as approachable, not austere and condemning.

    Some of the topics addressed in this volume are:

    • Prayer and Faith
    • The Covenant Names of God in Prayer
    • Prayer and Worship
    • Prayer in the Spirit

    Use this book for yourself and then with a small group, encouraging others to find this place of prayer. One of the disciples who observed Jesus’ prayer life asked Him, “Lord, teach us to pray…” With God’s help, Rev. Porter is doing just that and you can continue to do likewise for others. The anticipated result is a “Fruitful Prayer Life.”

    About the author:

    McClinton Elliott Porter was ordained into the gospel ministry in August 1998. Subsequent, to his ordination, he served as an associate pastor at Maranatha Church in Chicago, Illinois until 2015. Shortly thereafter, McClinton launched and became senior pastor of Revival Outreach Ministries International.

    Since receiving Christ in February of 1992, McClinton has had a heart for the lost and disenfranchised. Throughout the years he has consistently engaged in ministry to the homeless and incarcerated, having regularly ministered the gospel to inmates at the Cook County Jail in Chicago from 1994 through 2013. Additionally, McClinton served as Assistant Executive Director of a community-based nonprofit organization that provided housing, educational, life skills, mental health, and recreational services to Chicago’s at-risk inner-city youth.

    McClinton holds a Diploma in Theological Studies from Oral Roberts University Midwest School of Theology and Ministry in Tinley Park, IL, a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois, and a Master of Science degree in Nonprofit Management from Spertus Institute, also in Chicago, Illinois.

    In addition to his role as senior pastor, McClinton is focused on providing practical, instructional material to the Body of Christ to help facilitate spiritual growth and development. His first publication is entitled “Manifestation of the Sons of God.” McClinton has ministered at various churches throughout the Chicago area and provides management consultation for nonprofit organizations and ministries, primarily focusing on governance, capacity building, resource development and leadership development.

    McClinton resides in Chicago with his wife Tammie and their children.

  • The Heavenly Worship Room

    Raelynn, in her quest to deepen her worship experience, stumbled upon the significance of the Tabernacle of David and how it would manifest in the earth today through worship. As the revelation unfolded, she saw a pattern emerge and how the Glory of the Latter House would usher in the King of Kings in His Return! Within these pages she will take you through the three tabernacles as well as the Feasts and reveal the Lord Jesus Christ through them. She will show you in vivid detail the prototype and its significance today in the Church and to the Jewish nation. You will discover the Glory in the Last Hour Church that will surpass even the Glory recorded in Solomon’s Temple!

    Author Bio

    REV. DR. RAELYNN S. PARKIN is an ordained minister and worship leader as well as an author, teacher, speaker, and recording artist and prophetic psalmist. She received her doctorate of divinity in 2016 from CICA University. As a teacher, she loves to demonstrate and impart her heart for worship to the Body of Christ, specifically to ministers and worship leaders, and to raise up the next generation of worshippers in the Glory Realm. She and her husband Paul co-founded Bride Song Ministries, a worship and teaching ministry and has led worship and spoken at conferences and events in Houston, Texas.