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  • Evergreen: We Are Not The Masks We Wear, We Are The Light That Shines Through

    We often allow the external world to define us and tell us who we are, but in truth this is not us. At our core we are something much more than the masks we put on with family, friends, and at work. There is a light within us emanating from our heart, and when we remember it we begin living our truth. Through a traumatic injury Trey began looking at himself only to realize he had no idea who he was. Evergreen brings to life Trey’s vision of waking up to our true nature within. We are already enough.

    About the Author:

    TREY JACKSON is the founder of Free-Minds blog & podcast. He is also the author of this book, part one of a three book series. Trey graduated from the University of Tennessee with a BA in History & Supply Chain Management. He grew up in Nashville, TN, with a short stint in Knoxville, TN. He now resides in Atlanta, GA. He also spent a short time working as a stand-up comedian between college and his first corporate job. He now serves as a medium, and authors books to promote growth in himself and others on their journeys of self-discovery.

  • Everyone is Asleep But Me

    The starting point of this little story was a conversation with my daughter, Lily. Her son was no longer sleeping in a crib and was getting used to a junior bed. He went through a period of waking up very early, around 5:30 in the morning and coming to his parents’ bedroom.
    Needless to say, she was tired and annoyed with the whole situation.

    In one of our phone conversations, I thought a story approach might help. Most of the story is exactly the story I told her spontaneously over the phone. I wrote it down and sent it to her. Once I shared the story with friends, the pictures were inevitable.

    Everyone Is Asleep but Me is dedicated to my grandchildren—Erez, Maya, Ethan and Milan—who inspired the story. These days, they’re all great sleepers!

    About the author:

    Diana’s life has always been connected to children, as a mom, Educational Director of synagogue schools and as a grandmother (Savti). During her educator years she wrote a Hebrew reading curriculum, Read Hebrew Now, together with her daughter Lily Safrani, which is used in synagogue schools, by home school families and anyone who wants to learn to read and write Hebrew. She is very happy that the collaboration with Lily continues with this
    little bear in their first children’s story book.

  • Exit Stage Left: From Suicidal to Imaginative Thinking Moving Forward With a Healthy Mind

    The author takes you from the marvelous memories of her early childhood to the realities that she faced during the years that followed. From the ages of eleven to sixty-two, for fifty-one years, she fought waves of suicidal thinking to come out on top. While six months pregnant with her first child, she was hospitalized for a pain that kept her awake for seven consecutive days and nights. A diagnosis of bipolar disorder (mania) followed. Finally, after forty-two years, she triumphantly overcame her psychosis. She tells you her inside story and the tools she discovered to conquer all her challenges. Her life of joy and purpose is what she wants to share with you today.

  • Fight or Flight: The Ultimate Book for Understanding and Managing Stress

    Fight or Flight is a two part book. Part one explains how stress is an integral part of our lives. It can be motivational or debilitating. Therefore it is not avoiding stress, but rather managing stress that is critical. The book discusses the four conditions that cause stress, mindset, habitual thought patterns, and how the brain functions during stress. Part two is aimed at helping us manage stress. Stress can affect us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Hence, rather than relying on general stress reduction techniques, it is better to employ specific physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual techniques for managing stress.

    About the author:

    Gary R. Plaford, M.S.W., L.C.S.W., served as director of Social Services for the Monroe County Community School Corporation for over twenty years, taught at Indiana University for over a decade, has lectured at multiple conferences, and is the author of three previous books Bullying and the Brain, Sleep and Learning, and the suspense novel, Ultimate Exposure.

  • Focused-Driven Lifestyle: 7 Strategies for Effective Permanent Solutions To Overcome Procrastination & Distractions

    One of the greatest challenges of the modern world is being able to focus. Research shows that the average attention span is less than 7 seconds. It’s undoubtedly a world full of distractions, which often prevent you from starting a productive day, staying healthy and enjoying the people and things that matter the most. Focused-Driven Lifestyle: 7 Strategies for Effective Permanent Solutions to Overcome Procrastination and Distractions is a book designed to help you remove those debilitating distractions, annihilate your procrastination and set fulfilling priorities; so you can enjoy a focused-driven lifestyle.

  • God’s Grace Is Sufficient: A Life After Homicide

    ANNIE HESS recounts the tragic events after the murder of her oldest son, Christopher in March 2007. During that time in her life, she learned to depend more on God for direction and guidance for her life. Seven years after the murder, she is still telling her story.

    Annie Hess was born on March 21, 1960 in Ashland, MS. She is the middle child of seven siblings. She grew up in Ashland, Mississippi with her siblings, grandmother, cousins, and her favorite aunt Corine until she moved to Memphis, TN in 1969 where she reconnected with her mother.

    Annie Hess is a Senior Claims Representative with Tennessee Farmers Mutual Insurance Company in Bartlett, TN where she has been employed for the last eighteen years. She has been married to her husband Carl, the love of her life for seventeen years. They grew up around one another as teenagers but did not connect until the early nineties.

    She enjoys spending time with her family especially her grandson Christopher, who is now two years old. She enjoys reading, relaxing, and socializing with her family and friends.


    She now lives in Cordova, TN with her loving family and attends Christ Fellowship Church.

    She wants this story told not only for her healing but for all families who have struggled through similar experience.

    Annie Hess has been writing her story in journal format since her son Christopher was murdered in hopes that her story will not only help her family heal and forgive but will help others do the same. This is her platform for getting her story told.

  • Hatred Addiction Recovery: Prescriptions for Wellness

    Hatred Addiction Recovery defines, explores, illustrates and analyzes the nature and the human destructiveness of hatred as an acquired contagious addictive illness that poses a lethal threat to human life and society, itself. This book informs and illustrates the insidious pervasiveness of the toxic, deadly influence and effects of hatred as a spiritual illness; impacting individual health and security and the total wellbeing of society. It also has good news that emphasizes possibilities for prevention, control, treatment, recovery and the elimination of hatred. Hatred Addiction Recovery provides hope through education, methods and means to overcome an omnibus global threat to human life, known as hatred. Hatred is a total loser. It hates not only the hated, it hates self as the hater.

    About the author:

    Author W. J. Webb is a Certified Clinical Supervisor with the Georgia Addiction Counselors’ Association. He has worked professionally as a Mental Health, Criminal Justice, Addiction Clinician and Theological Educator for over 40 years. He has received an award from the Governor of the State of Georgia for his contributions in mental health and substance abuse services. He is a pastor and instructor of public theology. Webb is the CEO of the Christian Association of Public Theologians in Atlanta, GA. He is a graduate of Morehouse College, Clark Atlanta University, Georgia State University and the Morehouse School of Religion at ITC in Atlanta, GA. His ministerial efforts are focused on ameliorating the serious escalating culture crisis humanity faces. He believes that public theology (in addition to private religion) used through the disciplines of God’s gifts of science, art, law and true religion, has the potential to solve human problems. Public theology embraces the whole Gospel for the whole person for the whole world.

  • DeeDee Rayburn - how to treat a lady

    How to Treat a Lady : Dating Advice for Young Men from Older Women

    “This fun, useful and affordable collection of articles on how men should treat women is really appropriate for any age man. It’s the perfect gift for your boyfriend, husband, son or lover, and ideal for a bridal shower or bachelor party.


    Attention Ladies 15-60 and beyond: This fun, useful and affordable collection of articles on how men should treat women is really appropriate for any age man. This is the perfect gift for your boyfriend, husband, son or lover. No matter how well he treats you, he’s sure to get some great new ideas you’d love him to have. Some of the authors, all women 30 or over, have dated for decades and “seen it all.” You want your boyfriend or husband to read this book! This is the ideal gift for a bridal shower or bachelor party.”


    About the author:

    DeeDee Rayburn has herself been dating for nearly fifty years, if you include her two marriages! It was her recent escorts who convinced her there’s a real need for this book. As DeeDee explains it, “Old men need this book as much as the young ones — and THEY ought to know better!”

  • Leadership – By The Book

    Here is a book that has something to say to all of us. The abundant quotations in this book go off like fireworks. Any number of them could change your life whether you serve in ministry, business, education or parenting.

    One pastor of a large church said that he carried a copy of the author’s original booklet, “Mistakes Leaders Make,” in both his briefcases so that no matter where he was he could reference the material.

    The popular format of that booklet is retained in this greatly expanded edition. The two major parts, “What Leadership Is …” and “What Leadership Does Not …” are made up of stand-alone “do’s” and “don’ts.” Read as much or as little as you have time for. Then, pick up where you left off. The author’s 23 watercolor and pen and ink sketches of leaders from various professions add life, vibrancy and personality to this work.

    Missionary Mark Sigstad wrote to say that a Nigerian pastor who had left his church got back into the ministry as a church planter largely because of the original booklet. We can only pray that this volume is of similar benefit.

    General George Patton who was one of Dwight Eisenhower’s instructors at Fort Leavenworth in 1926 predicted that he would one day work for Eisenhower! This book tells you why that prediction came to pass.

    The Governor who had time for blind children later won the American Presidency by more Electoral College votes than any other man in history. This book tells the story.

    Warren W. Wiersbe, prolific author, broadcaster and pastor said, “This is an excellent book … I am reading it, learning from it and enjoying it. It is a refreshing change from much of what’s out there on leadership today.”

    Author Bio:

    David M. Atkinson was born north of Toronto, Canada, in 1947 and has been appearing on public platforms since he was 15. He has taught and preached in the U.S., Canada, Ireland, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil and Haiti. In his early years of ministry, he planted three churches whose assets today total several million dollars. He became the Pastor of the Dyer Baptist Church in Dyer, Indiana, in 1990. The church opened Plum Creek Christian Academy in 2006 and is reaching children and youths of all races in the south Chicago hub and Northwest Indiana.

    Pastor Wayne Shirton of Medicine Hat, Alberta, studied theology under him in 1970 and says, “This author is the most creative thinker I have ever met.” He is a poet and artist and has written numerous songs on current events. His songs on the 9/11 terrorist attack in New York City and the shooting of the bell ringer in Bethlehem, Israel, received strong and enthusiastic responses from DJs and music reviewers around the world.

    He and his wife, Jane, have two grown children, April and Lee, who both serve in ministry.

  • Making Love Your Priority

    Learn what love is
    how to love yourself, your authenticity
    And how to make love your daily priority
    your life of perfect health, great peace, abundance of love
    And the unity of all the above

    Author Bio

    Through these High Vibe poetically flowing pages, You will learn to see & treat yourself with a new self awareness, a new level of respect through greater understanding of self. Of what Love is & means for you, how to live from this new abundant place of “Being” whole & connected with limitless You! Experience the Loving supportive healing energies that flow to you the reader, through these soulful words of wisdom, constantly guiding you towards your unique gifts, talents, your true nature, your authentic self. By intentionally, Making Love Your daily Priority, you will experience greater peace, health, wealth & true happiness.

    To truly know yourself is your greatest gift. Self Love & care is the way! So without delay, open the book, open your heart & let the loving start.