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  • What Christians Missed in Sunday School and the Others Missed by Not Going: Christian vs. New Thought

    It is very common in Christian evangelical circles to hear criticism of New Thought new age ideas as both wrong and demonic even. In New Thought circles, it is also common to think and hear that the Bible is a myth book and Jesus was only a great teacher or ascended master etc. Both groups would be helped if they listened to each other and see what is true and not true without judging having never listened to each other. The author has taken three years of his time to listen to New Thought teaching having been trained in Evangelical schools and attended those types of churches all his life. He is best able to put the two together in a helpful way to understand both.

    We are making new discoveries in Mind, body, spirit connection. The best understanding, we have is from those who in the past were geniuses and pioneers in this area of energy, vibration and frequency. He brings in both Swedenborg the genius mystic and Tesla who was the greatest mind of the last century so said Einstein.

    Having six months to live in 2002 nearly dying from Cancer and 15 years later being told he is in the top 3% of health for men his age, this quest took on a personal journey which is told in story form in exciting detail. How we process our journey of life is more important than anything else about living. People who live each day in anger, fear and stress need to read this book.


    About the Author:

    Timothy Sauder is Canadian and has travelled extensively in North America including Alaska and Hawaii. He has been in Asia visiting China, Cambodia every year, Laos, Indonesia and Thailand. He is in the top 2% on trip adviser as a world class traveler. He drove through Central America lived in Panama and Korea. Presently he lives in Phoenix Arizona with his wife Susan. His background studies are in Theology, Biblical literature where he holds a BA degree and has post graduate degrees in Education and in the History of Christian Doctrine. He is a scholar in Ancient history focusing on the pre-flood civilization evidences which appear around the world.

    Having gone to a Science Mind Church in Phoenix for three years he has a good grasp of the thinking of New Thought people and their message. Having been in many evangelical groups and churches including Campus Crusade for Christ, Youth With a Mission and Maranatha Ministries he knows the thinking of most Christians and their theology. It is with this in mind that this book was written, putting the strengths and weaknesses of Christian and New Thought or positive thinking groups together. This book is also written to the one million who are leaving the church each year in order to take a second look at what they believe.

    He and his wife are members of First Chinese Baptist church in Phoenix Arizona which is part of the Southern Baptist convention.

  • WHO IS IN HEAVEN? : Does God Tell Us?

    Everybody is going somewhere; Heaven where God is or Hell where God isn't. When do they go? Does God's Word tell us that? Have you ever come across several Scriptures while reading the Bible that simply do not concur with what you hear from the Pulpit? I have numerous times. It has sent me on a quest to find out what God believes and what His Holy and Precious Word actually supports. This book challenges stereotyped beliefs that are floating around in the Christian Circle about Who Is In Heaven and when do they go. This book has seventy-eight Scripture addresses quoted and included within the covers, to bringing irrefutable, undeniable evidence to the table to clearly answer the question directly from God's Word: “Who Is In Heaven?”.

  • Whom Shall I Fear

    This book of poetry is a dynamic read. Not only will it inspire you to strive to live a better life but also your senses will become engaged knowing just what the chosen people of the bible suffered. Your life will be blessed and empowered upon reading this short book.

    About the author:

    Casey L. Connor Sr., grew up in the small town of Davidson North Carolina in the suburbs. After graduating high school he enlisted in the military. After its completion he returned to his home town to raise a family. He has always been inspired by the biblical writings of the old and new testaments. He gives all the glory to God, his parents and his children.

  • Why God Lets People Suffer

    Biblical Studies/Christian Living

    For anyone who has ever asked the question “Why does God let me suffer?” here’s a book with answers from someone who has been there and learned faith and trust in the God of love.

    Find out how God teaches us about Himself through suffering; how suffering can make us more like Jesus; and how God can use our suffering to speak to others who have spiritual, physical, and emotional needs.

    In this compelling work on a subject that touches us all, Nancy C. Gaughan shares her discovery in the Scriptures of God’s reasons for allowing suffering in the lives of His people. Nancy shares her own experiences as well as those of friends and people of the Bible to show us how, even in suffering’s worst moments, God’s love and joy will flood our souls.

    She writes with compassion, insight, and conviction and shows that even in the midst of suffering we can know and experience the profound peace and love of God.

  • Words That Make the Heart Sing


    Pastor Sandra is the Founder, President/CEO, and owner of Olive Branch Discipleship Ministries International; founded 2009. www.olivebranchdiscipleshipministries.com

    She has counseled under several local ministries and in her church for many years; has functioned as a Women’s Ministry Director; as team support for Women’s Ministries and as team support for a local Women’s Prison Ministry. She has been Director for a local ministry, has worked at an area

    Women and Children’s Shelter as Case Manager and Counselor, Pastor and Teacher. Pastor Sandra has also owned her own counseling business. She has been called as a Prophet and Teacher, and has ministered in this field faithfully for over 30+ years. She ministers in corporate prophesy, personal prophesy, and prophesy for the nations, as well as the Gifts pertinent to the Office of Prophet.

    The Word of God holds a very dear place in her heart and she has found it to an invaluable tool to help set captives free in her counseling ministry. She believes the power of the Word of God holds no limits in bringing freedom and life to many – as many as would come to the Savior. These “Words That Make the Heart Sing” are words the Lord has given to her as her devotionals and have proven themselves over and over again in her life. She believes they will for you too.

    She is:

    • Non-denominational Licensed Minister
    • Member of American Association of Christian Counselors
    • Member of the International Board of Christian Professional and Pastoral Counselors.
    • Certified in Inner Healing/Healing Ministry
    • Certified in Marriage Mentoring
    • Master’s Degree in Christian Counseling
    • Life Coach
    • Prophetic Counselor and Teacher.