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  • The Jewish Track 2nd Edition: Secret of Jerusalem


    Everyone hates the Jews, as foretold through Moses. The Holy Land will never see peace again? God is in control although the world knows it not. Man cannot clean up his mess. Politicians are at a loss.

    Who can bring peace when God ordains otherwise?

    The Jewish Track addresses the children of Judah as seen in Bible prophecy. In a no-nonsense fashion, author Eric Reinerth sheds light on what the Inspired Word teaches.

    • What prophecy ideas are supported?
    • How do I cut through all the controversy?
    • Have the Jews been replaced?
    • What are Christians watching for?
  • The Kingdom of Jesus Christ: The Prophecy


    THE KINGDOM OF JESUS CHRIST – The Prophecy takes one’s understanding to the advanced level. This is the sixth of a seven-book series. It’s written that the world will get worse, the spirit of rebellion abounds. See what the Lord has shown us? See what the Bible foretells.

    What are the most important things the prophets said?

    • Can you understand at a deeper level?
    • How is God following a plan?
    • How do I cut through all the crap?
    • What are Christians watching for?

    A no non-sense, practical explanation of the message God delivered through the prophets! Go beyond the Christian track.

  • The Kingdom of Satan: An Open Secret


    The Kingdom Of Satan – An Open Secret – is the last of seven books. Advanced Bible prophecy ends with Satan’s fate. He may get bolder as the world falls away, but what does the Bible support? I don’t go any farther than the evidence allows.

    What do the agents of hell want to hide?

    • Can you understand the Bible at a deeper level?
    • How does Satan fail?
    • How does Satan succeed?
    • What should be learned from history?

    A no non-sense, practical explanation of the message God delivered through the prophets! Go beyond the Christian track.

  • The Rapture and The Man of the Air

    There is a traditional explanation of the event called “The Rapture” where many people believe that sometime in the future, we will physically go up to meet the Creator while being changed as we go. But this traditional explanation is not biblically correct.

    The Rapture and The Man of the Air will methodically reveal what do “meeting the Lord in the air” and “heavenly places in Christ” means by delving deeper into the scriptures. Moreover, it will give us the reasons for why water baptism was required, why disciples were crucified with Christ and why these spiritual acts were necessary.

    This book will give us another perspective aside from what is taught by common doctrine.

  • The Second Coming: Revelations Comes Alive

    Jesus comes the first time as a lamb. The second time, He will rule and reign. In the final battle of good versus evil, Satan’s powers are defeated. The SuperChurch, the church set up by the devil, will come to an end. Believers in Christ—the true church—will be raptured, and God in Christ Jesus will have an unfolding system with the people of the world, as well as the people of heaven. But then the Lamb of God takes the scroll. He alone is worthy to open it because He shed his precious blood for us. He offers salvation to all those who accept Him. Those who do not are subject to the Tribulation. The opening of the seventh-seal scroll is a turning point. God’s patience has ceased. For while His love is eternal, His patience is limited. The Second Coming: Revelations Comes Alive depicts the end time in language easily relatable to readers today. Sonia McGary has written these words so that all who read them will have the opportunity to be open to the Lord and His message.

    About the Author:

    The book was written in (1997) by Sonia McGary, a former Travel Consultant Leader and former AT&T representative from Texas. She has been happily married to her Christian lord Dennis Carl for twenty-four years. She is the mother of three, one son Matthew, one adopted daughter Ilany from Israel, one stepdaughter Carlethia and one nephew Joshua. At age 57, Mrs. McGary received her (LLB) degree in (2016) to further her teaching methods. She is currently a housewife, who enjoys counseling teens and young adults preparing them for leadership predestined by Him in Jesus. The author of this short story picture bible is intriguingly inspired to continue to grow in His Leadership and sharing the Gospel to the world. Her favorite scripture is “The just shall live by faith.” (Hab. 2:1-4) She wrote this enthralling book in (1997) published in (2008) by Vantage Press Inc. New York, NY. Republished by Litfire Publishing Co. LLC (2017).

  • The Spirit of Greed

    Just when you thought you understood everything you need to know about the subject of Greed, this author, Kenneth G. Bordeaux expounds on this phenomena in his newly released book “The Spirit of Greed.” Greed comes in many faces and its aftermath can be very destructive in and around our lives if we are not aware of it. The problem with Greed is that many have been taught to only look for it when it comes to money. Kenneth elucidates on Greed as a spirit, its origin, how it creeps in our lives, relationships, marriage, parenting, business, neighbors, music, government and politics. Kenneth’s book could not have been better timed for the world in which we live in today.

    Author Bio

    Kenneth G. Bordeaux is an inspiring author and speaker who has touch many lives across the nation and overseas. His books have reached men and women from the lowest stature to those who have served in the highest office, including former President Barrack Obama and Retired General Colin Powell. Kenneth served nearly 7 years in United States Air Force that included two special duty assignments working in Pennsylvania for a subsidiary unit to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and in the District of Washington, DC as a Supervisor for the United States Air Force Presidential Honor Guard. He effectively uses God’s Word to teach others the principles of the Kingdom.

  • The Spirit vs. The Flesh

    GOD is more than ready and willing to take action on anyone’s behalf who will believe him and trust him. His spirit lives inside of you and he desire’s for you to trust him more than you do yourself so that you may live a happy, joyous, free, secure, confident, peaceful, purposeful, and a powerful life. You are equipped to know, understand, and experience these truths because… ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO HIM WHO BELIEVES. – Mark 9:23

    Author Bio

    Terry Williams once believed he couldn’t live happy, joyous, and free every day of his life. As his relationship with his Heavenly Father has grown he now knows he can. He is committed to speaking and writing books so that others can learn to live every day in what Terry calls divine carelessness. Just as any loving parent would desire that their children live free from worry, doubt, fear, anxiety, and etc. If they will trust the Lord more than they do themselves (Proverbs 3), they too can live happy, joyous, free, peaceful, purposeful, and oh so powerful everyday lives.

  • The Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy

    Your heart will rejoice as you learn the ways the Holy Spirit draws us to Jesus. Jesus was the fulfillment of many Biblical prophecies, but prophecy is more than historical proof of a Messiah. It is a daily revealing of Jesus to us by the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit’s function to glorify God and reveal Jesus to us. Jesus said that when the promised Comforter, the Holy Spirit, would come to the Church, He would testify of Jesus. When we come to truth, it is the Holy Spirit who guides us in our search. We can trust God’s Holy Spirit. After we have come to truth, we are to abide in Christ Jesus. Abiding prepares us to be used by the Holy Spirit to testify of our Savior. To have an effective testimony of Jesus, we must let the Holy Spirit school and lead us, so that through our love and obedience, Christ Jesus will be formed in us. The Holy Spirit opens Scripture to us to show us things that are and things that are to come. He is the only One who can do this. When the testimony of Jesus Christ truly lives in us, then we are prepared to preach Him to the whole world with signs following. This book, The Testimony of Jesus Is the Spirit of Prophecy, opens Scripture and reveals Jesus to us in a new way.

    Author Bio

    Nannette Dalton, lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. She is a graduate of Miracle Valley Bible College in Bisbee, Arizona. In 2004, she traveled to Zimbabwe, Africa, where she taught in a conference on prayer. ere she had the privilege of seeing the Lord manifest Himself to His people wanting to know Him more intimately and be lead by His Holy Spirit.

    Catalog description

    The Holy Spirit is the only one who can reveal Jesus to us. This book opens the Scripture to us, and shows us how Jesus is revealed to us by the Holy Spirit, from Genesis to Revelation.

  • Turning Point


    About the time of the end, a body of men will be raised up who will turn their attention to the prophecies, and insist upon their literal interpretation, in the midst of much clamor and opposition.

    Sir Isaac Newton (the 18th century)

    One of the best kept secrets of our era is, the covenant revelation of hamitic people and God’s original intent for them. As one of the open secrets, Turning Point explores the beginning being black, while destroying the myth of Christ as white. Locked away in that secret spiritual chamber, are some of the most valuable keys to the liberation of black people. One of the keys on that ring, unveils even the deceptive trap orchestrated for and against white people and the world. It further reveals why there is such an insistence on the refusal to change or consider any other possibilities.

    Turning Point demonstrates another key on that chain, is unlocking the process of contaminating the word of God and how stealthily and strategically it is done. Perhaps the most important key on that chain, is the hamitic’s appointment of the prophetic identifying Christ. All of this moves the black struggle from just social liberation, to its fundamental basis of spiritual emancipation and illumination of the gospel. Establishing the indisputable nexus, that the two are inextricably tied together. Turning Point shows why the struggle will never end, as it discloses the real target. The existence of black people is continuously under the threat of diluting, having to identify with every aggrieved class and cause, attenuating their strength and effectiveness, relegating them to a confused intermix of subjugated servitude. Turning Point shows this is the time God has granted for a major turn of events, where the prophetic can take its rightful place.

    About the author:

    Bishop Harold Dawson, Sr. has served as pastor and founder of New Hope International Ministries since 1970. His ministry includes 25 years in TV and radio, he served on the board of One Church One Child for 20 years, networking with churches across the country to facilitate the adoption of African American infants. He’s the founding president of Lifeline Family Services, and he has served on many other community and church boards. Bishop Dawson served on the Board of Trustees of International Third World Leaders Association with Dr. Myles Munroe together with leaders from 73 nations. He and his wife, Valerie reside in Alpharetta, Georgia. He has four adult children and nine grandchildren.

  • Vertical Truths

    Vertical Truths is an inspirational book. It is not meant to be read quickly, but slowly and thoughtfully, listening for what God is saying to you as you read through each page.

    The goal of this book is two-fold: One, is that each generation will tell its children and grandchildren what glorious things God does, meditating about His glory, splendor, majesty and miracles. (Psalm 145:4-5) The second goal is that God will speak to each reader through these Vertical Truths and be encouraged in their relationship with Him.