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  • Psalm 119

    Witness the recurring themes of Psalm 119 in a multi-colored pattern. Experience the drama as expressed by the composer. Hear the whispers and shouts of joy and plea for help. Bring forth new experiences, joy, and hope in reading and learning God’s teachings. Write your own thoughts and meditate on God’s words.

    No other book has been written this way. ­This is your ultimate handbook for life.

  • Raptured: The Second Coming of Christ

    This book is written to test the faith of every Christian.
    This book will answer questions such as:

    1. Will the Lord come again?
    2. Will people be carried away at the rapture?
    3. Will millions of Christians disappear from the face of the earth?
    4. Before the full wrath of God falls upon sinful humanity–will people have to endure the reign of the beast?
    5. Or will hideous torture inflicted upon innocent be a prelude to the glorious eternity in Christ?

    The Great Tribulation will be hell on earth. You will either have to take the mark of the beast or give up your life.
    Decide for yourself, with God's help, whether the days of rapture are fact or a fairy tale.

  • Revelations: Told From a Buddhist and a Christian Perspective

    The conflict in the Middle East, the similarities between Greece’s debt and Germany’s debt – which created the environment for World War II – social ills of society, and the environmental damage occurring around the world are what prompted Edmund Anthony Talmont to write this book. In Revelations, Edmund clearly demonstrates how religion instigated some of these events.

    How can the Middle East conflict be resolved?

    What is the relationship between

    Buddhism and Christianity?

    Which religion should one practice today?

  • Sweet Mystery of Man and Climate Change

    This book is about the past, present, and the future events in the total history of mankind, told in mysterious ways. Many are not well understood by the majority of people. But they do gives us the answers to questions like: Why are we here? Why are things in our world so opposed to our well-being and happiness? Why do we have wars? What happens next? Can we save the planet? The answers, written over many centuries with divine precision, are for us to know!

    We are certain that only God can show us because ancients described things in a way that cause us to search for the answers. We know these mysteries are revealed by our recent scientific discoveries – which the ancients could not possibly have understood themselves, even as they wrote about them – such as the invention of computers.

  • The Bible the Word of God : The Path to Growth and Knowledge

    Rev. Dr. Raul F. Garza is the founding pastor of Cathedral of Faith of San Antonio. He received his PHD in Christian Counseling from Vision Christian University of Pomona, California. He is a member of the Board of Trustees and the Board of Foreign Missions of the Unified Pentecostal Local Church International Inc. He is an adjunct professor and a member of the Board of Logos Christian University. He is an international conference speaker visiting over 37 countries throughout the globe. Dr. Garza has a heart for missions and West Africa in particular. He and his wife Cecilia are parent of one son, Henry Jeremiah. His wife Cecilia is a public school teacher and national president of the Women’s Ministry of the Unified Pentecostal Local Church International Inc. Dr. Garza was born into a family of early Pentecostal church leaders and planters. His parents, the late Rev. Josúe and Luisa Garza were long time pastors of numerous churches throughout the Southwest Region of the USA. They instilled into their ten children a love for family and God’s Work. They are fourth generation Hispanic Pentecostals. His grandparents, Rev. Estanislado and San Juana Flores were church planters and pastors in the early 1920’s. Dr. Garza has dedicated his time to educating and preparing future generation of pastors with a better understanding of the scripture and purpose of ministry to reach the USA Hispanic population.

  • The Christian Track 2nd Edition: End Times Mystery


    The chaos is getting worse. There’s daily anxiety in the Holy Land, and the fear of sense-less murder abounds. From shooting on college campuses, to airplanes blown out of the sky. Refugee crises are everywhere.
    How low can the world sink into chaos?
    The Christian Track lays a firm foundation for understanding Bible prophecy. In plain English, author Eric Reinerth sheds light on what the Bible says.

    • What prophecies ideas are supported?
    • How do I cut through all the controversy?
    • What is the Christian responsibility?
    • What are Christians watching for?
    • What are the signs of the times?

    An inspiring and practical explanation of the message God delivered through the prophets!

  • The Church in the Church

    One of the worst things of being a Christian is to walk a straight line doing the best you can to be a good follower of Jesus. You don’t commit adultery, you don’t steal, nor do you lie, and you love God with all your heart, Spirit, soul and body. Many Christians dedicate a lot of time and devotion to the ministry we are attending. Then one day we are listening to a person or a group of people’s conversation or a minister teaching and then, we realize there are some things we are missing. What we heard intrigues our interest because we are already hungering and thirsting after God’s word. We realize this because the spirit of God quickens and speaks to our spirit. Usually it is something concerning our salvation. God begins to tug at us through the word, and we begin meeting other Christians talking about the same subject God is dealing with us about. The thing we mostly begin to deal with is facing the truth that we weren’t walking in the fullness of Christ Jesus. Then having to make the decision to leave our friends, family, other Christian brothers and Sisters and most of all the church we’re highly devoted to, so we may attend your newly found church that is more in depth of God’s word, worship and at liberty in the praising of God. So I wrote this book not to judge or to say I am more righteous than others, not to say I am all right and they are wrong. The bible tells us not to judge anything before the coming day of the Lord. I wrote this book after much research to enlighten those who read it of the history that is mostly forgotten, hidden or changed by Catholicism to fulfill their purpose of dominance to control not only Christian history but also the history of the world. There are even words and scriptures that have been modified to implement their teachings and beliefs. I can’t even begin to write all the modifications of church history according to Catholicism that modified the course of history. But in this book I ensure you, there are important fragments of church history I’ve abstracted to intrigue your interest. Remember only Truth can make you free.

    “And ye shall know the truth,
    and the truth shall make you free.”
    John 8:32

    Bishop William H. Martin
    Author of this book: The Church in the Church
    Pastor of Christian Faith Fellowship Temple
    Ozark, Al. 36360

  • The Gold Mine: What would you do?

    Could God’s love really be more valuable than gold? Does God have the power to change a person from the inside out? Take a couple of hours, and see what you think. Then ask yourself: how do I value the love of God? Is it way more valuable than I think?

    The Gold Mine is a book that aids us in understanding the love of God and its value. It helps us comprehend how much it encompasses even the most precious of gold. It teaches every believer that even with the numerous circumstances, God’s love is as valuable to us as we are to him.

  • The Heathen Track 2nd Edition: The Mystery of Iniquity


    It’s written that the world will get worse. How low can we go? Terrorism brings chaos, and it seems the whole world is going crazy. The spirit of rebellion abounds. See what the Lord has said about the heathen. See what the Bible foretells.

    What the hell is going on?

    The Heathen Track is the third book in this series of Bible prophecy. In plain English, author Eric Reinerth sheds light on what the Inspired Word teaches.

    • Can you change your fate?
    • Who does God see as a heathen?
    • What prophecy ideas are trash?
    • How do I cut through all the controversy?
    • What are Christians watching for?
  • The Heavenly Worship Room

    Raelynn, in her quest to deepen her worship experience, stumbled upon the significance of the Tabernacle of David and how it would manifest in the earth today through worship. As the revelation unfolded, she saw a pattern emerge and how the Glory of the Latter House would usher in the King of Kings in His Return! Within these pages she will take you through the three tabernacles as well as the Feasts and reveal the Lord Jesus Christ through them. She will show you in vivid detail the prototype and its significance today in the Church and to the Jewish nation. You will discover the Glory in the Last Hour Church that will surpass even the Glory recorded in Solomon’s Temple!

    Author Bio

    REV. DR. RAELYNN S. PARKIN is an ordained minister and worship leader as well as an author, teacher, speaker, and recording artist and prophetic psalmist. She received her doctorate of divinity in 2016 from CICA University. As a teacher, she loves to demonstrate and impart her heart for worship to the Body of Christ, specifically to ministers and worship leaders, and to raise up the next generation of worshippers in the Glory Realm. She and her husband Paul co-founded Bride Song Ministries, a worship and teaching ministry and has led worship and spoken at conferences and events in Houston, Texas.