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  • Of Lions and Of Lambs

    The hardships inflicted from others bringing affliction, damage, loss…hurt, causes the response to be “ battle ” ready, or to “ lock up ” the . . .heart in the soul for safety. It is hard for many to receive no compensation, see no justice, causing the move to be ready to judge and condemn. But wait…, there is ‘ One ’ who declared that… He will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace. No need for ‘ lion spirits ’ to emerge in conquering, and ‘ lamb spirits ’ to run and hide., many will see Justice in Glory as … ‘ The Lion ’ will emerge and make all successful ‘ Lambs ’.

    About the Author:

    The Author is the owner of Creation Architectural Consultants from the twin isle republic of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. Having lived in various places and conditions, David has become an Apostle and leads Rebirth Freedom In Christ Ministries to establish The Kingdom of God in Christ Jesus. The Abiding Presence Habitation, is explored, bringing reality and completion to religious issues through relationship issues. Now author of:

    Book 1, The Truth Shall Make You Free
    Book 2, Who Do People Say That You Are
    Book 3, Where Art Thou
    Book 4, The Fruit of The Vine
    Book 5, If I am Lifted Up
    Book 6, Of Lions and Of Lambs
    Book 7, The Lord Will Suddenly Come

  • Original Intent Restoration of the Bride of Christ Into Her Purpose and Destiny

    Why will Original Intent restoration of the Bride of Christ into her purpose and destiny bring a global impact?

    When the heart of the society is disconnected form the truth, it suffers consequences. These consequences include absence of fatherhood and motherhood, masculinity and feminine crises, pain, suffering, that is energized by the wound in the heart, finding a false emotional fortress in all kinds of drug and alcohol addictions and crazy behaviors, and rigid controlling religious structures where pain is temporarily suppressed. In the religious structures, instead of being taught how to know and love God, those who were put down under the foot of the law will find the answer. This book is written not to be politically correct, but to expose counterfeits in the Church who stand between the Bride and Bridegroom instead of standing before the Bride leading her to her wedding.

    About the author

    The author is a piano teacher from Kiev, Ukraine who came to America in 1990. Having the passion, to find the way out for those who can’t stand up for themselves, being abused by all kinds of substance and non-relational but structural religious organizations, became a prophet for the nations. A founder of the youtube channel “OriginalintentTV” and guest speaker, teacher of the ministry “Original Intent”, resides in Miami with her beautiful family.

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  • People of God – One and All Saints and Sinners

    Her poetry is inspired by the Holy Spirit, many times with an instructional focus. She received and discovered this gift to write poetry in her latter years of teaching. In her newly revised book People of God – One and All: Saints and Sinners, different aspects of being a saint and a sinner are explored. Questions are asked, thoughts are provoked, and concepts are delved into in comprehending the reality of being both a saint and a sinner. In People of God-One and All: Come and Be…, Part 1 she explores the concepts of grace, relationships, and sacred struggles. In Part 2 she explores this through the wonder of God, the production of fruits evolving through faith, and how to be bold in faith. Both books explore and ponder upon the ideas of faith, relationships with God and each other, and what is expected in carrying out one’s faith. In all the books, scripture passages for further study and references are provided with most of the poems to further question and reflect on one’s faith and how to mature oneself in the faith realm and share it with others.
    In retirement, she quilts with many being sewn for philanthropy projects locally and around the world. Additionally, she reads, does genealogy, and actively participates in church activities.

    About the author:

    EDITH CLOSE-VAZIRI was an elementary school teacher for 41 years in her native state of California and achieved National Board Certification in the area of Middle Childhood. Although she grew up in the rural community of Sutter in Northern Calif., she taught her whole teaching career in Los Angeles with
    forty years at one small elementary where she taught first through fifth grade over the decades. In her final years as a public-school teacher, she also mentored new teachers and helped the school district in the credential process for beginning teachers.

    Graduating from California Lutheran University, she received a B.A. in history; she completed her elementary credential and received her M.A. in elementary education at California State University-Los Angeles.

  • People with heart Problems in the BIBLE

    “What you are about to read will defiantly speak to your heart.
    Proverbs 4:23 says “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it”.
    A healthy heart is a step in the right direction in our attempt to live a long life, however
    God has designed each and everyone of us to live not only a long live here on earth but also to live a life that
    would last forever. The Lord spoke through the prophet Jeremiah and said,
    “The heart is deceitful above all things and it is extremely sick;
    Who can understand it fully and know its secret motives?
    “I, the Lord, search and examine the mind, I test the heart, to give to each man according to his ways,
    According to the results of his deeds”. Jeremiah 17:9-10.
    Your heart is most precious to God and his desire is to give you a new heart in place of the one you may
    have at this moment. It’s a spiritual heart and in a nut nutshell as they say, it’s the real you that exists
    inside of the here and now you at this moment.

    About the Author
    Lloyd Ortiz is the founder and senior pastor of Living Hope Church in Grants, New Mexico.
    Lloyd has been married to his high school sweetheart Lena for 43 years.
    Together they have 5 children and 18 grandchildren.
    God has graced them with the gift of reaching children of all ages.

  • Preach My Sister Preach

    The book, Preach, My Sister, Preach and companion workbook are treasure chests of extensively researched information. The research is directly from the Holy Bible and not from the opinions of pundits and theologians. Both books have been designed to provide accurate and authentic biblical evidence of GOD’s endorsement, His support and encouragement of women’s service in the Christian ministry.
    This workbook encourages you to familiarize yourself with your Bible, and allows for notation of the principles and ideas conveyed from Holy Scriptures. This valuable tool challenges you to meditate on the Holy Scriptures and record your answers based on GOD’s own words. You will find it to be a wonderful resource in your own personal study, as well as for use in your ministry.

  • PROSTITUTES IN THE PEWS: The Pastors Are Not the Only Guilty Party

    The Pastors Are Not the Only Guilty Party

    Actual Interviews with Pastors That Have Yielded To Temptation and the Ones Who Lead Them There.

    Pastor Jonathan Stephens Jr. is pastor of Fountain of Life Redeem House of God Church in Association with Church of God in Christ Inc.

    He has pastored for 25 years. He is a third generation pastor beginning with his grandfather Curtis Killingsworth and his mother Pastor Arnell Stephens Grice and father Bishop Jonathan Stephens Sr. both being Pastors.

    Pastor Stephens received his Law Enforcement Degree from Syracuse University. He received his BA in Theology from International Seminary in Plymouth Florida. He received his Master Degree of Religious Education and is currently enrolled in a Doctorate Degree Program.

    He is the administrator of the International Satellite School at Fountain of Life in Syracuse, New York. Pastor Stephens has mastered teaching leadership skills fitted for all denominations. One of the classes he teaches is at Robert Weslin College in Rochester, New York through the Church of God in Christ. Pastor Stephens is available for revivals, seminars and leadership program seminars.

  • Rediscovering the Use of the Tongue: Rejecting Offense, Strife, and Unforgiveness

    REDISCOVERING THE USE OF THE TONGUE: REJECTING OFFENSE, STRIFE, AND UNFORGIVENESS speaks the plain truth about the great power that the tongue – the words spoken in the midst of relationships – has to bring pain by opening up wounds. On the other hand, when Christians rediscover the guidance of the Holy Spirit and then redirect the intentions of their words, they can use the tongue for upbuilding one another, seeking peace, and offering forgiveness.

    The author, Samuel Kioko Kiema, draws upon his own experiences of coming to faith in Jesus Christ and of following the Spirit’s calling to minister as a missionary, teacher, and scholar to guide his exploration of the misuses and uses of the tongue in families, communities, ministries, and businesses.

    Rediscovering the Use of the Tongue: Rejecting Offense, Strife, and Unforgiveness drawing upon a wealth of passages from the Scriptures and offering seasoned and wise teachings rooted in those passages, presents an approachable and understandable examination of the insidious power of the tongue to bring about pain. It pairs that portrait with words of encouragement, explaining how the Spirit can guide the use of the tongue for good. Whether you have experience with speaking words that have injured others or with hearing words that have caused you pain, Rediscovering the Use of the Tongue: Rejecting Offense, Strife, and Unforgiveness can offer you the consolation of discovering a path to encouragement, harmony, and reconciliation.

    About the Author:

    SAMUEL KIOKO KIEMA, a native of Kenya and a citizen of the United States of America, experienced salvation through Jesus Christ as seventeen. Responding to the Holy Spirit’s calling, he serves as
    a missionary, teacher and scholar. His ministries connect people to the power of God. He and Jedidah, his wife, are cofounders of Kingdon Connection Ministries International, Inc.

  • Rolling Out the Plan of Salvation: A Study in Leviticus

    Rolling out the Plan of Salvation: A Study in Leviticus is the only in-depth individual or small group study guide available on Leviticus.

    The participant learns to understand not only the different sacrifices but also the order in which each had to be presented and why the order was crucial.

    If the leader choose to use the suggested guide in the back of the book, the participants will get a sensory challenge to better understand “an aroma pleasing to the LORD.”
    Participants have five short daily lessons to complete each week. Answers to the questions are located in the back of the book to ensure the teachable moment is not missed during the time of study.

    Leviticus teaches God’s people how to become a holy nation of priests who can come before a holy God without fear. Maybe the most exciting outcome is the increased understanding of the many passages in both the Old and New Testaments that mention the various offerings. Suddenly, those passages have added meaning and become more endeared to the reader.

    About the Author:

    Shirley is the wife of Max and mother of two adult children, Letha and Thomas. Recently, she retired from a career as a medical auditor and clinical laboratory consultant. Reared in a Christian home, Shirley’s parents, Garner and Jean Baker, enjoyed more than 60 wonderful years of marriage, as did her maternal grandparents.

  • Samson The Modern-Day America

    STEPHEN RAY WILLIAMS is a retired electrician. Born Again at the age of ten. He is gifted with a natural talent and magnificent aptitude for math. Williams was able to show and display his natural gift at an early age, teaching a second semester math class at the age of eleven. His logical and analytical mind has also brought him a chess trophy (third in the state in the junior division) at the age of thirteen, and an award for the world’s largest unofficial Magic Math Square in his ninth-grade science fair at the age of fourteen. As Williams’ extensive knowledge was acknowledged, opportunities to share it were in demand. He taught one class in Number Theory at the Oral Roberts University in his mid-twenties. Williams also had a Math Formula copyrighted and also earned a Doctor of Naturopathy certificate, a drug-free medical treatment. He won a baseball trophy in his teens, he square danced for seven years and involved in two square dance Exhibitions. He played a fiddle for five years. He has written several poems about his best friend (a cat named Tiger Ray): they have been published in seven books, two of which went international, one became a song and got up to a Nation Release. He also has won three trophies for his poems about Tiger Ray. His favorite place for relaxation and vacation is the Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove, in Ashville, North Carolina.

    Author Bio

    Author Stephen R. Williams is an electrician, gifted with a natural talent and superb aptitude for math. Williams was able to exhibit his natural gift at an early age, teaching a second semester math class at the age of eleven. His logical and analytical mind has also brought him a chess trophy at the age of thirteen, and an award for the world’s largest unofficial Magic Math Square in his ninth-grade science fair. As Williams’ extensive knowledge was recognized, opportunities to share it was in demand. He taught one class in Number Theory at the Oral Roberts University, and had a math formula copyrighted. He also earned a Doctor of Naturopathy certificate, a drug-free medical treatment.

    Williams also had other interests that offered a different avenue for expressing his gifts. He took fiddle lessons for five years, square danced for seven-and-a-half years where he was involved in two square dance exhibition groups – The Single Stars and Treasure Rays. He also did some square dance calling. He also played town baseball for five years as shortstop, and wrote several songs, one of which is a national release. Poems are also his past time and some of them were published in five books, two of which are international. He also won three trophies for his three poems dedicated to the best friend and soul mate he misses – a cat named Tiger Ray. On his free time, Williams settles down in his favorite vacation place in the Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove.

  • Scripted in Heaven

          Scripted in Heaven follows the journey of Dr. Robinson V. Baron and his physical and metaphysical healing.
          As a stubborn surgeon, he ignores a cryptic warning from an old lady about a supposedly imminent complication with his health. The struggles that follow take him to a journey of spiritual renewal, which leads him to rediscover his true faith and his true love.
          He seeks for the divine guidance of Padre Pio da Pietrelcina while trials and tribulations test him and his family. His devotion grew, even causing him to embark on a punishing pilgrimage to San Giovanni Rotondo in Italy, despite his fragile health.
          His mystical metamorphosis is a story of courage, sacrifice, and triumph. It inspires the reader to reflect on his own weaknesses and makes him long for purpose and Truth in this mortal life.