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  • Healing Psalms

    Traditionally attributed to King David, among others, the book of Psalms is a collection of 150 songs in praise of the Lord, containing some of the Bible’s most beautiful and inspiring verses. For centuries, Jewish and Christian people all over the world have turned to the psalms to give praise and thanks as well as to seek comfort and solace. Yet for many modern readers the messages in some psalms are not always clear; some are challenging, even obscure.

    The commentaries in this companion to the psalms show how each psalm can help with the problems of everyday life. Featuring a cross-referenced index to help you look up specific feelings and situations – from love and grief to happiness and depression – Healing Psalms illuminates the meaning in each psalm and shows how these “dialogues with God” offer support and healing, whether you’re seeking deliverance from suffering, expressing love, giving praise for good fortune, or commemorating a special occasion.

    Whereas other books of the Bible portray God speaking to people, the psalms were written by real people speaking to God. They wrote from the heart, reflecting their joy and sorrow, pride and shame, love and hate. They tell of sleepless nights, of everyday struggles, of birth and death. Intended for readers of any faith or spiritual tradition, Healing Psalms will guide and inspire you through life’s many obstacles and celebrations and bring you into closer fellowship with God.


    Joshua O. Haberman escaped from his native Vienna after the Nazi occupation and earned his doctorate in modern religious philosophy at Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati. He has preached at the White House, co-officiated with Billy Graham at the National Memorial Service 9/11, and was senior rabbi at the Washington Hebrew Congregation. Healing Psalms is his third book.

  • His Seven Priorities

    Behind the seven symbolic annual festivals, established by God for Israel soon after crossing the Red Sea, were hidden God’s seven strategies for the salvation of all men! This 200-page book is an expose of these divine strategies. God today commands believers everywhere to unite on these grounds. It is the revelation of the moment, a must-read for all Christians, Jews, and Muslims!

    In this thought-provoking and highly revealing book, Cyprian Agbazue sets out not to reinvent parroted ideas and knowledge about the Scripture. He reaches for an inner understanding of God’s plan and purpose for mankind…just like the hidden treasures of God, His Seven Priorities lays them bare for the spirit-filled mind.

    With this volume, Agbazue indeed arms the believer for life’s many struggles.

    (Professor Pat Utomi, Director, Pan-African University, Lagos, Nigeria)

    Author Bio

    Cyprian Agbazue is the president of the International Foundation for Christian Unity (IFCU), a nongovernmental organization in Nigeria promoting worldwide Christian unity.

    A child of non-Christian parents, he was baptized into the Catholic Church at the age of nine. At thirty-five, he dropped out of the Catholic Church. In 1986, he rediscovered his faith in a Pentecostal Church. After two years, he was nominated for pastoral ordination, but hours before his acceptance, the Lord redirected him back to the Catholic Church.

    Eventually he became an impactful leader within the Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Nigeria and later the Vice Chairman of the Parish Pastoral Council at Archangels Catholic Church Satellite Town in Lagos, Nigeria.

    Cyprian Agbazue is married to Chinyere Agbazue, a medical practitioner, and they are blessed with three adult sons and a daughter.

    He is currently a National Director serving in the South-West Region of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International.

  • Hold Up Woman, Am I Your Problem?

    Is your relationship going south, and do you need a change? Your answer is in your hands. Start reading today.

    Is your woman or your man the cause of your problem? If you are in a relationship or contemplating on getting into one, just resolved or terminated one, or know someone in or out of one, then this book is for you. This book answers almost every question dealing with relationships and will help you solve just about every problematic situation straining your union while bringing much resolve and closure to your existing relationship. Since you are living on this planet and you are a male or female, this book was written with you in mind.

    The male and female issues didn’t begin with us but started thousands of years ago and were able to keep the pressure on because of our inability to locate the true culprit. Now the exposure is out, and we can do something about it.

    If you are at a crossroads, or even if your relationship is doing great, reading this book will bring a greater union to you and to your spouse. Your love life will catapult to heights you can only imagine. It makes no difference what age you are; I guarantee your utopian experience is a whisper

    About the author:

    Born in Brooklyn, and one of nine siblings, life was no picnic for Godfrey, but he managed to finish high school and then college at West Chester University. He later accepted the call into the ministry where his ministry was primarily in the area of physical and mental healing. He later became pastor and founder of the King’s Temple church Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In more than thirty years, he ministered to hundreds of couples that prompted him to search out the cause and origin of the problems which seem to plague so many of them. This book was written because of the results of his findings, and he wanted to share this information with anyone in a relationship.

  • Humpty Dumpty Back on the Wall: From Psychosis to Sanity

    Life does not prepare you for losing your mind and there is no guarantee of finding it once you have lost it. The search for my mind and an understanding of why my life had taken such a drastic turn, led me on an investigative journey through my past. Plagued by thoughts of never being whole again, I felt like Humpty Dumpty who fell off the wall. Although I did not have access to the ‘king’s horses’ and the ‘king’s men’, somehow I was ‘put back together again.’ Perhaps even more than medicine and therapy, love, caring, forgiveness, and nonjudgmental encouragement have been great healers and motivators in my life. This love has also enabled me to love, care, forgive, and encourage others. When I was in a place that I, and others, thought to be a place of no return, I found healing from these unlikely healers. Having been blessed to return from that place, I discovered that sometimes, tragedy is a precursor to triumph and brokenness a prerequisite for wholeness. In my darkest hour, the love and support that I received helped me to find my way. One day while seriously contemplating suicide, sitting with my head in my hands crying, I was startled by a tap on my shoulder from my three year-old son.

    He patted my shoulder and said, “It’s going to be alright daddy, it’s going to be alright.” Even now, the thought of those words give me a chill, just thinking of how the words of a three-year-old could affect the course of my life. In that moment, a door opened in my mind that allowed me to begin the process of regaining control over my mind and my life. I knew that I did not want to leave him here without a father.

  • I Will Disentangle Myself …. and Leave

    The author, raised in a mellow fundamentalist Christian sect, spoke out in defense of egregiously abused members of the group. That precipitated a decade of false accusations, harassment, and ostracization; and subsequently failed health, a lost career, and separation from a lifetime social support system. Forced to leave, he researched, the origins and history of the group and scandalous events that belied the group’s harmonious reputation. Further, in his search of what to safely believe in, he gained the equivalent of a major in religious studies. He concludes with what he found would satisfy his sense of morality.

    About the author:

    Bob Williston was raised in Miramichi, New Brunswick, and is a graduate of the University of New Brunswick. His post-graduate schools have included Université Laval, Boston University, and College of Southern Nevada. His career has included teacher of French, English Language, U.S. History, and Political Science in several provinces of Canada and Nevada. For a short time he taught Character Education at a middle school for delinquent students. As well, he served in one session of the Nevada Legislature as Secretary to the Senate Finance Committee. He is now retired and living in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • If I Am Lifted Up?

    The concept of being alone and trying to find The Lord in times of need, desperation, break many souls, and many give up, not knowing what they are missing, being denied. So much has been planned,
    provided for each one, before birth, yet beaten, forsaken by mankind,… the only choices are to lay down and be trampled if faith fails, or get up and fight. The nature of human is to survive, but the responsibility and righteous way, cause all to take up the “self-life”, which produces independence from God. The Lord Jesus promised that if He is lifted up, will draw all peoples onto Him. This has happened 2000 years ago, at the establishing of “The Year of The Lord”, A.D., and it was because of the declaring that when He is “lifted up”…on the Cross of Death, that…the ruler of “man’s hearts”…, the ruler of this World will be cast out!

    Knowledge runs the World but knowing according to God in Christ Jesus matters the most, the Promises were fulfilled throughout history. What about His Promises for you, do you know what is planned and provided for you? There is a… rising up, things that need to be known about Him, about you,… come and arise, rise up, learn what happens…“lf l am Lifted Up.”

    About the Author:

    The Author is the owner of Creation Architectural Consultants from the twin isle republic of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. Having lived in various places and conditions, David has become an Apostle and leads Rebirth Freedom In Christ Ministries to establish The Kingdom of God in Christ Jesus. The Abiding Presence Habitation, is explored, bringing reality and completion to religious issues through relationship issues. Now author of:

    Book 1, The Truth Shall Make You Free
    Book 2, Who Do People Say That You Are
    Book 3, Where Art Thou
    Book 4, The Fruit of The Vine
    Book 5, If I am Lifted Up
    Book 6, Of Lions and Of Lambs
    Book 7, The Lord Will Suddenly Come

  • Invading The Kingdom of Darkness: Revised and Expanded Second Edition Volume 2

    Invading The Kingdom Of Darkness and The Power Of Prophetic Prayer. This book offers practical teaching to arm, strengthen, deepen, and sharpen your prayer life. It serves as compass to navigate misconception of spiritual warfare and transform the movement of highly intellectual and Self- Satisficed religious churches in America and around the world.

    This book will inspire you to pray until the kingdom of this world becomes the Kingdom of our God.

    About the Author:

    SAMUEL T. PADMORE serves as the founding president of Action Life Ministries International and senior overseer of Casa De Dios. He moves strongly in apostolic and prophetic anointing with
    many signs and wonders and ministered in Africa, United States, and other nations. He is a sought
    after motivational speaker in Leadership and business conferences and many more. Padmore resides with his wife Providencia in Massachusetts.

  • It’s Time to Pray: A Child’s Guide to Prayer

    This is a new and updated edition of a popular and well received guide to prayer for children. The book is an easy reading, whimsical, and lyrical book for elementary age children. The first half consists of rhyming verses describing what prayer is and how to pray. The second half consists of prayers that can be taught to children. Table prayers, bedtime prayers and general prayers are included. The book is intended for children, but also serves as an aid to parents, grandparents and others who wish to introduce children to the concept of Christian prayer. The book could be used as a First Communion gift or in religious education courses.

    Author Bio

    After teaching Sunday school and language arts to middle schoolers, Georgia Holmes went on to study law, business and theology. She is an emeritus professor who taught courses in the legal and ethical environment of business to master’s level students in the Masters of Business Administration and Masters in Accounting programs at Minnesota State University, Mankato. She has been active in campus ministry.


    Jesus! Is He Coming Back explores in a simple manner the arguments surrounding the second advent of Christ. Is this fact or fiction? What does the Bible say about Jesus return and how to apply literal interpretation to the Biblical doctrines? Jesus! Is He Coming Back provides the tools for the student in theology to understand the concept of “things to come”.

    Dr Joan Whittaker, a professional librarian draws from the works of known scholars to highlight the various schools of thought. She concludes that literal bible interpretation must be utilized to understand what the Bible says about the subject.

    It is time for all of us to think about eternal things, understand what’s coming for the church in the future and prepare accordingly.

    About the Author:

    Rev. Dr. Joan E. Whittaker, MLS, Th.D, Ph.D
    HORAC Ministries, NY is a visionary, entrepreneur, leader and role model; often described as a world changer because of the positive impact she has had on individuals and the community.

    Ms. Whittaker was born in Jamaica West, Indies and immigrated to the United States in 1988 in
    order to attend graduate school. After twelve months she graduated with a Master’s degree in
    Library and Information Science and has served in her profession since then in one capacity or
    another for twenty-seven years.

    Joan E. Whittaker has retired from her position as Library Director of the Irvington Public Library
    to serve as the full time Pastor of HORAC Ministries in Ossining, New York. She is the Founder
    and Senior Pastor of this dynamic growing non-denominational church. Her leadership skills
    have impacted thousands as she touches the lives of many through her dynamic and moving
    public speaking. She is unquestionably a role model particularly for teenagers as evidenced in
    the membership of the Church where over seventy percent of the members are young people.

    Joan E. Whittaker is now an author, accomplished public speaker and Dean of the Mt. Olive
    Bible Institute and Seminary Ossining Campus. She is also the Founder of Tree of Life
    Ministries, a career mentorship and counseling program. She travels the world to speak at
    events and is establishing branch churches locally and internationally. Her vision is to empower
    people everywhere by hosting free Vacation Bible schools in the United States and abroad,
    summer camps and after school programs.

    Joan E. Whittaker’s ability, passion, knowledge, enthusiasm, creativity and pro-active stance as
    a leader has resulted in her becoming a productive and outstanding leader.