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  • Faith To Believe And Prosper: His Word About Your Finances: A Journal Guide

    Gloria S. Riley is an executive coach, teacher, trainer, and speaker certified by the John Maxwell team. Her gifts will help you fulfill the vision for your personal development and strengthen specific goal achievements. Her commitment is ultimate to the transformation of the individual into a fuller, richer, a deeper financially secure human being from reading and applying the material in this book.

    Gloria’s passion has always been to help others pursue their dreams no matter the scope as an insurance professional, financial advisor and now a coach. Individuals will learn they can do and be more by applying proven principles for success which will assist in unleashing their innate potential.

    Additionally, she can offer you workshops, seminars, keynote speaking and coaching, aiding your personal and professional growth through study and practical application of proven leadership methods. Working together, she will move you and your team or organization in the desired direction to reach your goals.

    As the owner of McDonough Insurance and Financial Services Team, she spent 15+ years in the insurance and financial services industry as an Account Executive, Financial Advisor and Special Agent. She obtained a BA in Public Administration, from Seattle Pacific University and MBA from Ohio Christian University. Currently, holds the following credentials: CFS (Certified Fund Specialist) Certificate, from the Institute of Business and Finance; LUTCF, (Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow), from the American College and the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA).

    She is looking forward to assisting you on your journey to becoming financially astute, and a successful leader as you activate your faith to believe His word about finances.

    Financial Teaching of Christ

    And those are the ones on whom seed was sown on good soil;
    and they hear the word and accept it and bear fruit
    bring — thirty-fold, some sixty, and a hundred times as much. Mark 4:20

    Christ’s teaching is my sincere prayer for you, friends.

  • Francis an Abolitionist in Antebellum Times

    The inspiring story of Frances known for his courage in speaking the truth, known for his faith and love for the Holy bible. A man despised by many in antebellum times, but loved by others. His story, a Baptist minister, inventor, college professor and dairy farmer, intertwined in this book with our cousin Jermain W. Loguen, runaway slave, Pastor of the American Methodist Episcopal church. Excerpts from an autobiography written in 1858 are quoted and whose life and station surely influenced Francis to become “An Abolitionist in Antebellum Times”!

    About the author

    Michael W. Cotie is currently the pastor of a small Baptist Church in Dayton Texas. Dr. Cotie attained his Bachelor’s degree from Louisiana Baptist University and attained a thM and a thD from Slidell Baptist Seminary. The Great-Great-Grandson of the title character Francis Marion “F.M.” Logue. Dr. Cotie was inspired to write “Francis an Abolitionist in Antebellum Times” as he read many of the things written about this man. Inspired by his Great-Great-Grandfather’s courage as “An Abolitionist in Antebellum times” hope you enjoy this inspiring story.

  • From Homeless to Heaven

    Usually Cody Cambres had to do ranch work alone in the winter. However, he had a standing order with an employment agency for an employee. One winter he was surprised to get a call saying a man would be on the bus that evening. Alan told Cody that he wanted a job and a warm place to sleep instead of living outdoors as a homeless man. Alan had refused to stay in any mission shelter because of life experiences involving religion. He does enjoy ranch work. In the spring Cody and Alan are checking cows and the calves born that spring when a bullet hits Alan. Later a bullet from the same rifle kills Cody’s best horse. Fire begins on Cody’s ranch and spreads. Aimi’s house burns down and Aimi’s husband is murdered by a bullet from the same rifle. Alan helps both Cody and Aimi with ranch work.

    Friendship develops.

    About the author:

    Jeanne Ann off has a Bachelor of Science degree from Colorado State University and a Bible College degree from Faith Bible Institute. She also took a writing course from the Institute of Children’s Literature. She’s married to her wonderful husband Don Off, and they celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary in 2016. Both of them grew up on Western Colorado cattle ranches.

  • God – I AM: 700 Names of God, Titles and Attributes

    God – I AM presents a compendium of over 700 names, titles, and attributes of God, from the Authorized version of His Word, the Holy Scriptures, with accompanying Scripture verses, and illustrations, including additional writing to assist the reader to draw nearer to God, our benevolent Creator. God is not a “cosmic sugar-daddy”, but a good, and loving heavenly Father, who desires that we know Him. He is far greater than we can ever comprehend. God’s Word itself has power. This book is designed that the reader may know God’s names, and for His glory.

    About the Author:

    Teresa L. Steele is an author and book illustrator, born in the north of England U.K. and now residing in Ontario, Canada. She is a keen student of the Bible, and is well-travelled.

    She has a Diploma in interpretive book illustration from Sheridan College, Ontario, as well as a Diploma in Education and Training from Sunderland University, England.

  • GOD Blessed Them for the Journey

    God Blessed Them for the Journey is a book that can be read and used as a workbook over an extended period of time. Included are a variety of creative experiences that Corrine continues to use on her own journey.This is a workbook that is meant for anyone and everyone… people who would like to explore the power of the creative
    process, whatever their challenge or life situation or creative abilities. This is a story of Corrine’s journey with breast cancer, travelling along a path that led to a deeper sense of awareness and joy. It’s a story of being awakened to God’s surprises in her life.

    About the Author:

    Corrine Lund, author of God Blessed Them for the Journey, is a wife and a mother and newly retired after being an art educator for over twenty-five years. Corrine is also a cancer survivor who used her creativity for support throughout this challenging experience as well as to “have a little fun” on the journey.

    “I’ve had an opportunity to go beyond simply learning skills and techniques. I have been able to explore and experience the healing power of being involved in this creative adventure. Life is a process… often a process with many surprises. I’ve learned that exploring my creative interests has made my life more meaningful and even healthier. It has also helped give me insight into who it is that God created me to be on this amazing journey.”

    In the process of creating one of her many journals, Corrine added her handprint to each journal page. She squeezed ample amounts of acrylic paint onto a large paper plate, choosing colors that seemed appropriate to that day’s entry… some days called for bright, cheery colors while other days were dark and moody. Occasionally, there was even a need for a touch of glittery gold paint! Corrine wiggled her open palm around in the wet paint, mixing the colors and then stamped a full handprint on the page, nally writing around the handprint. Somehow, becoming physically involved with the paint was almost as therapeutic as the actual writing. “Feeling the thick paint on my hand seemed to relieve the stress of the moment and sometimes added to the playfulness of the process,” Corrine described.

  • GOD In View A Daily Glimpse

    Living a spiritual life is a gift from God. Bob’s contagious inspiration in God In View comes from the deep well of wisdom from the Bible, but it also comes from his years as a pastor in three congregations. His encouragement for us reveals his ministry in eleven developing countries in Africa and Asia where he learned the beauty of people across the globe. His devotionals have been sensitized by his recovery from a serious mental illness. God In View is presented in a daily, calendar format. Join Bob in his exploration to discover new insights for living.

  • GOD IS I AM: GODSELF REVEALED IN-FLESH The New Natural… Collaboration With Cosmic Conscious Oneness (Second Edition)

    Inspiring author GOD IS ALL, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Starke:

    For Mr. and Mrs. Max Taylor, “Who say so well what can’t be said,” and “Clear Truth.”

    Invisible Real Life GODSELF REVEALED becomes visible sight through contemplative meditation. Comprehensive study of ancient wisdom, religion, law, man and society ~ sociology, and scientific discovery, in realization of prompting from the singularity of GODSELF REVEALED COLLABORATION, the authors advocate Self-Realization of God and Self Being ONE. REVEALMENT AND THE OMNIS empowers all good people to be in Harmony and Live Wellbeing.

    About the author:

    While on a contemplative walk in the Kettle Moraine Forest, Mr. Max Taylor, Professor Emeriti at The University of Wisconsin, Whitewater asked Universal I Self what his purpose and meaning in life should be. The immediate answer was, ‘go forth and be my Consciousness.’ Since that time God Conscious Oneness has been the focus of his attention providing what more he needed to know. On an Iowa farm Susan Schulte learned about Jesus and patience. Assistance from our source of energy avoids egotistical human feelings that burden us with stress and suffering and GODSELF keeps us in Harmony.

  • God’s Sovereign Reign Over His Creation

    There have been many good books written on the subject of God’s sovereignty, but it always seems as if there are many questions left unanswered. For examples, If God is truly sovereign, why is the world in a state of spiritual confusion and darkness? Why is there sin, sickness, death, and even a devil? How do all these things work to fulfill the plans and purposes of God? There are many questions left unanswered, yet the answers are found in God’s Word. This book will reveal, from scripture, that God is absolutely sovereign, and bring light to many of these unanswered questions.

  • God’s Workout Plan to Defeat a Bully at Work

    Christians are called to represent the Jesus Christ in a society that is becoming insensitive and cruel. Satan and his demonic spirits (the enemy) main priority is to use people who do not know Jesus Christ or use those who deny Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior to target you for distraction, deception and ultimately your destruction! Consequently, you will be bullied by those who are being misled by the enemy. Bullying can affect you in many destructive ways. This book will unlock the power of God in you through a workout plan to defeat the bully at work.


    About the author:

    Dr.Dothel W. Edwards, Jr. is a tenured professor in the Department of Rehabilitation Studies in the College of Health Sciences at Alabama State University (ASU). In addition to his full-time faculty responsibilities at ASU, he provides vocational expert witness testimony for the Social Security Administration Office of Hearing Operations (OHO) and works as a Certified Life Care Planner and a certified Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor. Dr. Edwards’ has published and conducted presentations in the areas of interests are quality of life issues among persons with disabilities, professional ethics in vocational rehabilitation, forensic rehabilitation, and workplace bullying.

  • Grace Therapy: The Living Alternative

    It is not just an alternative, but truly the living one.
    Every person regardless of religion, culture, and philosophy is on a spiritual journey of some sort. Yet most people encounter the frustration of regressing instead of progressing. It is no different, especially for those who consider to be Christians. According to research, only a few will truly experience the kind of whole-life transformation described in the Bible.

    Will this be true of you?
    The outcome of Grace Therapy: The Living Alternative will significantly boost the transformational quotient of your life and enable you to experience God and life in startlingly new and exciting way. This means experiencing the true, unique freedom propelled by a supernatural power to overcome any obstacle in your life.