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  • The Second Connecticut Compromise: Justice System Breakdown in the Constitution State


    I have long felt proud (and lucky) to be an American Citizen. One of the sources of that pride had been America’s reputation for the wholesome administration of justice. However, long a­fter I qualified as a senior citizen I was shocked to discover what I identify as a “Widespread and Callous Indifference to the Realization of Justice among those Responsible for the Administration of Justice” in my own world. Our Scales of Justice are Out of Whack!

    My late-in-life education relating to this serious social disorder followed from my extensive personal engagement with justice administration operatives ranging from an unranked police officer through to a State Supreme Court Justice while touching every station in between. I am persuaded that my fellow citizens should become aware that this sorry situation can be real. That’s what this vigorous book is all about.

    I seek with this book to expose shortcomings in justice administration practice that l have personally observed to be neither uncommon, nor insubstantial, nor generally acknowledged within the justice administration culture, nor widely recognized outside it. My ultimate goal is to motivate or provoke (or embarrass) justice administration practitioners into more seriously contemplating the unfortunate impact of justice administration indifference on the actual realization of justice and to promote justice administration practices that better foster the realization of justice. My book includes several simple specific proposals for re-tuning justice administration practice.

    How My Mission Started — Late on Christmas Eve, 2002 a huge thug who hated my guts with a passion broke into my standing car (with me in the driver’s seat), robbed two traffic control cones I was transporting and, in an ensuing tantrum, assaulted my car with the cones he robbed. Unbeknownst to me at the scene the thug induced the abusive, gullible, responding police officer, with whom he had negotiated two hours earlier, to ultimately charge me with hitting the thug with my car. That rogue policeman gave me no hint of that intention at the scene and forcibly prevented me from engaging witnesses at the scene.

    My Continuing Education — That was the first in a systemic series of five justice system breakdowns, all instigated by the same thug, that introduced me, late in life, to that “Widespread and Callous Indifference” I cited above. This awareness followed from my extensive personal engagement with justice administration operatives ranging from rogue cop to State Supreme Court Justice.

    My Remedial Proposals — My exposures and assessments thereof ultimately led me to propose to Connecticut’s nine-judge Rules Committee of the Superior Court some very simple modifications to judicial administration practice that I’m persuaded would significantly reduce the likelihood that other socially competent but judicially naive parties would have their welfare compromised by justice administration shortfalls as did I.

    However, I encountered a dedicated indifference in all parts of the system, conspicuously including the robed contingents, assignable in my judgment to what I have classified as the Royal Priesthood Syndrome. My specific relevant experience took place in the State of Connecticut but I sense that the cited Syndrome is cultural and, to one degree or another, impacts the administration of justice throughout the nation.

    A Stunning Discovery — My associated research has exposed the startling fact that the very organization of Connecticut’s judicial operations is INconsistent with the state’s constitution even though Connecticut claims, on its auto license plates, to be the “Constitution State”!

    But nobody seems to givadamn! My personal exposures have convinced me that remedial measures will never spontaneously arise from within the system, itself. System folk seem content with their lot with no one wanting to rock the boat. Improvement will have to be provoked from outside the system.

    About the Bio

    About Me — I am, by inclination, education and long-time practice, an engineer (BSME MIT 1946) with a passion for precise, lucid, technical reporting. I have spent the bulk of my professional life in the space and defense business, contributing significant literature to the technical trades, and I’m proud to be responsible for several significant technical innovations in the field (I hold an Air-Force sponsored patent on a Space Vehicle Landing Gear).

    Late in my professional career I “switched gears” and served for a quarter century as the engineering half of an Architecture & Engineering partnership.

    Throughout my career I’ve had a passion for precision and virtue and I have here sought to apply that disposition to communicating an important story to my neighbors with readable prose backed up by extensive, verbatim reproductions of actual relevant correspondence between myself and justice system parties.

    I pray for your serious attention.

  • The Story of the Jewellers’ Sales Training Program

    The objective of The Jewelers Sales Training Program is to develop outstanding retail jewelry sales personnel. The program was produced as the result of extensive research that involved some of the most outstanding retail jewelry store- owners, managers, executives and retail sales professionals in the country. The research that began in 1975 is still ongoing and the discoveries it produces are constantly used to update the program by its chief author Dr. William Colbert, a learning specialist and former jewelry store-owner for many years. Three-areas of emphasis are identified by Dr. Colbert and his associates. These include (1) Positive customer interaction, (2) Understanding the selling process, and (3) Using product knowledge in the sales transaction. The electronic coaching feature included with the program makes certain the manager or designated store trainer using the program has help using the program on a 24/7 basis via e-mail, telephone or many of the other technologies available today. The coaching feature keeps the program developers and the retailers in constant touch. This close association provides the basis for the constant improvement of the program—through the identification of new training needs and new exciting sales promotion ideas. The format of the program provides for the diagnosis of the needs of the sales group, active participation of the sales group, problem-solving opportunities based on their store, and many opportunities for turning training sessions into new sales promotions.”

    About the Author
    Dr. William P. Colbert
    As the chief researcher and author of The Jewelers Sales Training Program, Dr. Colbert comes with a rich background that includes education and retail jewelry management experience that is told in detail in The Story of the Retail Jewelry Sales Training Program. He received his undergraduate teaching degree at Minnesota and Masters and Doctorate at Columbia University in the City of New York. He has taught at all level of the educational ladder. For many years he was a retail jeweler. Many of the training sessions and sales promotion ideas included in the program were originally tested in his jewelry store. Testing and improving are constant activities for the program creators. Dr. Colbert has also worked on a consultant with some of the leading jewelry buying groups in the U. S. He loves to hear from jewelry retailers. His e-mail address is [email protected]

  • Understanding Teens

    It is not God’s plan for us to depend on our own efforts and just do our best as parents; He wants us to understand and obey His will.

    It seems that there are many options available when it comes to information on parenting teens, in fact, God’s Word is the only reliable source; looking elsewhere will leave you ignorant and confused about how to raise your teen. Following the example of your parents is a common choice that leads to repeating their same mistakes. God provides us with all the information needed to succeed at this awesome task, and this Discipleship Workbook is a tool based on His Word to guide you through the Scriptures where you will find the answers you need. Traditional, blended or single parent families’ will all benefit equally from this information.

    This Discipleship Workbook provides the following practical tools:

    • To build a strong spiritual foundation for parenting.
    • To work together (if married) as a team.
    • Important principles that help you maintain a healthy loving relationship with your teen.
    • How to instill mature character in your teen through loving discipline.
    • How to disciple your teen.
    • To understand the emotional and physical changes your teen is going through. This knowledge will help remove the fear and confusion that both teens and parents experience during adolescence.
    • Helping parents get a unified vision in where they are leading their teen toward maturity and how they are going to get there.

    Every parent wants to do the right thing, but parenting according to God’s will does not come naturally. Failure comes naturally, so we must choose to rely upon His Word and His grace to accomplish this important undertaking. But we also need guidance from materials such as this workbook, and from other mature believers who can disciple us in these truths. Being a parent is one of the most important tasks God has given us to do for Him here on earth, and we need to prioritize this training within our churches and disciple God’s people in these truths.

    The UNDERSTANING TEENS DISCIPLESHIP WORKBOOK can be used for personal study, as a counseling tool, or as a study guide for a men’s or women’s group, Sunday school class, or home group. It will draw you into God’s perspective as you commit to completing the various aspects of study: reading of Scripture; answering questions, studying definitions of biblical words, cross referencing biblical principles, and practicing self-examination leading to action plans. This workbook is very practical and has many illustrations to help you grasp the biblical principles that are being presented. If you commit to learning the material and apply it faithfully, God will not only transform you as a parent, but your entire family will be blessed.

    THE AUTHOR, Pastor Craig F. Caster, is the Founder and Director of FAMILY DISCIPLESHIP MINISTRIES. With many years of experience as a youth pastor, marriage and family counselor, teacher, speaker and author, he has gained a reputation as a trusted resource for equipping and ministering to families. He has developed Bible-based marriage and parenting tools and touched the lives of countless people through his seminars hosted by churches around the US and internationally. Pastor Craig has been a keynote speaker at conferences, retreats, family camps, and a weekly radio program. Married since 1980, he is enjoying three grown children and grandchildren.

    Please visit the FAMILY DISCIPLESHIP MINISTRIES website at www.FDM.world or www.DiscipleshipWorkbooks.com where you will find more information as well as resources concerning the family that are free for downloading; videos, audio, workbooks, leader’s guides and articles are available.

    FAMILY DISCIPLESHIP MINISTRIES exists “for the equipping of the saints, for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ,” (Ephesians 4:12), and to carry out The Great Commission by making disciples for Christ (Matthew 28:19-20).

  • When All Hope Is Gone

    In this life there are times you seem to feel as if all hope is gone and there is no way out. You try everything you know, you pray, talk to family, and friends, but still things do not change. Well, this book can help you to get through hopelessness. There are life experiences listed by the author’s own life that will encourage you to hold on to God’s powerful hand.

    About the author

    LORETTA Y. HOWARD. She is a born again Christian, an ordain Minister, mother of five children, grandmother of 7, and great grandmother of 1. She lives in Jacksonville, Florida and was educated at the local schools of Green Cove Springs, Florida. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Bethune – Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Florida. Her major was Elementary Education. She taught in the Duval County School System for 20 years. She has authored 5 other books. Walking on Broken Pieces, Growing In Ministry, Women Suffering In Silence, Time to Change the Way We Do Church, and Be Still.