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  • Mo lrakjokyo Bo Mo Ngyan’jok Di Hiamnda : Kamus = Dictionary & Thesaurus in The Ham Language

    About the author:

    Dr. Daniel M.N. McDikkoh was born in Jzheik Town (Kurmin Musa), in former Zaria Province, now Kaduna State of Nigeria.He was the sixth of a family of eleven children.

    He started his education at Sudan Interior Mission (SIM) Elementary or Primary School in January 1951 (and by-the-way stayed 4 years in just primary one from 1951 t0o 1954), and from 1955-1962, except for 1959, when he spent most of that year at home in the farm, when he finally completed primary seven.

    He then left Kurmin Musa for the Kagoro for the 1963 and 1964 to attend the then and now defunct Sudan Interior Mission (SIM) Kagoro Bible College and subsequently, he then proceeded to attend the Sudan United Mission (SUM) Nurse Training School at the Vom Christian Hospital from 1965 through 1968. Following his successful completion of the nursing education, he went to work as school nurse Gindiri and Schools Dispensary for the year 1969. From Gindiri and Schools, he then went to work for the Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital, Zaria from 1970 to 1971; and finally to the Sick Bay clinic of the A.B.U. Main Campus, Samaru, Zaria, in 1972, from where he proceeded to the United States for further studies early on January 6, 1973.


    In United States Dr. McDikkoh first studied at 1974 – 1975 at the Essex Community College and, then proceeded to study a baccalaureate degree in nursing from 1975 through 1978 at the Rutgers State University and graduated in 1978. During his university study years, he was very active in student affairs and helped organize the African Student Union and was then elected its first president in 1978.

    Following the completion of his nursing education at Rutgers University, Newark, New Jersey, he then attended Teachers’ College, Columbia University, New York City, New York from 1978 -1981 and obtained Masters of Education (M.Ed.) in nursing education and Masters of Arts (M.A.) in nursing supervision in 1980; from 1983 through 1985, he did post graduate studies (Ed. D degree program) in sociology of education at Rutgers State University of New jersey, New Brunswick, New Jersey but did not complete the program; but later on transferred to the Ph. D program at Southwestern University, New Orleans, Louisiana to study Health Care Administration, where he completed his doctoral studies in 1990. From 1989 to 1994 he studied medicine at the Spartan health Sciences University St. Lucia in the Caribbean Islands of West Indies, where he completed his received a medical, degree of doctor medicine in 1994. After graduating from the medical school, he returned to Nigeria, between 1996 and 2001 where he founded the Tijzheik Memorial Clinic in Kurmin Musa as preparatory work or harbinger for a proposed Tijzheik Memorial Hospital Kurmin Musa, Nigeria.


    Dr. Daniel McDikkoh currently resides in El Paso, Texas with his wife

    Leticia and four daughters: Diana Celestia, Cynthia Gimbiya who were brought from Nigerian 2007, Danielle Gimbia, and Epiphany Seim. He taught nursing at the department of nursing, El Paso Community College, El Paso, Texas in registered nurse program from 2003 to 2018 and taught predominantly medical-surgical and mental health nursing at the El Paso community College where he has been teaching. He retired in May, 2018 at the end of the 2017-2018 session. He has traveled far and wide in West Africa, North America – including Canada and Mexico – Europe, the Caribbean and parts of the Middle East, including Israel; he enjoys several out-door sports like soccer, tennis, hiking and bike riding.

  • PAMPERING PARENTS: Empowering Parents One Baby At A Time

    Registered nurse, Victoria Bidlack has been caring for newborns and their parents for over 30 years.  After the hands-on care of more than 16,000 babies, “nurse Vicky” as she is fondly referred to, has made it her life's mission to empower parents from all over the world and all walks of life. After reading this book, and putting into practice its empowering lessons, parents report gaining a sense of mastery in achieving their baby care goals. Parents will learn the four key elements in promoting “Baby Bliss”, along with what NOT to do in caring for your newborn.  This book is a must have for new parents or anyone who knows the pure joy of having a new baby in their life.

  • PROSTITUTES IN THE PEWS: The Pastors Are Not the Only Guilty Party

    The Pastors Are Not the Only Guilty Party

    Actual Interviews with Pastors That Have Yielded To Temptation and the Ones Who Lead Them There.

    Pastor Jonathan Stephens Jr. is pastor of Fountain of Life Redeem House of God Church in Association with Church of God in Christ Inc.

    He has pastored for 25 years. He is a third generation pastor beginning with his grandfather Curtis Killingsworth and his mother Pastor Arnell Stephens Grice and father Bishop Jonathan Stephens Sr. both being Pastors.

    Pastor Stephens received his Law Enforcement Degree from Syracuse University. He received his BA in Theology from International Seminary in Plymouth Florida. He received his Master Degree of Religious Education and is currently enrolled in a Doctorate Degree Program.

    He is the administrator of the International Satellite School at Fountain of Life in Syracuse, New York. Pastor Stephens has mastered teaching leadership skills fitted for all denominations. One of the classes he teaches is at Robert Weslin College in Rochester, New York through the Church of God in Christ. Pastor Stephens is available for revivals, seminars and leadership program seminars.

  • Scripture & Evangelism Planner: July–August–September

    ‘Scripture & Evangelism Planner’ is a method that I have found helpful for reading through the Bible every year. The morning and evening offerings follow the pattern of the six days of creation and the morning and evening offerings at the Tabernacle and later the Temple in Jerusalem where our Lord Jesus worshipped. The purpose of my writings is to make the Bible understood and appreciated by readers of all ages who perhaps have never studied the Bible before, or for Christians who want to go deeper into the Word of God on a basic level.

    About the author:

    This book, ‘Scripture & Evangelism Planner,’ has been at least fifty years in the making. Suffering from asthma and bouts of pneumonia as a young boy, it was sometimes difficult to sleep and I missed quite a bit of school at times. But I was an avid reader and I studied the Bible at a young age. About fifty years ago I nearly lost my life, but the Lord spared me and the medicine for my condition was rapidly improving at that time. The study of God’s Word has always been a part of my life. As my health slowly improved, I became a Sunday school teacher and taught children for much of my life, as well as serving in many areas of ministry and Church life. My work background is raising flowering bare root perennials at my family nursery in Holland, Michigan. I had been married for more than twenty-five years and had three sons before experiencing the tragedy of divorce. Yet again the Lord was merciful and I became involved in a Korean Church plant. Through the pastor of the Korean church, I went on two study tours in South Korea in 2013 and through him I was introduced to a dynamic Christian woman named Woonja Back. She was the first member of her family to accept Jesus into her life. Sharing the same love of Scripture and Evangelism, we were married on February 2, 2014 in Holland, Michigan and also had a wedding ceremony at her church in Incheon. However, the immigration process took two years to complete so that she could reside in the US, so I spent as much time in Korea as possible. During my visits and ministry in Korea, I witnessed a number of people in Korea accept Jesus into their hearts, even though I don’t speak Korean beyond a few words and phrases. Convinced that the Word of God brings salvation, I began writing a series of four books on January 1, 2017 and I have been posting my daily morning and evening lessons on Facebook. My prayer is that anyone who picks up this book or reads my lessons online will experience the same mercy that the Lord has shown to me.

  • Scripture & Evangelism Planner: October–November–December

    The theme of my second book in the Scripture & Evangelism is prayer.

    While there are numerous accounts of powerful individual prayers recorded in Scripture, Moses, Hannah, David, Nehemiah, Daniel, our Lord Jesus, Peter, and Paul, to name only a few, corporate prayer is a vital part of the relationship between God and His people. I have been attending a 6 am daily Morning Prayer meeting at Bethany Church in Holland, Michigan, since 2011. I have also spent time in South Korea, where is common for believers to meet for dawn prayer every day. At a Korean dawn prayer service, everyone prays aloud at the same time while hymns are played in the background. Hundreds or even thousands of Korean Christians regularly attend Morning Prayer at their churches. The Bible speaks of Morning and Evening at the creation of the world in Genesis 1 when God saw that everything that He had made was good. At the Temple in Jerusalem, Morning and Evening sacrificial offerings were made to the Lord. I would like to encourage my readers to establish a Morning Prayer and worship time each day with fellow Christians. However, if a busy schedule doesn’t permit time in the mornings, then pray and worship with other Christians in the evening. Like the Tabernacle, Christians, in 2 Corinthians 6:16 are the Temple of the Living God and our daily business is worship and prayer. Daily corporate prayer has changed my life and has given me the strength and confidence to write and publish my daily Bible study.

    Outline for a 30 minute Morning or Evening Prayer service:
    The Apostles Creed
    Singing one or two hymns or praise songs
    Reading a Scripture passage in unison
    Short discussion or meditation on the Scripture passage
    Prayer (Either by taking turns or everyone praying aloud together)

    Close with the Lord’s Prayer

    About the author:

    ‘Scripture & Evangelism Planner’ is a method that I have found helpful for reading through the Bible every year. The morning and evening offerings follow the pattern of the six days of creation and the morning and evening offerings at the Tabernacle and later the Temple in Jerusalem where our Lord Jesus worshipped. The purpose of my writings is to make the Bible understood and appreciated by readers of all ages who perhaps have never studied the Bible before, or for Christians who want to go deeper into the Word of God on a basic level.

  • The Blount Guide to Phonetic Reading

    The Blount Guide
    A logical manual for:

    1. Parents and teachers of reading to small children.
    2. Foreigners who wish to pronounce English correctly with instructions in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and German.
    3. Spelling teachers.
    4. Writers of books for children as they need to know which words are appropriate for each level of reading.
    5. Teachers of children with learning disabilities.
    6. Computer programmers who wish to program their computers to teach reading and spelling.
    7. English-speaking people who wish to know how to pronounce the sounds in Spanish of the ll, rr, and the ñ.

  • The Fascinating Native-American Involvement in Early California History: What you didn’t Learn in School

    Few people realize just how many Native Americans are in California’s history. For many the Donner Party, Mormon Battalion, Bear Flag Revolt, Charles Fremont, John Sutter, Governor Vallejo and Commodore Stockton are all a big jumble of history. How and why these events took place and the amazing parts that Native Americans played has never even been mentioned in the history you may have had in school. How this all came together, the amazing twists and turns, individuals and groups that made California are presented here in a way you have never even imagined.

    About the author:

    Guy Nixon (Redcorn) grew up in Gold Rush country and still lives only one mile from James Marshall’s Blacksmith shop in Kelsey, California. The Kelsey one room school house, where Guy’s father Bill attended school, was taught by Margaret Kelley until Bill entered the second grade. Margaret Kelly had taken care of James Marshall in his old age and had done a remarkable job of preserving early California history. Growing up in the community, with the old stories and original sites surrounding him, Guy Nixon (Redcorn) took a keen interest in this history and has spent more than 40 years researching this fascinating era. Guy Nixon (Redcorn) used his college degree while working for the U.S. Forest Service doing the first Abandoned Mine Survey for the El Dorado National Forest as well as the first survey of the old mule train trails that once supplied these mines. His intimate knowledge of the area and its fascinating history were the motivation for him to begin writing.

  • The Fire Escape: A Visual Survey. Second Edition

    In this second edition of the book, The Fire Escape, A Visual Survey, shows the physical urbanity and human condition of the forms of the cities and its fire escapes from twenty five cities/urban areas in all four corners of America. Specifically, it is a survey of an architectural component which was mostly an afterthought.

    The Fire Escape shows the art that was created as a result urban leaders placing more value on their own profit in the creation of buildings, than the lives of the many workers or occupants inside their capitalist machines, leaving legislators to come to the rescue with an external solution. This iconic form is glorified with scenes in movies, but their everyday existence is to hang there as lonely as the wealthy industrialist’s that initially omitted them. They speak of being our savior in an impending doom, and do so in shadows of light and mirrored reflections seen in complex overlapping Cartesian coordinates.

    This book shows the beauty of a dying and unique American architecture. The images highlight the fire escape as eerily frozen in time, like they are from a cold war East Berlin, waiting for their removal by a follow on urban renewal that may never come. Their increasing protection due to evolving civic affection for their role in our lives gives them cultural importance. And yet very few architectural forms exhibit this much soliloquy of repetition and rhythm that is so involved with the hieratic form of a life safety function. Function followed form here as expected, but they are ironic and speak of the human condition waiting for us to go down to our eventual end. They hang there like a hovering death eater or a cemetery we pass on the way to work reminding us of the frailty of human life and the inevitable last journey to a final destination that we all must face.

    About the author:

    Peter Lagomarsino a Senior Architect that has practiced Architecture for over twenty four years. He’s the author of “Confessions in a Crown Vic” a critique of the American “Dream” and the story of what really happened in development this last century. He is an avid photographer of architecture with over thirty six years been behind the camera. He also paints acrylic on canvas for art sales and commissioned work. He has Bachelors of Arts in Architecture from the University of New Mexico, a Masters of Architecture from Clemson University and is LEED Accredited. Part of his Masters, was at the Charles E. Daniels Center for Urban Design at Clemson’s Villa in Genoa Italy where he traveled extensively in Europe, Greece, and the Middle East capturing over six thousand images on slide medium.

  • The Great Retirement Hoax: An Indictment of Universal Life Insurance (Traditional & Indexed), the Insurance Companies That Offer Them, and the Sales People

    • Learn why whole life insurance from a mutual life insurance company is the BEST vehicle for creating your own personal “bank”.
    • Learn why whole life insurance is superior to 401(k) plans, 529 College Funds, and Roth IRAs.
    • Learn why universal life insurance (both traditional and indexed) is fraught with “danger” and cannot be relied upon for a retirement fund.
    • Learn that State Law (in most, if not all, states) protects all life insurance products from attachment or garnishment from creditors.
  • The Incredible Investment Book

    In 1974 Chuck Salisbury left his Real Estate Career in Springfield, Illinois and headed for a job with a Municipal Bond firm in Beverly Hills located at 8665 Wilshire Blvd. The small firm was called Stern-Brenner and Co. and little did he know that he had found a home where he could learn the Securities Business from the security and tax-free benefits offered by Municipal Bonds. In 74 most of the bonds were bought by institutions and banks but with the tax rate among the highest in History he decided that he needed to educate wealthy people and their CPA’s of the benefits of Muni’s. Getting off to a fast start on the phone he used his imagination to create a Municipal Bond seminar to attract wealthy people and Tax Preparers including local CPA’s. He supposed that the reason more wealthy people didn’t buy Muni’s to lower their taxes was because most didn’t know anything about them. Chuck was right and for the next 4 years he was busy doing seminars from San Jose to San Diego and built a substantial clientele of wealthy investors. He not only sold bonds but, with some of his wealthier clients, actually underwrote some smaller Special Assessment Bonds called 1911 Bonds.

    As a creative person who likes to think ” out of the box” he searched for bonds that had defaulted to see if there was a opportunity for greater profit as well as Tax-Free income. His biggest find was the Ontario Motor Speedway bonds which, as revenue bonds, couldn’t make the timely payment required. But Chuck read the original offering and found that the bond security was the property upon which the Speedway was built. As Commercial Property, next to the 10 Freeway, he concluded that the property was very valuable and confirmed that with a call to a local Real Estate broker. So Chuck called his wealthy Clients and encouraged them to buy the defaulted bonds at 25% of face value and then foreclose. That begin a 22 year career as a fixed income specialist with imagination. His clients were Hollywood elites, Sports Stars and his favorite, WWII Hero Jimmy Doolittle. Chuck loved to visit him in his sparse Santa Monica office. Chuck has many stories that now form a foundation for more investment books. Stay tuned.