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  • Will the Real Israel Please Stand Up!
    How Christians Are Robbed of Their Heritage

    What can we do about the decline of the Christian west? Like the ancient Israelites in Egypt, Americans are simply slaves driven by the taskmasters to produce more with less. This austerity has global ramifications as well. We are spoken of in economic terms such as “taxpayers” and “human resources” – just soul-less beings to be used for the machine. We are no longer “peoples” defined by a common culture, traditions, or eternal values. The church too is in decline.

    The author exposes some little known history of our ancestors and reveals the path to regain liberty. This book is “the rest of the story” and it should give Christians the basic principles needed to understand who they are, where they are going, and what is going on in the world. A primer into Christian Identity in a blend of history, politics and theology; the author proposes biblical measures that could revolutionize the church and the world. Christians and Patriots will never view the Bible the same after reading this book.