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  • Ol’ Shakey: Memories of a Flight Engineer

    After a lifetime of flying, with experience ranging from novice airman to Director of Training and Standards and pilot examiner for a top name in aviation training organization, there’s little Gene Fish hasn’t seen. Ol’ Shakey: Memories of a Flight Engineer shares some of the most memorable stories of Gene’s career as a Flight Engineer flying in the Douglas C-124 Globemaster II, nicknamed “Ol’ Shakey” – an aircraft that had a habit of keeping the flight crews on their toes dealing with quirky malfunctions. From a colorful layover at Midway Island to kite-flying at Pope Air Force Base, to overspeeding propellers, Gene’s stories will entertain military personnel, aviators and anyone who is enthusiastic about the romance of flying – and gives a glimpse of the reality behind that romance.

  • Our Parents Sins Breaking the Cycle

    About the Book
    Every soul has an agreement with God to fulfil a certain purpose. But fulfilling this purpose will not be fully achieved until generational sins are broken. God has given us all the choice of free will but unfortunately, humanity has taken it for granted. The naivety of mankind not being aware of the power in choice, or how it affects souls especially within a family. The repercussions to some of our choices that are made can last for generations. Life‘s journey is not a singular one, each individual is part of a soul group that is plagued by emotional disappointments created from the choices made by not only themselves but that of our parents. The ego repetitiously uses the emotional pain we carry, until we successfully energetically fall to lower consciousness. Where we continue to make choices from a place of disconnectedness, discouraging us from fulfilling our destiny This memoir is about how I dared to take the journey within connecting to my inner child. With the guidance of Spirit, I was able to unravel my parent’s stories revealing threads that lead back to me. Uncovering family secrets forced a healing deep within me, by consciously breaking a repetitive cycle of Our Parents Sins.

    About the Author
    Traveling to over thirty countries, living in six, Bernard Fisher a native New Yorker, a former international model, currently an actor. Embarked on a journey around the world, unaware that it would lead him on a journey with in, healed by becoming aware of self, freeing him of generational sins.

  • Raising Mario Twice: The Journey Continues

    This is the true story of one family’s heartfelt encounter with a tragic event. It is also a guide on how to survive the medical system and navigate through the stresses of a long-term recovery.

    On August 8, 2002, at the age of eighteen Mario Scharmer sustained a traumatic brain injury from an auto crash. The doctors put Mario in an induced coma for twenty-one days. It was not expected that he would live. Many people prayed for Mario and his family and even though Mario lived he was in a persistent vegetative state for another one hundred forty-one days. Doctors did not expect Mario to have any meaningful recovery. He came home quadriplegic. He wore diapers, couldn’t talk, walk, eat, or move. The first few years of taking care of Mario were extremely challenging. It has been a difficult journey, but neuron by neuron Mario has kept improving.

    After seventeen years Mario is still severely disabled, but living a happy, productive life. He is very active in his local community and continues to inspire others through his love and art.

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    About the Author:

    Christine Scharmer is a retired elementary school teacher, healer, care provider and inspirational speaker. She has been helping her disabled son with his recovery for seventeen years. She is committed to helping her son Mario with his mission to heal the world. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband Mark. Her oldest son Miguel is a registered nurse and poet.

  • Run Through the Jungle: Real Adventures in Vietnam with the 173rd Airborne Brigade

    An authentic account of combat with an airborne company in the waterlogged rice paddies and demanding jungles of South Vietnam. Share the experiences of fighting men under punishing conditions, extreme temperatures and intense monsoon rains as they search for the enemy in the rugged mountains and teeming lowlands. Relive all the terror, humor, and sadness of one man’s tour of duty with real life action in spectacular stunning detail.

  • So Long

    “So Long” is a powerful book that touches the deepest human core of emotion. Kathy captures the tender love, awareness and devotion of caring for a dying child, together with the agonizing helplessness experienced at the same moment. If you’ve ever wondered what true faith looks like in the midst of struggle, this book describes it perfectly.

    This story is not focused on ‘death,’ but rather, on enduring love.

    Author Bio

    Kathy Hardy currently lives in beautiful Fortuna, California with her husband of 36 years and five of their eight children. She works as a teachers aide in first grade classrooms and as a caregiver of the elderly.

  • The Biography of Billy Redcorn To Bill Nixon: Living Wah Kon Tah The Way 1900-1950

    The period from 1900 to 1950 was a unique time in America, It saw the greatest environmental disaster to date, The Dust Bowl, coupled with the financial disaster of the stock market crash of 1929. Life was often lived much closer to the land, This period is often referred to as “The Good Old Days” by those who lived them. Here this time is experienced as seen through the eyes of an Osage Indian Bill Nixon (Redcorn) in his following of Wah Kon Tah (The Way). It is a time capsule of this unique period and the forces that bind families, traditions and the science and technology of our ancestors to the present day, with meaning and reverence.

  • The Boy With the Blue Cap: Van Gogh in Arles

    Melding the historical, the imaginary, and the fine arts, The Boy with the Blue Cap presents the story behind Van Gogh’s paintings through the narrative of a young, precocious boy, Camille Roulin, son of a postal worker. Camille develops a close relationship with the artist and pulls the reader into the story as he follows Van Gogh around Arles, exploring his world of vibrant color and artistry. When Van Gogh meets two gypsy women, events in and around Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, heat up, providing an element of intrigue. Weaving the artistic life of Van Gogh, his spiritual thoughts, and his relationship to Gauguin, into the story of a boy and his family, the novel explores the exploits and talent of this great artist. It also captures the unique flavor of Provençal life during the eighteen month period in which Van Gogh lived and painted in the Midi.

    About the author

    Norman Beaupré, Ph.D. was born in Maine and pursued his graduate education at Brown University. He taught over thirty years at the University of New England in Maine where he is presently Professor Emeritus. He has traveled extensively and spent two sabbaticals in Paris. He has written and published twenty-one books in English and in French. In 2008, he was awarded the medal of “Ordre des Arts et Lettres” by the French Ministry of Culture and Communications in Paris for his outstanding contribution to French culture.

  • The Dark Secrets of Woodruff County

    This is the story of a black family that was living in poverty in the Deep South. Despite their circumstances their home was filled with love, unity, and respect.

    It is the story about how some race haters and the alleged Ku Klux Klan including; Police Officers, Pathologist, the Fire Marshall, and the County Coroner conspired to cover up the murder of five innocent children.

    This is the voice that the brother of the murdered children, after spending 30 years of his life searching for justice and closure. As a result of his lifetime search, in 2014 he was able to persuade some of the white residents of Woodruff County to meet with the FBI. Through his persistence and perseverance some of the white residents came forward with testimonies naming those involved.

    This is the autobiography of Kent Handy, who was born in Little Rock Arkansas in 1960. Kent lived there for five years until his family moved to Augusta, which was 90 miles away from Little Rock.

    He attended the Augusta School System until he was the midpoint of his senior year then he moved back to Little Rock. At that time he resided with his father where he was able to return to school and graduated with the class of 1981 from Little Rock Hall High School.

    In the 1982 Kent joined the Arkansas National Guard and served 6 years, at which time he was able to ETS in August of 1988. Four years would pass before Kent would leave Arkansas and move to Rochester, NY.

    Around the year of 1998 Kent obtained a job position with the company Xerox. He maintained his employment there until the work in his department was sent overseas in 2001. That is when he began to have the vision of owning his own company.

    In the year 2005 Kent’s vision came to life and he became the CEO of his own record label known as, Authority Records. Although Authority Records only had one artist, Tieara Da Nu Era, Kent was able to take her and build his label traveling across the country. They had performances in places like New York, Atlanta and Miami just to name a few. Kent had the opportunity to expose his artist to legendary artists like Omarion and Reginald Lavert, and he also arranged an event that brought Bobby Jones Gospel of BET to Rochester, NY. Despite the success that he was experiencing there was a pull on Kent’s heart he could not ignore, and he decided to leave the music business.

    It was during this time he knew he had to write his book entitled, “The Dark Secrets of Woodruff County”, after he had been searching the country for 30 years for justice. This true story is about the tragic deaths of his family caused by the Ku Klux Klan in March of 1984 while they lived in Augusta, Arkansas.

  • The Greatest Generation : The 40’s, American in Decline 70 Years Later

    This is a look at history that covers an exciting period from 1940 to 2000. These seventy years was a mystery novel, in theory. _ ere were so many different plots and interchangeable events, without a clear solution of an outcome or ending. History will not flow like a romantic novel. Each of my chapters will have an independent flow of facts and opinions of its own. Each chapter will be venturing separately into different time zones. History will present itself according to different perceptions of different times by one’s point of view. It’s like a pair of dice: 4 + 2 = 6, 5 + I = 6, and 3 + 3 = 6. They all have the same results; but it depends on your perception. What was more of a milestone, the election of the first black American president or the election of the first Catholic president in 1960? You cannot rewrite history; you can only inject parts of the past into present times. One thing you cannot guarantee is that the past will repeat itself or affect the future. I have instituted separate sections called creative sidelines. They will be independent of any chapters. They are brief passages of events that had a profound effect on history. A collection of facts, they will challenge individual readers to seek additional knowledge about these events. Revisiting the past, what knowledge or perception could a person have that was born in 1960, 1970, or 1980 of the Manhattan Project of the 1940s, the U-2 Incident of the 1950s, the Cuban Missile Crisis during the 1960s, Soul Train, Watergate, or in the 1990s, the Hanging Chad? Creative sidelines respond to time and events. Look at a spot on a mirror and only a few inches away it is not visible. Step back a few feet, that spot becomes clear and visible. _ is book gives you the opportunity to step back, examine, or challenge the facts or opinions of the past or present time.


    About the author:

    MICHAEL P. KOST was born and raised on Long Island, New York. After graduating from Westbury High School in 1961, he joined the US Army. Upon completing basic training, he was assigned to serve in Berlin, Germany. _ ere he witnessed the construction of the Berlin Wall. After his tour of duty, Kost returned to Long Island to run his family’s restaurant for several years until in the mid-eighties he decided to relocate to Hawaii.

  • The Little Eater of Bleeding Hearts: A Memoir

    “The Little Eater of Bleeding Hearts is a testimony of a milieu and of an era that history has no right to erase.” ANTONINE MAILLET

    Very rarely do Americans dare to write in French nowadays. The author, Norman Beaupré, has a special talent for doing so. He’s the one who translated his original autobiographical novel, Le Petit Mangeur de Fleurs(The Little Eater of Flowers), with a sensitivity to words as well as an exceptional authenticity in expressing his thoughts on his own growing up. One could easily say that it is the merger of the simplicity of a child with the wisdom of one who has struggled to maintain his own cultural identity as a Francophone writer. The author revealed, during one interview in France, that he found the work authentic for many reasons but especially because he had to recollect memories from long past that were, and still are, painful to him.

    The Francophone population of New England laments the erosion of its language and culture. Each one struggles in his own way attempting to remain faithful to the collective identity they grew up with. Norman Beaupré, while playing with words and sometimes with bleeding hearts, dares to become, by doing so, one of the standard bearers of the ethnic group to which he belongs. This work not only touches upon memories of growing up but the very lives with which the author came into contact from as far as he can remember up to his late teens. A work of cultural richness and pride(fierté), as a reader from Dijon, France, once expressed to the author at a Salon du Livre that he attended in 2007.

    About the author:

    Norman Beaupré was born in Maine and is presently Professor Emeritus at the University of New England. He is the author of twenty-three publications. He writes both in French and in English. His latest novel is Lucienne, la simple d’esprit, a novel of three generations of a Québécois family. He has traveled extensively and has done much research for his works. He was decorated by the French government with the rank of Officier dans l’Ordre des Arts et Lettres for his outstanding contribution to French culture.