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  • The Inside Secrets to Playing College Sports: What Every Mom and Dad Must Know

    The college recruiting success of high school athletes most often falls on the shoulders of their parents. Earning a real college sports playing opportunity depends on what you know, or don’t know.

    The Inside Secrets to Playing College Sports—What Every Mom and Dad Must Know provides parents with the inside secrets and critical knowledge that’s needed to successfully navigate the complex recruiting process. This book teaches parents what they must know in order to manage the college recruiting process effectively, from start to finish. Parents will learn the CollegeLogic Ten Step process that’s proven to deliver desired results.

  • The Legacy of Rami the Wolf

    This is the third book about Rami the wolf. Rami devoted her life to teaching respect and appreciation for the wolf and its value to a healthy ecosystem. She lived where respect for preservation of the environment and conservation of natural resources was highly valued. Though she is no longer with us, the story is told from her perspective, as she might have lived it.

  • The Monkey Named Moe

    I love to write children books. I used to read children’s books every night with my daughter. We loved the ones that rhymed. They were fun to read. Now as a writer, I love to write children’s books. And I like them to teach children something good from each book. I also collect anything with dragonflies on it because I love dragonflies.

  • The Rory Story

    Rory the dog and Anna the human are best friends, spending every day together, going on adventures and exploring the world around them. Celebrate your own dog as you read about Rory and Anna's adventures, and know that time spent with our furry friends is a great privilege. Dogs bring out the best in us, and they teach us to be positive and love unconditionally. Give your kiddo and your pup a kiss on the head as you adventure with Rory and Anna through their time together.

    About the Author:

    Julianna Blankenship is an author from Troy, Michigan, and has been writing children's literature since 2007. Focusing on messages of friendship, hope, family and teamwork, Blankenship authors books that foster a lifelong love of reading. Check out her other title, Sally Lumpkins' Party.

  • The Three Little Orphan Kittens

    David and Rachel Wise were not cat lovers prior to being adopted by three 6-day old, female Tuxedo Kittens, Curly, BeeBee and Little One. In their forty years of marriage they had three small dogs; Tinker Bell, adopted from the Humane Society; Muffin, a gray toy Poodle Rachel won at a pet shop; then Buffy, an apricot Poodle from the Humane Society.

    The Wise’s can’t count the number of stray cats and dogs left near their home in the country who eventually found either the front or the back door. Some were given to friends, family or had to be turned over to the Humane Society because of diseases.

    When the triplet Kittens came to stay, love for them quickly grew.

  • The Witch That Almost Didn’t

    This is a story about a witch who doesn’t know how to fly. “I can’t, I can’t. I know I can’t. I wouldn’t even try. I couldn’t and I know I wouldn’t Ever learn to fly.”

  • Totally Inappropriate

    Totally Inappropriate is a story for young readers about a sheep and two cats that go on a historic tour of Great Britain. It is a humorous tale about political correctness and basic, human values.
    There is a list of difficult words in the appendix as well as a list of 130 things that money cannot buy.

    The endearing humour portrayed by these creatures is sure to warm the heart as well as address some of the more complex matters of life as we know it.

    It is illustrated by the author with simple pen and ink drawings. Teresa has also designed and painted the book cover. This book aims to make refreshing change in the minds of young readers at home and abroad.

    About the Author:

    TERESA L. STEELE is an author and book illustrator, born in the north of England U.K. and now residing in Ontario, Canada. She is well-travelled and has a love for the simplicity of life. She has a Diploma in interpretive book illustration from Sheridan College, Ontario, as well as a Diploma in Education and Training from Sunderland University, England.