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  • Rise up: Growth of Women’s Sports, Officiating Basketball, Living with a Chronic Illness

    Rising up is not as easy to do as we think it is. This entitles us to do the things that we are meant to do. It’s about overcoming the weakness in woman’s basketball officiating. This also help us to figure out what to do when you have a chronic illness and how to succeed. As I rose up to do all the things that I could do I had obstacles to face. From the beginning of the challenges in officiating, to the things that I rose up to do through my Years of Living. To working as staff at Major League Sports too fighting Multiple Sclerosis. I live the life of coming in and out of health obstacles and how to deal with what I was handed. I enjoyed every step of the way even though it was a fight to succeed. This book is about everything that came along the way that I had to rise up to do.

    About the author:

    Dana Senders is a 60 year-old woman, currently struggling with the debilitating effects of multiple sclerosis (MS). Dana, with the urging of those dear to her, shares how she lived an active life before MS, during early onset of the disease and now, as MS effects every moment of her life.

    Dana was a business woman, an NCAA Women’s Basketball regular season/tournament referee, owner/ Director of a successful Officiating Camp and Coordinator of Women’s Basketball Officiating in the West Coast Conference. Dana impacted the lives of hundreds of individuals pre-MS and during the last 10 years as this disease changed the course of her life as she knew it.

    Reading this book will effect how you view yourself. Whether you are healthy or yet unaware of your physical well-being.

    Dana made a difference in everything she was associated with… pre and post MS.

  • Row, Row, Row Your Boat

    A very merry bundle of different variations on the popular nursery rhyme, this simple and engaging book is an excellent way to familiarize young children with the concepts of rhythm and rhyme. A sing-along-version is also available online.

    RIFFKE, Author
    Cesar “Riffke” Alarcon always said he wanted to be a writer when he grew up. He is still waiting for that grown up feeling to kick in. A published academic author, the birth of his first daughter (and endless rhymes) inspired him to keep on rhyming with her.

    HECTOR BUSTAMANTE, Illustrator
    He began his career as an illustrator and animator in 1999. His career in film includes writing and directing the feature “Legend of Artaban”. In 2007 he founded his own Animation Studio ESPEKTRO FILMS. His work as creator includes the animated short films “Feeling Locky” and “Bulletproof”.

  • Snowball’s Sheepdog Adventures: Fall

    Snowball’s Sheepdog Adventures follows this Old English Sheepdog as he tours around his neighborhood. Snowball finds adventures in all seasons of the year, especially certain holidays. Read how Snowball meets friends, cares for them and teaches all of us important lessons.

    About the Author:

    Margie Lennon is a journalist and dog lover. She grew up with dogs and recounts some of her memorable childhood days through Snowball’s Sheepdog Adventures. Margie has dog memorabilia in her home and office. She enjoys time with children, pets and family. Read her other books: Snowball’s Sheepdog Adventures: Spring, Snowball’s Sheepdog Adventures: Summer. Look for Snowball’s Sheepdog Adventures: Winter, soon.

  • Snowman Jacks and Rabbit Tracks

    If you have ever needed encouragement from friends to begin a major project, you will relate to the main character. If you are a parent, you will understand the importance of support and invitation to try something new.

    Snowman Jacks wants to explore and have fun, but he does not believe he can run. Because Jacks does not believe in himself, he is afraid to try, even though a friend encourages him repeatedly. Jacks’s desire grows stronger and stronger until he decides to

    About the Author:

    Margaret Smolik is a professional copyeditor and author. Her poetry has been published in Lyrical Iowa, and her memoir, Like a Haystack, is an interesting account of her family’s experiences as refuges in Europe during WWII. She earned BS and MS degrees from Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa, and taught secondarylevel English and writing and collegelevel composition. She and her husband raised four children. Currently living in Osage, Iowa, she is an active member of her community and local writer’s club.

  • Sweet Sweet Addiction: Pain and Pleasure of a Tennis Playing Family

    Sweet, Sweet Addiction relates the story of a family man driven by his passion to learn tennis at an age when most professional players retire. George Newton is age 33 when he finds the game. He plunges into the sport and pursues it as if he is addicted. He dealt with the duplicity of balancing tennis practice against the demands of domestic and professional life.

    The story unfolds a progressive development of this tennis family. The Senior Newton advanced through years of competition to National and International Levels. His wife, Rossana evolved to become his main cheerleader, scorer-keeper and “coach”. His sons Geoff and Greg obtained Athletic University Scholarships.

    The book concludes with the author changing careers from Education to Sports. Newton follows his passion and becomes a Certified Instructor. Consequently, he motivates hundreds of players to enjoy the sport. The book appeals to adults (no matter how old), to pursue their passion aggressively and live a fulfilled life.

  • The Adventures of Professor Poodle & Auggie: Let’s Collect the Alphabet

    “Auggie!” said Professor Poodle. “Let's see if we can find all the letters in the alphabet.”

    “Okay, Professor Poodle. I think I see A hiding in that pile of hay.”

    Auggie sniffed at the A and ran away because he disturbed the B in the hay!

    Will Auggie the Doggie and Professor Poodle find all the letters of the alphabet? Read Mark Vogel's…The Adventures of Professor Poodle and Auggie: Let's Collect the Alphabet to find out.


    About the author:                      

    Mark Vogel retired from the United States Coast Guard in 2006 and currently lives in Chesapeake, Virginia with his wife Grace. They have three son's, Christopher, Matthew and Adam and three grandchildren, Skylar, Rylee and Owen. This is Mark's third children's book and he is currently involved in writing others.

  • The Caged Princess

    The Caged Princess is a fairy tale meant to give an illustration for the basic teachings of Christian salvation. A princess (a.k.a fallen man) needs to be rescued from an evil dragon; but, rather like most fairy tales, the princess isn’t just swept off her feet to safety. Instead she is given the power, tools, and ability to overcome and defeat her enemy by the sacrifice of her prince. Basically, this is the message of the cross and resurrection of Christ. God doesn’t just fight for us He strengthens our arms for battle. The princess transforms from a beaten, worn, hopeless, and helpless victim to a mighty overcomer. Sometimes we feel helpless against our own personal demons and we need a reminder that it is God who enables us to do more than we could ever hope or imagine.

    About the Author:

    So, here’s a little about myself. I love my God, my family, and my home. I was taught about Jesus growing up and met Him at the age of ten. Since then I’ve had moments of strengths, weakness, and failure; but He has always been faithful and never disappointed me. I’ve been blessed with a husband and children; each of which is a game changer. Seriously, I always considered myself a child/parenting expert; until I had kids. I just want to apologize to every parent I have ever judged; you now have my empathy. Still, the love and acceptance I get from my children is beyond expected. Even in moments of ups and downs they are gifts. Growing up, my home was wherever the military sent us. I went to four different High Schools in four different states. I’ve also lived in Iceland and Okinawa. Still, South Carolina was our home away from home. It is my beloved Palmetto State. Well, there it is in a paragraph. Hope y’all enjoyed the story.

  • The Colors I Feel

    Emotions are complicated to explain, especially to a child. But with The Colors I Feel, there’s now a fun way to help your children discover, identify, and personify their own emotions. So what color are you feeling today?

  • The Hermit and the Time Machine by Richard J. Ward

    The Hermit and the Time Machine

    Try to imagine the future…without humans.

    Well, that is what Jade and Gilbert have seen as they traveled to the future world inhabited by robots.

    What do you think will happen to the world? Or better yet, what do you think will happen to Jade and Gilbert as they travel through time?

  • The Inside Secrets to Playing College Sports: What Every Mom and Dad Must Know

    The college recruiting success of high school athletes most often falls on the shoulders of their parents. Earning a real college sports playing opportunity depends on what you know, or don’t know.

    The Inside Secrets to Playing College Sports—What Every Mom and Dad Must Know provides parents with the inside secrets and critical knowledge that’s needed to successfully navigate the complex recruiting process. This book teaches parents what they must know in order to manage the college recruiting process effectively, from start to finish. Parents will learn the CollegeLogic Ten Step process that’s proven to deliver desired results.




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