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  • Paradise: A Short Story About Life After the Shift

    Can you imagine life without fear?

    The “unthinkable” has occurred. The Great
    Mother Earth has endured too much abuse and throws a tantrum to end all tantrums. Her body shudders and the ground heaves, volcanoes erupt, tidal waves and wind explode! As the dust settles, those remaining see clearly the ramifications of a fear-based society working against nature.

    The vibration of the planet and her inhabitants has increased. A “remembering” blossoms as does the resolve to establish a peaceful, loving planet filled with joy. This new Earth manifests as Paradise. Life in all things is realized along with the understanding that we are all one. What does life without fear look like?

    About the author:

    “My life has been profoundly changed by many of the books I have read. My desire is that Paradise leave the reader changed in a positive way– willing to release fear and go forth in peaceful expectancy.”

    JoAnn Miller, writing under Daugherty and associates, is a Peace Prophetess and an Intuitive. She specializes in a variety of readings designed to lead the client toward their destiny. You are invited to visit her at www.windancer-JoAnn.com.

  • Pick Me Up! Inspirational Messages to Make You Jump for Joy: Inspirational Messages to Make You Jump for Joy

    This is a no-nonsense, feel good about yourself book dedicated to inspiring you to become who you were born to be. It is to be used as a quick reminder of the talents you possess. Who are you anyway? What makes you stand out? What are the unique blend of talents and experiences that only you can offer?

    Michelle Mattsen is a Speaker, Author and Certified Core Passion Facilitator. Her goal is to help you live up to your true potential. When you need a quick pick me up, when you’re feeling down, pick up this book to help you connect with what makes you special and get back on track.

    Michelle is also a Certified Life Coach (CEC, Certified Effectiveness Trainer (CET) and a member of Toastmasters International (ACG, ALS). Since earning her B.S. in International Business, she has worked in various management positions at both the corporate and government level. Michelle enjoys reading, walking, biking, flower gardening, and hanging out with friends and Family.

    Michelle Mattsen
    Your True Heart’s Desire
    Blog: I Didn’t Come Here to do This!
    Face Book – Pick Me Up, Please

  • Scripted in Heaven

          Scripted in Heaven follows the journey of Dr. Robinson V. Baron and his physical and metaphysical healing.
          As a stubborn surgeon, he ignores a cryptic warning from an old lady about a supposedly imminent complication with his health. The struggles that follow take him to a journey of spiritual renewal, which leads him to rediscover his true faith and his true love.
          He seeks for the divine guidance of Padre Pio da Pietrelcina while trials and tribulations test him and his family. His devotion grew, even causing him to embark on a punishing pilgrimage to San Giovanni Rotondo in Italy, despite his fragile health.
          His mystical metamorphosis is a story of courage, sacrifice, and triumph. It inspires the reader to reflect on his own weaknesses and makes him long for purpose and Truth in this mortal life.

  • Snowman Jacks and Rabbit Tracks

    If you have ever needed encouragement from friends to begin a major project, you will relate to the main character. If you are a parent, you will understand the importance of support and invitation to try something new.

    Snowman Jacks wants to explore and have fun, but he does not believe he can run. Because Jacks does not believe in himself, he is afraid to try, even though a friend encourages him repeatedly. Jacks’s desire grows stronger and stronger until he decides to

    About the Author:

    Margaret Smolik is a professional copyeditor and author. Her poetry has been published in Lyrical Iowa, and her memoir, Like a Haystack, is an interesting account of her family’s experiences as refuges in Europe during WWII. She earned BS and MS degrees from Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa, and taught secondarylevel English and writing and collegelevel composition. She and her husband raised four children. Currently living in Osage, Iowa, she is an active member of her community and local writer’s club.

  • Sympathetic Testimonials

    This book is a compilation of true life experiences of mine with exception of Salt in the Wound and Wolf fight. They tell of how life’s experiences will and can affect one’s mental and physical stability and the necessity of others to help a person who may have similar experiences. Even though they survey sadness they ultimately portray one’s approach to reality after the experience. They also can be taken as warnings on what to steer clear of.

    About the author:

    I am a retiree from hospital work for 4-5 years and also from being an Assistance Drug Counselor for 4 years part time. I reside in the City of New York and have resided here for 18 years. My educational background is one of college experience where I studied Psychology. Although I studied Psychology, I was unable to find work immediately when finished back in 1976. I am 64 years old and have been homeless, imprisoned and have experienced death of family members. This book therefore is based on some of those experiences of sadness.

  • The Communication Gap: Breaking the Cosmic Communication Barrier

    Breaking the cosmic communication barrier is breaking the constricted barrier of the dual mind. Have you ever wondered why there are those who have ears that hear not and eyes that see not? It is evident that it’s not enough to simply hear or see things, for there is something missing when one simply does that.

    By breaking the barrier of the dual mind, we come to see and not see at the same time, and to hear and not hear at the same time. We come to have ears that hear and eyes that see. This is why the deaf are said to hear and the blind are said to see.

  • The Creation

    This book was written to enhance the readers concerning the making of the whole universe and all that exist according to scripture and who made it and placed everything in its’ proper place. It dismisses all theories and myths that have been taught throughout the world. There is only one God who have created everything including the atmosphere. No other gods created this world as we were taught in our schools. It dismisses all myths and theories that exist by Scientist, and Astrologist. Everything was discussed thoroughly from the Holy Bible, King James Version. Everything that was created was explained and the way it was created.

    About the Author:
    My name is Rev. Carlton Whaley and I am an ordained Baptist preacher from a town called Ladson which is in South Carolina in the United States of America. I was born and raised in a town called Mount Holly in the same state. I have a Bachelor of Theology from International Seminary located in Plymouth Florida. I Have a Bachelor in Christian Counseling and Master of Divinity from Carolina Theological Bible Institute located in Bowman SC, where some of my understanding came from in writing this book and working in the Ministry. I am married with one daughter.

  • The Embrace of Two Stories

    About the author:

    At age 62, Sara Taft discovered she had a serious auto-immune disease that was destroying her liver. Her healing journey led her on a stunning shamanic path that revealed the power of the sacred feminine and brought her a successful liver transplant and a spiritual awakening. This transformation flourished in Sara’s own artwork, featured in this book, and deepened her wisdom as an archetypal astrologer in the tradition of C. G. Jung, her professional practice for over 30 years. Sara lives in Los Angeles where she continues to paint, offer astrological consultation, and participates in group dream work. She has two daughters and a son and seven grandchildren.


    The Fruit of the Nut:


    For Max, “Who says so well what can’t be said,” Walter Starke, inspiring author of ‘God is All.’
    In this book, Max unites ‘SPIRITUAL THOUGHT’ with ‘quantum’ discovery, Revealed to Enlighten humanity with Innate Power, in order to overcome egoistic discordant condition. Virtual reality, exposed as illusion, grips mankind and is replaced with The Expansive Cosmic Conscious Universal Reality of Wisdom Encompassing ‘ALL LIFE.’


  • The Gift of Gems

    A story of lost and found, second chances, and intrigue. Will the second time around be the gift that keeps on giving?

    About the Author:

    Patricia Byrd Barone is the mother of five children. She is a native of North Carolina and a graduate of Meredith College. In B.C., her lifetime before children, she was an elementary school teacher in Goldsboro, N.C., Bellevue, Washington, and Mannheim-Kafertal, Germany. While teaching in an Army Dependents School she met her husband Bob. They now reside in Ohio. For fun she writes, plays the piano, volunteers for the performing arts, and paints portraits of her grandchildren, Ashley, Zack, Alex, Carley, Will, Hannah, Madison, Samantha, Madeline, Allison and Benjamin.