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  • The Dark Secrets of Woodruff County

    This is the story of a black family that was living in poverty in the Deep South. Despite their circumstances their home was filled with love, unity, and respect.

    It is the story about how some race haters and the alleged Ku Klux Klan including; Police Officers, Pathologist, the Fire Marshall, and the County Coroner conspired to cover up the murder of five innocent children.

    This is the voice that the brother of the murdered children, after spending 30 years of his life searching for justice and closure. As a result of his lifetime search, in 2014 he was able to persuade some of the white residents of Woodruff County to meet with the FBI. Through his persistence and perseverance some of the white residents came forward with testimonies naming those involved.

    This is the autobiography of Kent Handy, who was born in Little Rock Arkansas in 1960. Kent lived there for five years until his family moved to Augusta, which was 90 miles away from Little Rock.

    He attended the Augusta School System until he was the midpoint of his senior year then he moved back to Little Rock. At that time he resided with his father where he was able to return to school and graduated with the class of 1981 from Little Rock Hall High School.

    In the 1982 Kent joined the Arkansas National Guard and served 6 years, at which time he was able to ETS in August of 1988. Four years would pass before Kent would leave Arkansas and move to Rochester, NY.

    Around the year of 1998 Kent obtained a job position with the company Xerox. He maintained his employment there until the work in his department was sent overseas in 2001. That is when he began to have the vision of owning his own company.

    In the year 2005 Kent’s vision came to life and he became the CEO of his own record label known as, Authority Records. Although Authority Records only had one artist, Tieara Da Nu Era, Kent was able to take her and build his label traveling across the country. They had performances in places like New York, Atlanta and Miami just to name a few. Kent had the opportunity to expose his artist to legendary artists like Omarion and Reginald Lavert, and he also arranged an event that brought Bobby Jones Gospel of BET to Rochester, NY. Despite the success that he was experiencing there was a pull on Kent’s heart he could not ignore, and he decided to leave the music business.

    It was during this time he knew he had to write his book entitled, “The Dark Secrets of Woodruff County”, after he had been searching the country for 30 years for justice. This true story is about the tragic deaths of his family caused by the Ku Klux Klan in March of 1984 while they lived in Augusta, Arkansas.

  • The Fascinating Native-American Involvement in Early California History: What you didn’t Learn in School

    Few people realize just how many Native Americans are in California’s history. For many the Donner Party, Mormon Battalion, Bear Flag Revolt, Charles Fremont, John Sutter, Governor Vallejo and Commodore Stockton are all a big jumble of history. How and why these events took place and the amazing parts that Native Americans played has never even been mentioned in the history you may have had in school. How this all came together, the amazing twists and turns, individuals and groups that made California are presented here in a way you have never even imagined.

    About the author:

    Guy Nixon (Redcorn) grew up in Gold Rush country and still lives only one mile from James Marshall’s Blacksmith shop in Kelsey, California. The Kelsey one room school house, where Guy’s father Bill attended school, was taught by Margaret Kelley until Bill entered the second grade. Margaret Kelly had taken care of James Marshall in his old age and had done a remarkable job of preserving early California history. Growing up in the community, with the old stories and original sites surrounding him, Guy Nixon (Redcorn) took a keen interest in this history and has spent more than 40 years researching this fascinating era. Guy Nixon (Redcorn) used his college degree while working for the U.S. Forest Service doing the first Abandoned Mine Survey for the El Dorado National Forest as well as the first survey of the old mule train trails that once supplied these mines. His intimate knowledge of the area and its fascinating history were the motivation for him to begin writing.

  • The Management of the Education of Blind and Visually Impaired Students in Nigeria’s State Capitals of Kwara, Lagos, and Plateau

    I was born in the village of Bode in the year 1955. I became blind when I was five years of age. I did not start my primary school education until I was 10 years of age. I successfully completed my primary school education in the year 1966. I did not stop there, in 1967, I attended Osodi Vocational Training Center for the Blind. In 1968, I completed my course there as a telephone operator. I was also taught advance braille. In 1969, I attended IWO Catholic Secondary Modern School where I was trained as a typist and completed in 1970. In 1971, I had the opportunity to attend Ibadan Christ Apostolic Grammar School where I did my high school education. In 1975, I graduated from Christ Apostolic Grammar School. In 1981, dean then Oyo State Government give me scholarship to come to United States of America for further studies. I was admitted by dean then Arkansas Enterprises for the Blind and now known as International Lion Services for the Blind. I was there for two semesters. In 1982-1985, I started my degree program at Philander Smith College in Little Rock, Arkansas. I completed my degree in 3 years instead of 4. While I was there, I was a member of WHO is WHO, among universities and colleges. I was also a member of Alpha Cappa Mu, an academic honor society. My academic achievements impressed my academic dean then to the extent that he called our university for them to give my scholarship to do my Master’s in Education. I started my masters in Howard University in January 1986. I successfully my master’s degree in 3 semesters instead of 4. In 1988, I started my PhD program at Gallaudet University located in DC. I successfully completed that in 2008 in Special Education Administration.

    The book specifically dealing with the inadequate way of managing the blind education in three state capitals of Kwara, Lagos, and Plateau, states of Nigeria.

  • Thunder At River Station

    “Well, Doc, I guess by now you understand we’ve got no goddamn use for sympathizers who love those black skinned folks.” Realizing that the dial of his life was showing the hands near the midnight hour, the trembling doctor felt a sudden serene and willful peace come over him.

    Thunder at River Station is a compelling and vivid fictional story of two doctors of medicine involved with the thundering sounds coming from millions of long horn cattle, blazing guns, and men with very different views on life that were once part of the expanding and rugged Western frontier spreading from Missouri to Texas during the turbulent years of the mid and late 1800s.

    This is a must-read for those with interest in the Civil War and the issues faced by individuals and our entire nation during that time.

    About the author:

    During his thirty-five-year career as a physician with a medical specialty in Radiology, the Author was the recipient of both state and national recognition for his professional leadership and achievements in both clinical and academic medicine. Since his retirement from medicine in 1995, he has come to enjoy a successful second career as both an artist and free-lance writer. His award-winning illustrations and bronze sculptures can be found in private art collections, galleries, homes, offices and schools from coast to coast. His publications are available through Amazon and Barnes-Noble stores. Briney enjoys associate and lifetime memberships in several medical, art and literary societies and associations that include the Texas League of Writers and the Western Writers of America.

    Through the years, the Author and his wife of sixty years have enjoyed traveling to many parts of the world. They reside in the cattle ranching country of north central Texas. The Briney’s have five adult grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

  • Waiting for General MacArthur

    Virgilio’s story had to be told. The time had come when Virgilio Gonzales just had to tell his story. It could wait no longer. The time had not softened the memories of his youth, when the Japanese occupied the Philippines, his native country, during World War II.

    The story, as all powerful stories had to come out into words that would last. And so the now 80-year-old Danbury resident sat down to write. It took four years to complete and publish “Waiting for General MacArthur.” Virgilio can now hold the soft-cover book in his hands.

    I, for one, am glad he sat down years ago to finally tell his story.

    – Jacqueline Smith, managing director
    of the News-Times, Danbury, Connecticut

    Virgilio I. Gonzales was born in 1932 in Cavite City in the Philippines. He grew up during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines in WWII. He studied and graduated with a chemistry degree from University of the Philippines. He married a fellow chemist Maria Corazon Jimenea, and they have three children – Arsenio, Leilani and Leo. In 1978 he emigrated to the United States and in 1982 he petitioned his family to join him in Danbury, Connecticut, where he worked as a chemist at Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals.He retired in 1997 and enrolled in a short novel writing course at the Western Connecticut State University. “Waiting for General MacArthur” was the product of that course. It took a lifetime to write the book.

  • Welcome to Summersville, USA

    Welcome to Summersville is a humorous, satirical novel.
    Sal D’ Angelo hopes to give his son, Randy, $1,500 to start college in 1972, but
    is broke. Though Sal lacks restaurant experience, Pearl persuades him and his
    family to run her luncheonette at her Catskill bungalow colony, claiming they’ll
    profit $5,000.
    The soda counter and vital kitchen equipment is old and unworkable, he
    soon discovers. There’s no air conditioning or acoustical ceiling tiles to absorb
    the deafening noise. Playing pinball, campers push, fight and shout. They curse
    when they tilt the machine or when balls land in traps and they try to rewire
    the machines to get free games. Sal’s wife touches a girl while leading her out
    for screaming hysterically at a misbehaving ball, and her father threatens to sue.
    Lounging, teens are reluctant to remove their feet from tables containing salt
    and sugar they pile and squirt with ketchup. Two male dogs knock over chairs
    while tearing after a female poodle in heat. Waiting on line for their orders, parents
    push one another, demand better service, and curse the family for running out
    of spaghetti.
    Girls scream when the campers flap a dead snake on the counter. So do their
    moms playing mahjong outside after receiving the same gift. A bully ties up the
    D’ Angelos’ youngest son inside a dilapidated bungalow.
    Before Sal leaves, Pearl falsely accuses him of taking home most of his stock
    instead of leaving it for her. Consequently, she persuades Bernie, renter of the
    machines, to give her Sal’s share after adjusting them to provide extra free games.
    More curious about the obvious record take than angry, exhausted, Sal drives
    home instead of calling the police.




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