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  • The Fascinating Native-American Involvement in Early California History: What you didn’t Learn in School

    Few people realize just how many Native Americans are in California’s history. For many the Donner Party, Mormon Battalion, Bear Flag Revolt, Charles Fremont, John Sutter, Governor Vallejo and Commodore Stockton are all a big jumble of history. How and why these events took place and the amazing parts that Native Americans played has never even been mentioned in the history you may have had in school. How this all came together, the amazing twists and turns, individuals and groups that made California are presented here in a way you have never even imagined.

    About the author:

    Guy Nixon (Redcorn) grew up in Gold Rush country and still lives only one mile from James Marshall’s Blacksmith shop in Kelsey, California. The Kelsey one room school house, where Guy’s father Bill attended school, was taught by Margaret Kelley until Bill entered the second grade. Margaret Kelly had taken care of James Marshall in his old age and had done a remarkable job of preserving early California history. Growing up in the community, with the old stories and original sites surrounding him, Guy Nixon (Redcorn) took a keen interest in this history and has spent more than 40 years researching this fascinating era. Guy Nixon (Redcorn) used his college degree while working for the U.S. Forest Service doing the first Abandoned Mine Survey for the El Dorado National Forest as well as the first survey of the old mule train trails that once supplied these mines. His intimate knowledge of the area and its fascinating history were the motivation for him to begin writing.

  • The Gold Mine: What would you do?

    Could God’s love really be more valuable than gold? Does God have the power to change a person from the inside out? Take a couple of hours, and see what you think. Then ask yourself: how do I value the love of God? Is it way more valuable than I think?

    The Gold Mine is a book that aids us in understanding the love of God and its value. It helps us comprehend how much it encompasses even the most precious of gold. It teaches every believer that even with the numerous circumstances, God’s love is as valuable to us as we are to him.

  • The Hermit and the Time Machine by Richard J. Ward

    The Hermit and the Time Machine

    Try to imagine the future…without humans.

    Well, that is what Jade and Gilbert have seen as they traveled to the future world inhabited by robots.

    What do you think will happen to the world? Or better yet, what do you think will happen to Jade and Gilbert as they travel through time?

  • The Revelation of Jesus Christ: The Awesome Untold Story

    About the book:

    Now seems to be the time when we need to know about end time events.

    Jesus said, “Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God: but to them
    that are without, all these things are done in parables. Mark 4:11

    Perhaps that is why God has chosen to write the book of Revelation with so much symbolism, and yet to us who believe in Jesus as our personal Savior, it is given to know the mysteries of God, but not without faithful study of His word.

    This study of Revelation is designed to de-code much of the symbolism by using related Old and New Testament scriptures.

    The prophet Daniel was told to shut up the words and seal the book until the time of the end. Many shall run to and from, and knowledge shall be increased. Daniel 12: 4

    It’s easy to see that Daniel’s prophecy is our reality. We are living in a time of modern methods of transportation and state of the art technical advancements, and yet these are perilous times of uncertainty and rapid change.

    God is not only the God of eternity; He is also the God of time. By His design, some things are hidden until He is ready to reveal them. Now seems to be the time when we need to know about the mysteries of God concerning end time events.

  • The Uncovering of the Greatest Story Never Told

    In between the covers of this book you will be shown information that will, if taken with the right perspective in mind, show the reader a way to a realm of light that is different than the natural sunlight because it is a light that comes from within and is eternal. Eternal in a sense that it never fails to eliminate because it is not related to time. It is a light that shines between our heartbeats and if you latch on to this perspective that is in sync with this realm you will be as free as a bird to surf through the heavens unto your heart’s desire. The reader will see information that was perhaps never realized before but always there just waiting for the right moment to come alive. You will see that this information is tied to the very fabric of your being and is related to the perspective of your conscious soul waiting to prosper.

    About the author:

    Gerald L. Vano is a retired electronics engineer. For more than 50 years he has been involved in the study of science and its relationship to the spiritual aspect of things. In 1982, he went to Israel and Egypt with a church group and while in Egypt at a hotel next to the pyramids he had a life changing supernatural encounter with the Holy Spirit. The Evangelists of the group spoke to him publicly spiritual words of knowledge that set him on a new course in life that changed his whole spiritual outlook towards religion and science.

  • Through the Fog

    Travel with Kendra Collins, a young detective, determined to solve the mystery of her father’s past. The closer she feels she gets to the truth, the further away the truth becomes.

    In this first book, of which I hope becomes a series, follow Kendra on her path of discovery. Her way to the truth. On her journey “Through the Fog”.

  • Thunder At River Station

    “Well, Doc, I guess by now you understand we’ve got no goddamn use for sympathizers who love those black skinned folks.” Realizing that the dial of his life was showing the hands near the midnight hour, the trembling doctor felt a sudden serene and willful peace come over him.

    Thunder at River Station is a compelling and vivid fictional story of two doctors of medicine involved with the thundering sounds coming from millions of long horn cattle, blazing guns, and men with very different views on life that were once part of the expanding and rugged Western frontier spreading from Missouri to Texas during the turbulent years of the mid and late 1800s.

    This is a must-read for those with interest in the Civil War and the issues faced by individuals and our entire nation during that time.

    About the author:

    During his thirty-five-year career as a physician with a medical specialty in Radiology, the Author was the recipient of both state and national recognition for his professional leadership and achievements in both clinical and academic medicine. Since his retirement from medicine in 1995, he has come to enjoy a successful second career as both an artist and free-lance writer. His award-winning illustrations and bronze sculptures can be found in private art collections, galleries, homes, offices and schools from coast to coast. His publications are available through Amazon and Barnes-Noble stores. Briney enjoys associate and lifetime memberships in several medical, art and literary societies and associations that include the Texas League of Writers and the Western Writers of America.

    Through the years, the Author and his wife of sixty years have enjoyed traveling to many parts of the world. They reside in the cattle ranching country of north central Texas. The Briney’s have five adult grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

  • True Confession: A Close Call Back To Prison

    Neither the Electrical field, clothing store or sale of drugs were able to make a change to bring Peter closer to becoming wealthy, till eventually Peter ended up in prison being caught with cocaine where he became diagnosed with being schizophrenic because he was un able to cope with prison life.
    He was later released from prison and got a job as an electrical inspector where he later decide to abstract electricity from the power company and was caught and barely missed going to prison for a second time as he was given a suspended sentence.
    Now Peter is presently employed with an electrical company where he is in the process of seeking a loan from an institution to pay off the back fees that he owes the power company.




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