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  • The Man With a Limp

    We follow the adventures of a restaurant owner and Iraqi war veteran. The Purple Heart recipient returns home lost and bewildered. Lucky decides to hitchhike home to Santa Cruz; no money in his pockets, he walks into the Santa Cruz Experience, a restaurant on the beach and meets a generous owner named Jack. With one simple salutation; “ Hi! My name is Jack,” a friendship begins. A story is told through the eyes of Jack, a restaurateur in Santa Cruz, California. I hope you enjoy the many surprises along the way; the struggles, victory, and the love of family.

    Author Bio

    Hi book lovers, My name is Timothy M. Nugent. I live in Tilarán, Costa Rica and I am a Temporary Resident of Costa Rica. In 2008 my wife of thirty-eight years passed away and I began to travel the western United States. I did it on a full dress Harley Davidson Motorcycle and I had a great time taking pictures and writing poetry. My wife was a great influence with my writing. Check out my web site; understanding-online.com and my blog, timothymnugent.com. May you have a great life. Pura Vida!

  • The Marshall Minister: The Beginning

    What if God chose someone to clean up the earth before he sent his son Jesus Christ and we all know what will happen if he sends his son. Who would you send? A mild-mannered office worker? Knowing the villains that you have to face, it would have to be only one individual. He is a tired old truck driver that loves the Lord more than his own brothers. Just like the Scriptures of old, God sends his chosen that can do the job and gives him an name that will be respected in the ages. “Marshall Minister” The law man With a no nonsense in the ability of God. You have to be rough and you have to be tough. To preach the gospel and be the Marshall you have to be. But the loving kindness of the family man that he is.

  • The Mighty Spartan!

    The Mighty Spartan!

    The Mighty Spartan is a family-friendly fiction.

    Pete Russey is an ordinary citizen in a small Southern-Illinois town. He loves his little town. But life happens and he suddenly becomes the mighty Spartan.

    How does he deal with a giant man-eating spider or the Hell’s Angel as they ride behind him, or the scream he hears from his wife’s adjourning labor room?

    In the midst of chaos and everything, one thing remains true: his adventures are entertaining. Who knows, you will find yourself identifying with him.

  • The Order of Seven

    The Order of Seven is the spellbinding debut work of fantasy and science fiction by Charles J. Saporito that melds ancient history, dark drama, and mind-bending magic as it charts the journey if the Order of Seven, an ancient alliance formed to save humanity. Spanning seven planes of existence, this engrossing, fantastical foray into new realms pits a few choice mortals against fierce beings that may just hold the puppet strings to all of humanity.

    When the Order of Seven finds its ranks all but depleted, they must work fast to ensure that they can continue their mission to guard mankind against the forces from beyond this realm. Guided by prophetic scripts from the past, they must act quickly to stop the marauding entity named Seeker, who aims to capture Earth on his way to gaining mastery over the seventh plane. The Order of Seven renew their alliance with their longtime ally the Stamens, formerly the Knights Templar. Jon Andrews, leader of the Stamens, brings the two ancient allies together to quell the evil doings of the Scrutatores, as they attempt to unleash the full power of the ancient text upon the Earth.

    The Order of Seven and the Book of knowledge is the first book written by Charles J. Saporito. The Order of Seven is the first series from Charles J.

  • The Other Edge

    An exciting story, a thriller of violence, love, suspense and tenderness about a christian shepherd who unwittingly experienced the worst nightmare that someone could have lived through. Coming back home and finding out that his wife was murdered and his daughter had been raped by the same criminal. The psychological aftermath of the events caused him grief that he could not contain it and attempted suicide that just ended with him drowning in alcoholism.
    This story takes place in the beautiful town of Long Branch New Jersey and its surroundings.

    About the author

    Rodrigo Sibaja was born in Costa Rica in 1943 where he grew up and did some studies. When young Rodrigo wrote a few poems and short stories, but never published them, so they got lost in time. He got married when he was 21 years old. At 23 he, his wife and their first kid moved to the USA where he worked as a welder for 35 years. He lived in Long Branch, N.J. for 10 years, where he had two more children, then moved to Los Angeles, California. They went back to Costa Rica for three years where his fourth kid was born and came back to the USA after. Now he, his wife and his married children are living in Georgia. His four kids are all professionals in different fields. At this time Rodrigo Sibaja is retired and writing.

  • The Perfect Woman

    There is a hermaphrodite born in about one of every 250 thousand births annually! Paula, or shall I say Paul, was one of them.

    An overzealous Dr. Meggett would further complicate nature’s cruel error by ordering the wrong surgery. Being raised as a boy with two brothers by just his mother brought confusion and emotional turmoil to this human being.

    Nature at work, Paul’s body began changing at the onset of puberty, so his mother finally revealed his birth. Now he understood his confusion and could start his life as Paula, like nature originally intended.

    As this story winds through her life, she encounters many, many obstacles.

    Get ready to experience the ride of your life.

    About the Author:

    SPIKE LYNCH resides in Southern California and has written more than twenty-three screenplays and/or stories, some of which have been produced or published, such as the films Dead in the Morning, Windshield Wiper, and Tough Competition. Watch for his next thriller, Zeke’s Peak.

  • The Second Messiah

    The planet Earth is on the verge of destruction. The protagonist-Jason Reeves, along with his two companions, have been sent to try to change that lethal outcome. Unfortunately, an automobile accident robs Jason of his memory but not his purpose.

    As a lonely amnesiac meanders through the streets of San Francisco, he encounters street gangs, crime hoodlums and a memorable prostitute. As Jason’s powers slowly start to unfold, he finally discovers his identity and the mission he was sent to perform. His life force is slowly being depleted as fate of the planet hangs in the balance.
    But how does one begin the necessary process of transforming the Earth’s inhabitants in the face of ubiquitous evil? The negative energy emanating from Earth is reverberating throughout the universe and contaminating everything in its trajectory. Destruction seems inevitable!

    In the meanwhile, a false prophet emerges with uncanny powers. His unique abilities will precariously unite him with the Pope. Each person harbors ulterior motives of uniting the world’s religions. Toward this end, the ominous masquerade of the “Second Messiah” is set in motion with deadly consequences.

  • The Seventh Seraph

    Dr. Mathhias Mort Samael, the Archangel of Death, is seeking a psychiatric consultant to travel through time with him to keep him from falling apart while he does his hardest jobs. Dr. Susan Fernandez, a recent graduate from Harvard Medical, has an incurable brain stem cancer that the Death Angel tells her can be healed by Raphaella, the Healing Archangel.

    Together they address the death of the Egyptian first born at Passover, then go on to travel through time to treat the other great collections of deaths, such as the Inquisition, the Black Death plagues, World War II, and the final soul collection at the Last Judgment.

    About the author:

    Dr. Marvin McMaster has a Ph.D in Organic Chemistry and Postdoctoral experience in Biochemistry and Analytical Chemistry. He has worked for DuPont, Kraft Foods, and Ciba-Geigy as a research and process development chemist. He worked 25 years as a Technical Sales Representative selling and supporting HPLC analytical systems. During this time he conducted over thirty HPLC schools for his employer’s customers and for students at University of Missouri – Saint Louis as an adjunct professor. He has supported and networked Macintosh computers for Washington University Medical School. He retired in 2002 to teach Bible study for St. Andrew United Methodist Church while continuing to writing technical text books and fictional novels full-time.

  • The Singing Shepherd: A heroic tale inspired by David, hero king of Israel

    The Singing Shepherd has a familiar theme – a peaceful but self satisfied culture under attack by a ruthless foe bent on enslaving them. The people had made the mistake of trusting a dazzling leader who pleased himself first; his people last. The tale reacts angrily to the spirit if the present age whose monumental conceit has never been equaled in history; an age dangerously close to catastrophe. The book calls for rescue from a Source outside our conceit and closed systems. It is aimed at the present problems of our time.

    About the Author:

    Author Rich Parlee is a retired School teacher and pastor presently engaged in the kind of fellowship and adventures he calls forth in the book. He lives on the West Coast of Vancouver Island in the forests and ocean that inspired his book. He still builds and sails boats and participates in the ‘faith families’ you will find in his story.

  • The Sinner

    An exceptional story that cuts through the bare denuded trunk of humanity and let the pus of inhumanity, barbarism and sadism ooze out. The novel expounds humanity in a completely newfangled sense, absolutely different from all known dimensions. It unearths all the abstruse desires on humans that may or may not have been spewed out by them. The work ferociously abrades each and every layer of the society, brutality unmasks its true evil face and reveals the ever cryptic and wholly self-centered yearnings that together fabricate the fundamentals of a human (at least biologically). The novel also examines the ancient cultural heritage of India on the broad parameters of utility, value and need and, at times amiably but mostly savagely, butchers the social conventions based on the sham grounds of gender, caste, religion and economic status. This entirely merciless work ruthlessly marches into the socio-economic and politico-cultural domains of the so-called human society, assesses the efficacy and utility of ancient and neo traditions of India and accurately determines the factors required in the bare struggle for survival. The Sinner effectually deals with the entirely antagonistic dimensions of life and lifelessness and also the at times complementary but mostly contradictory timespan between them.

    This work is a must read by all those who value humanity, respect women, believe in dynamism and change and are courageous enough to beard the Evils of the society, economy, polity and morality and have the mettle to welcome Good. This novel is not an endeavor for a kingly life but a headlong struggle for survival. Reading this novel may altogether after your conviction of being a human and you’re sure to involuntarily raise a question that the novel also evokes at its concluding juncture.