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    With Love from Above

    With Love From Above is a refreshing, action-packed Christian comedy that emphasizes God’s protective care for two of His own. After Charlie O’Dare, a forest ranger living in the high Rocky Mountains, and Clair Blair, a red-headed, absent-minded scientist from Florida, meet in a most unusual way, they find themselves stranded in a blizzard, totally unaware of the dangers awaiting them just outside the cabin door. Will God’s angelic warriors be able to protect them from those intent upon their destruction? It’s all here…action and laughter, mixed with a tinge of mystery and romance.


    About the author:

    Rockie Sue Fordham received her degree in religion from Dallas Baptist University in 1985. She continued to serve as a pastor’s wife for thirty years, during which time, she taught high school Bible classes at Mt. Juliet Christian Academy, children’s church, and Good News Clubs. She has authored the youth book series The Heavenly Host Seriesand has recently published It’s Hard to Drain the Swamp When Yer up to Yer Ears in Alligators!(a collection of true stories and lessons centered on life in the ministry for ministers, their families, and church members who wish to know how to better support their pastors). She has also authored the series Treachery and the Innocentand written several songs. She has designed a creation-versus-evolution study for Christians who wish to better defend their faith, wrote Deacons Who Really Deek, and coauthored the Association of Christian Schools International’s fourth and fifth-grade Bible curriculum.

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    You Did What!?

    Ed and his assistant Arthur had begun what was to be a routine photo-journalistic assignment for Ed’s magazine. And routine it was until “Old Betsy” stopped running in a small village in the Ural Mountains of Russia. That is when things began to get more complicated. They had no idea they were then about to become involved with the Russian Mafia or the notorious and mysterious, Madame O. Let alone soon becoming involved with a couple of the most beautiful girls they had ever seen in their lives!

    To add a little more spice to their lives, how about then turning “Old Betsy” in for a camel caravan on to Ulan Bator as they travel with a nomadic family? Maybe throw in assorted Mongolian bandits as well as providing an insight into the lives of assorted Mafiosi. That is just for starters. You might have trouble putting this one down once you start it.